More Size Options for Trendy Table 2

Today I wanted to share a couple more size options for the runners in my Trendy Table 2 book.  Like my last post, most of them are digital mock-ups, but one is an actual quilt.  I will start with that one.

These are the original photos from the book:

DSC_8093 adj 600


I called this runner the Magic Snowflake Runner.  It uses 2 1/2″ strips and a strip piecing technique that simplified the angles.



This idea original started with the following quilt, but in order to use the design in this book, I had to turn it into a table runner design.

275 adj


Because of my color selection for the runner, I thought the block looked like a snowflake – but you can see that my original fabric choices make the design look different and you no longer see snowflakes.

276 adj


The construction of the blocks is the same in runner or the bigger quilt, but in the runner I had you sew the blocks together with setting triangles and in the quilt I made half blocks that are sewn together in rows.  I have outlined the blocks below, and above that, a single row.

281 adj with lines


I thought this was a really fun quilt to make – but I love angles, especially of the 60-degree variety.  I also thought the fabrics were really fun.  This line is called Hey Dot by Zen Chic for Moda fabrics.  (I used about 30 strips of a Jelly Roll).  I used Yarn dyed Essex Linen for the background.

285 adj


The next size option that I was to share is for the Sparkler pattern.

DSC_7660 adj 2


DSC_8476 adj_PP copy

The size option to the left shows 2 runners sewn side by side and the option to the right shows 3 runners sewn side by side, making it very easy to do the math if you choose to make these size options.  Just double or triple the numbers in the pattern.  The finished sizes of these options are 39″ x 54.5″ and 54.5″ square.

split stars size option 2 x 3       split stars size option 3 x 3


The next option is one that I would love to see the actual quilt made up.  I think it makes a more interesting quilt than a runner, but again, I was making a runner book, so that is the size that I had to go with for the book.   The design is called Woven.

mod plaid size option 4 x 4


This is the original size in the book –

DSC_7992 adj 2 600


DSC_7633 adj_PP copy

To make the quilt I just showed, you would need to make the equivalent of 5 runners, so the math is really easy to do.  Each block takes 2 – 10″ squares (also known as a Layer Cake square).   So to make this quilt, you just to find the perfect Layer Cake, as the option below would take 1 full layer cake, plus a white and grey fabric.

mod plaid size option 4 x 4


I also did a mock of a slightly smaller size.  This one is the equivalent of make 3 runners and finishes out at 41.75″ x 53.25″.

mod plaid small size option 3 x 4


I hope that gives you a few more ideas on how to change up a few of the runners in the book.  To view more projects in the book or order the book, click here.

I will leave you today with a photo I snapped of my boys while I was photographing that first quilt.  It’s all dinosaurs all the time over here – With all of the sounds effects from the younger one, and all the facts from the older one (his current favorite book is a Dinosaur Encyclopedia).


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4 Responses to More Size Options for Trendy Table 2

  1. Lisa Marie says:

    Wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing! I ordered the Trendy Table 2 book just yesterday and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival. Today I quilted a runner from one of your patterns in “On the Run Again”. I know I will always enjoy your table runner patterns!

  2. Karen Wolter says:

    I love the woven pattern make up in a quilt, will have to try it. Thanks for sharing this information with us. The boys are growing so fast.

  3. Ann in NC says:

    Great ideas for larger quilts! Thanks for another great book (especially since it was with your compliments)! Cute picture of the guys – they are growing up!

  4. Annie O says:

    Great options for your unique designs. I love your Woven runner and think it looks terrific as a quilt too. I just finished a version of your Yarnover runner from mini charms. It turned out great!

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