The Trendy Table Preview – Part 2

I’m back for part 2 of the preview for the Trendy Table book.

Before I get to the preview, the winner from my last post is:  Linda Flemming.  Please email your shipping info to me at, and I will ship out a copy right away.

Thanks to everyone who commented and played along.  I really appreciate the feedback and I always find it interesting to what pattern people are most drawn too.


Now, on with the preview –

Pattern:  Starburst

Precut Used:  2 1/2″ squares (5″ Charm squares would work too)

Fabric line shown:   I used assorted scraps from my stash, Moda Essential dots for the white, and Essex Linen in Steel for the background.

DSC_2769 adj


DSC_2754 adj


DSC_2784 fav copyDSC_2767



Pattern:  Squared

Precut Used:  10″ Squares

Featured Fabrics:  This runner is also made with scraps from my stash.

DSC_2316 adj crop best




DSC_3217 adj


I really find this size runner to be useful.  I have all kinds of places in my house that require a long skinny runner, as shown below.  You could easily adjust the size to fit any space by leaving off or adding additional blocks.

DSC_3148 adj

DSC_2674 rotate


Pattern:  Sorbet

Precut Used:  5″ squares

Featured Fabrics:  Most of these prints are from Cotton + Steel’s Basics Collection.  The background is Essex Linen in Steel.

DSC_3029 2812 black desat carpet lighter 3


This runner also fits well in all those long skinny places.  The size could be adjusted by leaving off the two end flowers.

DSC_3146 adj


DSC_2704best copy


If you have a soft table, this runner would be perfect for that spot.

DSC_2983 adj



DSC_2980 adj



Pattern:  Tango

Precut Used: 2 1/2″ strips for the large size and 2″ strips for the small size.

Featured Fabrics:  Basic Mixology by Studio M and Simply Colorful by V and Co, both for Moda.

DSC_2158 2190 adj


This is the larger size and uses about half a Jelly Roll.  The pattern also uses the Creative Grids 60-degree Triangle Ruler.

DSC_2133 adj


It’s an easy runner to make, even though it looks a little more complicated than actually is.  It is constructed in rows and requires no Y-seams



DSC_2666 copy

The pattern has very little waste, but there is a small scrap leftover from the strip set.  If you save it, you can make the runner below with those scraps.

DSC_2010 adj


The pattern is called Slice and there are two size options, depending on which size Tango you make.

DSC_2671 copy


DSC_1987 adj fav



This is the smaller size version of Tango – it measure 18″ x 35 1/2″. (The larger size measures 24″ x 48″).

DSC_3198 adj


DSC_2701 copy

This photo shows the Mini Tango with two other runners – Fusion and Plus.

DSC_2409 adj pink pot aqua grey


Pattern:  Plus

Precut Used:  5″ squares

Featured Fabrics:  Flow by Zen Chic for Moda Fabrics







DSC_2669 swivel copy

Pattern:  Fusion

Precut Used:  5″ Squares

Featured Fabrics:   Tucker Prairie by One Canoe 2 for Moda Fabrics

DSC_2691 copy



DSC_2924 crop




That’s all for today.  I will give away another copy of the book, selected from the comments on this post – Again you can just let me know which one you would make first (from this post) if you won.  I would also love to hear if you would make them from Precuts, or from your stash.






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128 Responses to The Trendy Table Preview – Part 2

  1. Cheryl Kirk says:

    Fusion and sorbet are my top two favorites but there are many that I would love to make. Great patterns!

  2. Tango is very intriguing. They are all beautiful.

  3. Patricia says:

    I would make Sorbet!

  4. Darlene B says:

    I would make Starburst or Tango first. I love the illusion of the white square in Starburst and the movement in Tango! I don’t buy a lot of precuts so I would most likely shop from my stash!

  5. Anne Luehr says:

    Starburst, actually they are all beautiful and unique.

  6. Mrs D. Hicks says:

    Sorbet would be my first project. So many great ones in this book.

  7. Nancy Hanson says:

    I especially like Plus and Slice!

  8. Deb Worthman says:

    I think I would make Sorbet first. I have the perfect fabrics for it. Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Glynette Trailor says:

    Starburst is just beautiful. I hope I win, I can’t wait to make it.

  10. Mona says:

    I would make Squared and I would use some of my stash!

  11. Sue Singer says:

    I would make tango, but all are amazing. Love your color choices.

