In Bloom Christmas Style

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I make a new quilted Christmas item each year.  This year, it’s already finished because I worked on this fall.  That doesn’t usually happen – last year’s project still isn’t done! (but I just pieced the backing and the top is done.)  I will hopefully be sharing that one soon.


But, back to this year’s project – It’s this runner, from my Joyful Stitcher book.


Aren’t these prints fun?  I love Basic Grey’s Christmas lines and I probably have made something out of each one of them.  I just love the prints with the red background and the way the red makes the snowflakes pop.  The line is called Be Merry, in case anybody “needs” some 😉


For this runner, I bought a charm pack (the squares are cut 3 1/2″), but I would love a little more of these beautiful prints . .


This particular version isn’t shown in the book, as I finished well past my publishing deadline.  It’s a combination of the cover quilt and the snowflake pillow that are shown in the book.  Here’s a look at the cover quilt again:


And this is the pillow that I mentioned:



If you are interested in making this option, you can follow the instructions as shown in the book to make the runner and use the showflake appliques that are in the book.  The only change I made was to trim a little off the ends of the runner – I think it was just 1 1/2″.  I thought there was a little too much plain red so I moved up the snowflakes a little bit and did the trimming, which solved my problem.

Since this was a seasonal project, I decided not to invest so much time in it by doing the wool applique by hand.  I did a blanket stitch by machine around the large snowflake using Dual Duty’s “Heavy” thread (used to be called Topstitching thread).  I also used that thread to add some detail inside the large snowflake and to stitch around the small snowflake.  If you aren’t into wool, these snowflakes could be done using cotton.



And one last shot of the runner from the other direction.  If you are interested in purchasing the book, click here.  If you are interested in seeing more of my Christmas quilts, click here.

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6 Responses to In Bloom Christmas Style

  1. Crystal Celeste says:

    Beautiful table runner! I had just ordered your book this morning before seeing this blog post. Can’t wait!😁

  2. Joan M says:

    Your Christmas runner and pillows are lovely. I am enjoying your book and the beautiful projects.

  3. Mary Schettle says:


  4. Melanie says:

    Absolutely beautiful Heather! I’m going to order your book. I really love Basic Grey’s Christmas line as well! It sure is Merry! I love your pillows too! Your table setting looks so fun! Your table runner looks so nice on your table as well! Good job!

  5. Jessi CEarl says:

    I totally love your joyful cheerful tablerunner. I must check out your book 🙂

  6. Kelly O. says:

    I love this! thank you for sharing! It is now on my christmas to do list…. I’ve never worked with wool applique but it looks amazing and I’m going to try it.

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