Trendy Table 2 Size Options


Good afternoon!  I’m back to share the winner from my last post and some info about changing the sizes on the runners.

Thanks for all who commented on the last two posts – It really helps me with my “market research” to tell what is going to be popular from the book.  From the comments on my last post, the random number generator chose Ann from NC, who commented on May 18th.  Please email your shipping info to, and I will get your book out right away!  For those that didn’t win, you can find the book here.

trendy table 2 cover 60-0


Now onto some size options for the projects in the book.  I know there are always people that don’t make table runners, but may be looking for a way to use the design in a larger format.  For example, see my Hollyhocks runner below.  What would this design look like in a larger size?

DSC_8083 600


This is what I came up with for a size option.  I’m not that great with Photoshop, so I hope you can use your imagination 😉  To make this size option, you would make two runners exactly as listed in the book, then you will need a pink fabric (think an awesome print that you don’t want to chop up) and a border fabric.  I have shown this size option in the back of the book, along with what size I cut the pink fabric and the border.

holly hocks size option


Next up, the Sew caffeinated runner from the book.

DSC_8084 adj 600


DSC_7647 adj_PP copy

For this size option, you would make the row above four times (the row includes the 5 cups between the two angled cups in the corner).  I’ve also shown this size option in the book, along with the cut sizes of the grey fabric.  I would also add some of the steam appliques – which I did show in the book but wasn’t able to insert into this blog format.

coffee cupssize options



Next up is the “Stellar” runner.  This is a really easy one to adjust the size on.

DSC_7636 adj_PP 600 copy


For this size option, just make 2 runners and add the sashing in between.  It’s perfect for a baby quilt or wall quilt.

V and Co size option 2 x 3


For the next one, you would make 3 runners and add the sashing pieces shown.  This size would also be great for a wall quilt.

V and Co size 3 x 3

I would also use this size on a bed.  We have a king size bed in our room and I use a whole cloth quilt on the bottom, and then I rotate square quilts on top as shown in the photo below.  It saves me from having to make king size quilts and gives me the opportunity to make many, smaller things.

DSC_8111 adj


Next up is the Lucky LuLu runner.

068 adj with road out 600


This is a block that I think would actually be cuter in a larger quilt.  The problem though was that this book was supposed to be only runners, so I had to stick with that format to use the design.  But, I think it would make a good lap quilt or topper.

Again, I wish my Photoshop skills were better, but hopefully you can visualize what a cute topper this would make.

dog size options


This is what I envision for the lap size.  I will admit that it is a lot of tiny folded corners to make that many dog bones, but it might be worth it!

lap size optin


Hopefully that gives you a few ideas on how to adjust the sizes.  I don’t think people realize just how versatile table runners designs can be!  No quilt pattern has to be made exactly as shown in the book ;-)))  If you are interested in seeing more size options, just le me know and I will mock up a few more.


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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9 Responses to Trendy Table 2 Size Options

  1. Liz says:

    Your quilting is beautiful. Of course, your piecing is exquisite.

  2. Kori Ireland says:

    I would love a blog post one day on how you do your bed! I have seen it in other posts. Do you make or buy the solid underneath? Glimpses of all of your bed combos? Do you have one whole cloth quilt and make multiple toppers or have multiple whole cloth quilts also? Do you always match accessories (pillows, etc.)?
    Very curious!

  3. pamd says:

    I am so inspired!

  4. Gale Lavers says:

    Love the new options you have shown and have the book on my shopping list.

  5. Chris O'Dorisio says:

    WOW! These are all such great ideas and very versatile. Still LOVE the “cups”…on my bucket list!!! Thanks Heather. 🙂

  6. Bambi Pearson says:

    Awesome ideas!

  7. Jean says:

    I love the different options of sizes! Your ideas are way more creative than mine!

  8. Congrat’s to Ann. I love the ideas you have shown~ especially your bed quilt! Happy weekend!

  9. adaisygarden says:

    Beautiful! I thought I could choose a favorite, but I can’t – they’re all so pretty!

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