  12. Starburst is my favorite, but I like squared too….they’re all so pretty. You have a real knack for choosing color! Thanks for your post. Jane W (Mulberry Patch Quilts)

  13. Lin M. says:

    They are all beautiful! I think I would try Tango first or maybe Plus. The book has many patterns to use up leftovers. Can’t wait to try them all.

  14. Jocelyn Zinni-LEONETTI says:

    I love Tango and would use precuto, but don’t hold me to my word! They are all yummy!

  15. Karen Wolter says:

    I really like the plus, would be my first one to make, but they are all beautiful

  16. Vicki in MN says:

    Heather, I seriously don’t know as I love every one of them!! You have outdone yourself again 😉

  17. Kimberly Dow says:

    Table runners are going to be my summer projects because I’m just beginning to do my own machine quilting and want to make some smaller things to practice on. I think I would start with Fusion because I could try a few kinds of machine quilting on the background, circles and dashes. You have so many good ideas from easy to trying something new to me, which would be giving the triangle ruler a try!
    P.S. That chubby blue bird ALWAYS catches my eye when you use him in your pictures! He’s so cute!

  18. Kim says:

    I can’t wait for to pick up your book, all of the projects are sew much fun, different from traditional table runners, look forward to making them using my stash. Great quick gifts to work on over the summer to store away for December 😉

  19. Debbie Knudson says:

    It is hard to choose, there are so many beautiful options. I would make Squared because I like the modern vibe to it and I like long, skinny runners. Looks like another wonderful book!

  20. Mary Stewart says:

    Tango would be first choice. Then Plus and Fusion. lol Precuts for sure and then maybe stash. Thank you for all that you do.

  21. Diane W says:

    I’d probably make the Plus. I actually made a black and white ‘Plus’ baby quilt a month ago. (My daughter-in-laws request.) Wish I could of followed your directions for it. Had to use my own brain…turned out very nice. Now I get to make a ‘hashtag’ quilt for a nephew. Out of shades of gray and cream. And 2 girl quilts for 2 baby granddaughters (triangles for one and chevrons for the other) I sure like using precuts.

    • Diane W says:

      I also like ‘Slice’. Just a simple pretty one. And maybe make ‘fusion’ for one of my gransons. Make it look like life preservers. Or life rings…whatever they’d called. For his beach themed room.

  22. Sharon Browne says:

    I really love Sorbet the best, but Fusion is really interesting too. I love your color choices. Great collection.

  23. Kris P says:

    First on my list would be Sorbet…. I’m a sucker for flowers, and my cats won’t let me have the real ones in the house.

  24. Gloria Smith says:

    Starburst is my favorite. Even though all of the patterns and fabric are gorgeous. You are a very talented designer!

  25. Sherry says:

    Slice would be my choice. I live how the piece of gray makes the breaks. I would have to buy background but could easily use stash for the colors. I wish you would show photos of the rooms in your house! I am always looking at the backgrounds because I love the way you decorate and the colors you use. Do you live on Rice Lake?

  26. Kim Rhody says:

    Squared and Tago are my favorites, but I love Sorbet also. I have an abundance of precuts, so this book will definitely become a part of my library. Can’t wait to get it.

  27. Nancy says:

    Love your runners! I would make the Plus runner and I would probably use repro fabrics from my stash.

  28. Donna W says:

    Hard to choose—they are all fantastic. But, I would start with Fusion. Like the look of the circles, even though they are not circles.

  29. Betty Liehr says:

    I think it would be Tango and Slice – I love matching but not identical runners for my dining table and side table. But I love all the designs which are so innovative-love the grays used as background. I’m trying different backgrounds from the norm of white, too.

  30. Sallie says:

    That is a beautiful book! I would make Tango first and I would make it from my stash. Then I would make plus from my stash of precuts.

  31. Teri c says:

    I love Tango but all of these look amazing! I have some precuts I would like to use in them.

  32. Elaine says:

    I would probably make starburst first and dedicatedly from precuts. I have a slight charm pack addiction 😉

  33. Jane says:

    How great all these runners are!!!! If I was chosen I’d make the squared first then a sorbet would be next and then tango hopefully. I think I’d use scraps then actual stash fabrics for them.
    Thanks for the chance.

