More Trendy Table Runners and Quilting Ideas

I spoke too quickly in my last post – We have now had a heat wave that reminds me of what our summer is normally like!   I am hiding out in my sewing room and enjoying the air conditioning.  It’s a chance to go through my photos.  I found a few things that I finished early this summer that I haven’t blogged about.  All 3 runners are from my Trendy Table book.

First up, this Tango runner, made using Mochi Linen by Moda Fabrics.

DSC_3418 adj


I am working on this whale pattern for Carter using Mochi Linen and I had just enough leftover strips to make this runner.  This runner is easy to do, is made with strip sets and using this ruler.

I really enjoyed quilting this one –



It’s a design that looks complicated, but it’s really easy.  Let’s break it down –

First, the design in just one of the triangles.



I start stitching in the upper right corner of the triangle, make a hump, then flatten out to hit the point in the top left corner.

DSC_3442adj q1


Repeat on the next edge

DSC_3442adj q2


And again on the remaining edge of the triangle.

DSC_3442adj q3


To do the design on the whole block, without starting and stopping on each triangle, I stitch the design across the top of the triangles as shown below –

DSC_3442adj q3


Then I start filling in the middle as shown.

DSC_3442adj q4


Repeat on all blocks to fill in the quilt.

DSC_3416 adj



The leftovers from the strips sets on the Tango runner can be saved to make this runner:

DSC_3427 adj


I tried a new quilting technique on this one.  It was really fun to do too.

DSC_3426 adj


It is also continuous line.  Begin by startting in the upper left corner as shown

DSC_3427 adj1


Fill in bottom half of flower motif as shown, the repeat across the quilt.  The only thing I marked, was a line designating the height of each row (I wanted to fit 4 full repeats of the design on the height) and I marked the width of the design on the first row only, so that I got a full design at the end of the row.

DSC_3427 adj2




Lastly, I have a color option on the Plus runner.   The  Fabric is from the Lil’ Red collection by Stacey lest Hsu for Moda Fabrics.  The pattern takes about half a charm pack, plus some background fabric.



The original version from the book uses a darker background.



Again, these runners are from my “Trendy Table” book.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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4 Responses to More Trendy Table Runners and Quilting Ideas

  1. The table runners are so very pretty! Thank you for detailing the quilting steps.

  2. VickiT says:

    Very pretty runners! I really need to get that book soon. I keep saying that, don’t I? LOL What’s great about the first runner you’ve shown here is that I already have the ruler. YAY!

  3. GrannyC says:

    I really enjoy your designs – thanks for showing the thought process behind your free motion quilting – that’s very helpful!

  4. AnnieO says:

    Gorgeous colors, fabrics, and quilting. Thanks for sharing your quilting designs and hints!

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