  34. Gloria says:

    I need to make some gifts and runners would certainly hit the spot…so colorful and much quicker than a quilt. I had a harder time deciding my favorite since I like them all. I haven’t tried using gray as a background but think I will do so for one of these. I would chose Sorbet, with Tango and Plus as my next choices.

  35. Susan J. says:

    They are all quite lovely but Tango is the first one I would make. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  36. Kristi says:

    Your new book is a definite “must have!” I love them all but I would make Tango first.

  37. Carol Broughton says:

    What a fun bunch of patterns! I would make the Plus pattern first. I would use pre-cuts of Flow as I just got them and they sure look great in your runner.

  38. Hildy says:

    I would make ‘Plus’ first with some whites and reds!

  39. Chookyblue says:

    Great runners……… I would love to make tango or the plus one first……..

  40. Chookyblue says:

    Oh and for got I would use my stash…

  41. Celene says:

    I’d make “plus”. I love all the gray you use for the background.

  42. Eliete Queiroz Silva says:

    Estou acompanhando suas publicações, seu trabalho é lindo demais! Tudo que você publicou está de acordo com meu gosto pessoal. Adoro!

  43. Kathie L says:

    I would make Fusion from my stash. Easily done. Thanks for the intro to your new book.

  44. Adoro seu trabalho e já comprei um PDF. Os tecidos são lindos, pena que aqui não é possível comprar.

  45. Gloria says:

    I would love to make Tango. The Tango pattern is my favorite for sure and I would probably use my stash.

  46. Carol C says:

    I think it’s time to make a couple of table runners and maybe a couple of extras for gifts. Tango is my first choice – it would be lovely in so many different fabrics.

  47. I will make Squared and Tango from my stash. Your fabrics are beautiful. I am from Brazil, sorry
    for my English.

  48. Carrie S says:

    Those are all fun runners! I think I would do Sorbet first…probably because I just planted some flowers and have them on my mind. I would try to use some fabric from my stash.

  49. Sandra says:

    I would make Squared first, then Slice and Plus. I love all of the bright colors and textures! Your quilting is absolutely lovely. I buy some precuts, but would use from my stash also. I try to stay with some of the same colors that I already have when I buy precuts.

  50. Candie says:

    I love to make table-runners and have them all over my house. Yours are just beautiful and can’t wait to get my hand on your book and get to making them! So far I am not sure which is my favorite, they are all so pretty!

  51. Becky says:

    First choice is Squared because I have some layer cakes to use, and I really like Fusion and Plus too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. Moneik Stephens says:

    I love the mini tango!

  53. Vicki H says:

    I would make Squared first and then Tango.

  54. Sandy K says:

    I love the fabrics you used for the runners. My favorites are Tango and Squared.

  55. Joan M says:

    Beautiful collection of table runners! I love Sorbet. Thank you for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  56. Sue B says:

    I really love Squared. Very intriguing. I can’t work out how they overlap each other. I’m loving all runners now and am on the look out for a skinny table like the one In the photo to go behind my couch so I can have a runner on it. And I’ve seen some bottles just yesterday that would sit perfect with a few flowers in. I’m so excited to get decorating. Thanks for the ideas. Lol.

  57. Jen B says:

    I’d make Starburst first and I’m not sure what I’d use.

  58. Deb G. in VA says:

    They all look great! I would make Tango first!

  59. Jennifer H. says:

    I love them all, but I have a bunch of Candy precuts that I don’t know what to do with, so I’d do the Starburst first!

  60. Cherri Kincaid says:

    It was hard to pick a favorite to start with, but I think I would make Tango first. Would I make it from precuts or from my stash? Yes! I have a stash of precuts!

  61. Marie P says:

    I love the connecting lines in Starburst. Squared is great too – it would be fun to make in Cherrywood solids

  62. Cheryl Barnett says:

    I love the Plus and Fusion. I also think the steel gray you are using is one of the prettiest grays I’ve seen. I do have some Flow precuts, so I’d do a plus quilt like yours first

  63. Anita Milburn says:

    I love your runners! They are beautiful however you use them.

    As my first quilting project EVER, I would make squared. I love the interplay of colors and the multiple ways the squares fit together.

    This is my first visit to your blog. I’ll be back!

  64. Jane Kwarciany says:

    Fusion & then tango & then the rest!!!! Love your patterns!

  65. LindaCC says:

    I love them all.

  66. VickiT says:

    Heather ~ As I scrolled down reading and looking at each of these runners shown, I kept thinking “ooh I love that one” and then the next one I saw I was thinking the exact same thing. I am having a really hard time deciding this time, but I really love Squared and also Tango the most. I can’t promise which I’d do first and it may just come down to my mood on the day I decided it was time to make a runner from your book.

    One thing I DO know is that I must buy your book if I’m not the lucky one this time to win a copy from you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’ve been trying to decide between two other table runner books over the past couple of months and haven’t been able to decide so I’ve not bought either. I guess there was a reason and it must mean I must’ve known there was another book I’d want much more than either of the others. LOL

  67. Margie F. says:

    I would make Sorbet first, probably from my stash.

  68. Shelly J says:

    Tango is the runner I keep going back to. I have always loved anything made using a 60 degree angle ruler. Can’t wait to make them all!

  69. Kelly O. says:

    fusion is my favourite with squared a close second!

  70. tami says:

    Love Love Love the Tango! But also the Sorbet and Fusion…all of them actually! I would use pre-cuts. I love all of the bright colors. This book is a “Winner” 😉

  71. kshackabq says:

    They are each so very cool. I’d like to try squared, and maybe make it into a mini wall quilt. Great work, Heather!

  72. Rebecca says:

    Tango looks fun. Precuts are a favorite quick option!

  73. J.A. Valko says:

    Love them all. I would use my stash and make a longer version as a bed runner.

  74. Evelyn Rau says:

    They are all beautiful, but I would make Fusion first. I love the contrast in your fabric selections.

  75. catkiz says:

    They’re all lovely, Heather! My first make from this grouping would be Sorbet in the shortened version. I’m seeing it done in vivid Bohemian colors….

  76. Jocelyn says:

    I love Fusion. When I look at it, it has such a different personality. One way looks like an “O”, another way it looks like a butterfly. I think table runners are such great decorating tools. I can change the mood in a room just by changing the table setting. Your patterns are great, and I love the fabric selections. Thanks!

  77. Jackie P says:

    I’m in love. I need to make Tango, Plus and Starburst. I have precuts that would be perfect to make these patterns in.

  78. Penny A. says:

    At first, I thought I would do Starburst. I could already see using one of the many packs of 2 1/2″ squares that I have. Then I liked Squared! But, Tango actually stole my heart!! Truth be told, I like them all and would love to have the book. Thank you.

  79. Wow, they are all beautiful. You have such great patterns. I think I’d make either Tango or Squared first, but they all are very nice. Being conservative, I’d probably try to use my stash. Although I love your color choices. I just finished a quilt in the Zen Chic Flow- love it!

  80. Pat says:

    I love squared, I. Would make 3 or 4 of that one pattern and use them as gifts. My stash is large, and I am sure I could come up with some nice combinations.

  81. Joy P says:

    Wow! I like every single pattern in your new book and I can’t say that often. I’m trying to figure out how to make a whole quilt from a few of the patterns. Love your fabric choices for each. And Sorbet is my kinda applique. ;o)

    Congratulations on a great book!

  82. Jane Eilderts says:

    I absolutely love every pattern in this book! I think the first one I would make is squared. And I also have lots of precut sand would use them.

  83. De baket says:

    I would make tango using my stash

  84. Mary Ann says:

    I really like Fusion. So many great table toppers. I would try and use my precuts.

  85. Shirley J B says:

    Tango and I’d use precuts!

  86. Janarama says:

    It’s hard to choose because they are all beautiful. The first two I would make are Tango and Squared.

  87. Sharlene says:

    I’d make Tango too with my stash but it would make a great Community Education quilting class project & the participants would use precuts!

  88. Carla says:

    Starburst is my favorite – love the bright colors on the gray background. That means fabric shopping!

  89. Eunice says:

    I like squared!

  90. Sally K says:

    I think I would make Tango first as I am trying to work from my stash. Probably on to Plus and then line up the others. I really like them all and I like the sizes too. Looks like another winner!

  91. Once again, it is a hard choice between two: Squared and Tango. I think I would go with Squared first though, because I just love that 3D effect going on there, and would use my stash to make it.

  92. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I would make the plus runner first. I have been wanting to make a plus wuilt, so this would help me get my feet wet! ☺

  93. Jessica says:

    I am for sure making Plus first! I have the perfect spot for it. It will be a mix from my stash scraps.

  94. SHAUNA SCHOLES says:

    I would make sorbet I just love the flowers

  95. Tina Mcnamara says:

    Starburst, squared or tango, I can’t decide. Precuts in my stash. LOL

  96. Donna A. says:

    I would make Tango first, from my precuts stash. Love it.

  97. Susan K says:

    I would make Plus. I’d start with my stash but have to purchase new for the larger parts of the runner. Thanks so much for showing us these patterns. Love your work!

  98. Amy L says:

    Starburst is my favorite. I would love to make it into a bed size quilt as well as the table runner. The same goes for Plus. Starburst, I’d probably use my stash, but Plus would be perfect for charm packs.

  99. Jennifer W says:

    Fusion is my favorite. I would probably use my stash on this one to give me some practice in mixing on my own.

  100. Julie T. says:

    It would be hard to decide which to make first, but I guess I would go with Sorbet. I have a spot where that size and design would look great!

  101. Lisa Marie says:

    Wow, what a wonderful bunch of runners! I would start with Starburst, made from my stash. I feel like I would make lots of runners from this book, so many beauties to choose from!

  102. Jenny says:

    I believe I would start with squared and I would probably use precuts, because who doesn’t need more fabric?

  103. Katy M says:

    I’d love to make the sorbet runner first and I have the perfect precuts for it! I love all the makes on this post though!

  104. GrannyC says:

    Wow! Gorgeous!!

    I will make “Squared” – then “Tango” – then “Sliced”. How fun that will be! Will use combo of pre-cuts and stash.

  105. Lorraine says:

    Hi Heather! Love the Tango runner. I would make the smaller version. Love your quilting on Fusion, also. I would use my stash; trying to use some up. 🙂

  106. Kathleen Gee says:

    I would make plus first, and I think I would copy your gray background and then use fabrics from my stash for the rest. Your work is lovely.

  107. Joan Bommen says:

    It would be so hard to choose, but I think I would make Squared from my scraps of Primo Batiks. Thanks for the preview.

  108. Gale says:

    I want to make them all, but I would make sorbet first. Going to add this book to my shopping list for sure. Love all the runners.

  109. EvaLyn says:

    I would make Fusion from my stash. I think it is really eye-catching! Thanks!

  110. Wynema says:

    I love the book. I would make Fusion first, then Sorbet, and so on and so on.

  111. Sharom says:

    I would use my scraps. Not sure which I would do first. All of them are great.

  112. I would make Sorbet first then Fusion. I would use my stash. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book!

  113. Sheila says:

    Tango, slice, then starburst!

  114. PamO says:

    Like the all, Tango and Squared best. I will use stash fabric.

  115. Brenda says:

    I love Fusion. I would probably make it from my stash.

  116. Arlene M. says:

    Great patterns! I would make sorbet first. I see it done in blue ad white with touches of green and yellow.

  117. Mary says:

    I would make Squared, quickly followed by the Plus one. I would probably use pre-cuts.
    As always, I love seeing your machine quilting. So inspiring!

  118. Jane says:

    I love “Squared” and would use precuts that I have on hand. Love it all.

  119. Another great set of runners! I like squared the best for me, but might make fusion first with a blue background – it kind of looks like inner tubes in the water and would be cute for my best friend’s lake house!

  120. It would be a toss up between Starburst and Sorbet. I would use precuts. Thanks for such great patterns and a chance to win a book.

  121. Cindy Hagen says:

    I am really drawn to Squared, but I love them all. I bet I would make at least 10 of the patterns!

  122. Diana Maetzold says:

    Love the patterns! I would make Squared first because of the optical illusion.

  123. Susan Baker says:

    I’ll start with Capri, then Starburst (can you tell I LOVE stars??), then move on to the others one at a time. I love them all! I have a lot of pre-cuts so I will probably use a combination of those and my stash. I can’t wait to get started!

  124. Ann in NC says:

    How can we chose just one? Starburst really caught my eye, but so did Tango, Fusion, and well, all of them! I really should use my stash, but I am so easily tempted by new fabric! Another great book! Keep up the good work!

  125. Annie says:

    I would make Tango and Slice. I’d try to use from my stash, but I know myself and I’d probably buy at least one new fabric!
    PS – I didn’t have a chance to comment on the last post, but I wanted to let you know that I really liked your straight line quilting on Falling Leaves.

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