New Patterns and Giveaway

Happy Monday Everyone!

It’s a gorgeous day here in Minnesota, even if an evil wind last week blew most of the leaves off the trees.  The sun is shining, it’s in the mid sixties, calm and there are still a few fall colors around.

Today I want to share two new patterns that will be showing at fall market later this month.  They just arrived from the printer, so our pre orders will ship out today.  That means you could start seeing them arriving in stores in a couple of days.

First up is Little Charmers 7.  You may remember my obsession with charm squares (and all precuts), which resulted in my other Little Charmers patterns.  It has been a while since I have made any runners, so it was time to come out with a few new charm patterns.

The pattern includes directions for all three runners.  Each requires just one charm pack, along with some background and binding fabric.

Above:  the Loops Runner

Can you tell I had some fun quilting these?  I did pebble quilting on the one above and some fun free-hand designs below.

Above:  The Ribbon Runner shown in the fabric line “Blitzen” by Basic Grey

Above:  The Dresden Runner, shown in my Summer House line (coming out in January).


The next pattern is called Galleria.

As you can see, the description on the pattern reads: a place to show off a perfect collection of fun fabrics.  I have been saving this collection of fat quarters for something that really showed them off.

I couldn’t find quite the right pattern, so I had to make up a new one 😉  The fabrics are from the Secret Garden line from Sandi Henderson (along with a couple from my stash)

There is a touch of applique, just to add a bit of interest and break up the piecing.

Every fall, I borrow my neighbor’s maple tree for a few photos.  It makes the perfect quilt rack, don’t you think?

I always like to give away the first copies of the newest books or patterns.  If you are interested, just leave me a comment.  Later this week, I will draw a couple of winners.

If you are interested in purchasing the patterns, click here and here.

I am just finishing up some photos on a kit for Galleria.  I’ll be back soon with the pics.  Thanks for stopping by!

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New Fabric Preview

Fall quilt market is right around the corner, so I can finally spill the beans on a few of the new things that I have been working.  I will be sharing them over the next few blog posts, starting with a new fabric line.  I did all the paintings last summer, so it is always a long wait until the strike-offs arrive.  Now that they are finally here, I get to show them to you.

My inspiration for the line came from the empty walls in my living room.  Sounds like a strange source of inspiration, doesn’t it?

Let me explain.  I had designed Artful Home to go in my living room.  After having those quilts out for a while, I got a little tired of the same quilts all the time.  I wanted something to rotate in my main living area, but this time, something a little brighter.  Something with a summery feel.  That got me started with the colors and prints, which eventually turned into the following fabrics – which I decided to call Summer House.

(By the way, I had ironed the strike-offs, but somehow the camera sees things that my eyes don’t!)

So, there you have it.  We are still in the process of doing color corrections on the strike-offs and the goods won’t hit stores until next January.  The line will be available for pre-orders at quilt market the end of this month, so this is when shops will get a chance to order it.

I have already started making a couple of things with my strike-offs, though I am having to fill in backgrounds, etc with some yardage from my previous lines.   More to come in another post . . . .

So, as usual, I am waiting for the day that the bolts show up at my doorstep.  Until that time, I am just curious to see which of the prints is your favorite.  I always appreciate your feedback, as it helps me determine which type of prints and colors the quilters are looking for.

Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by!

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After all the Carter photos that I’ve been showing lately, I have been getting lots of nice comments about what a smiling, happy baby he is.

And he is, most of the time.

But, just in case you thought he was a smiling little angel all the time, here’s a few shots to keep it real.

Hopefully you don’t think too poorly of me, but I do find crying photos to be just a tad bit funny.  However, I don’t like the loud crying sound that accompanies them.

And this boy has some lungs, but we can save that for another time!

Have I mentioned that Minnesota is dressed in the most beautiful colors right now?

Just gorgeous, isn’t it?


It has put me in the mood to set out my fall decor – Including my fall quilts.

(Edit:  Many of you have asked about the quilts and fabrics so I have added the names of the quilts and some of the fabrics.)

Pattern:  Harvest Time



Emmy’s Autumn Runner from the book “Gifts For All Reasons

Seasonal Topper from the book “On the Run”.  Fabric:  Essense by Sandy Gervais for Moda


Maple Harvest from the book “Favorite Quilts from Anka’s Treasures“.
Autumn Days from the book “A Season of Change”.

Game Board from the Little Charmers 6 pattern.  Fabric:  Tranqulity by Sandy Gervais for Moda.

The Everyday Table Topper from the book “Charmed and Dangerous.”  The fabric is more cute stuff from Sandy Gervais, but I can’t remember the name of the fabric line.

I have been feeling pressure from Pinterest lately to redecorate my house.

Pinterest is full of pretty images of entire houses with aqua blue walls and lots of white woodwork – And though I love that look (in fact, I have some of it in my house.   My downstairs living room is aqua blue) –  putting out some of my fall stuff makes me feel like my house is okay for a little while longer.  I love the warm glow of fall colors and I’m just not sure how you decorate for fall with all those pastel colors. 

It makes me want to make new fall quilts, in some brighter colors.  Like using aqua blue with a great orange (see photo above).  It makes me in the mood to hunt for some fun, fall quilt fabric!  It’s always a treat to make a new fall quilt each year, even if it’s just a table runner.  Are any of you working with any great fall fabric lines?   Anyone else feeling pressure from Pinterest too?

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Carter’s 3 month photos

I am busy finishing up a couple new patterns for fall market.  I really had fun quilting this one, as I tried the little circle detail in the veins of my feathers for the first time.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!

I just love these fabrics and have been saving them for something that will really show them off.  I will share more soon.  .   .   .

Speaking of fabric, I just want to thank everyone for all the fabric suggestions from my last post.  Obviously, you are all better hunters than I am!  I now have lots of good choices for the bed skirt, not to mention the new fabric sources that I now have bookmarked!

In addition to finishing up some quilts, I have been spending lots of time photographing Carter.  He’s now about 3 1/2 months, so it’s time I got some 3 month photos posted!









We couldn’t get him to smile for the family shot.  We were taking family photos with my entire family and it just plain wore him out!  Better luck with the smiles next month . . .

He has already changed so much since last month.  He still hates tummy time and has started to get scared of people.  He lets it be known with lots of loud crying.   But, he still loves to smile, kick, and talk.  He also loves to stand, put everything in his mouth, hold onto his toys by himself, and get up too early (and hang out with Dad).  He has also started to giggle, though I feel a little jipped that Daddy is getting all the giggles.  I guess I need to grow some better whiskers for tickling (which is how Daddy gets his giggles) or come up with some new tricks!

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Knitting Update

Happy Monday Everyone . . .

Thanks for all the nice comments on Carter and his room (from my last post).  When I posted those pictures, I forgot to ask everyone for help locating some fabric.  I would like to make a bed skirt for the crib and possibly some valances.  I found this brown and green dot that I like, but I really wish the dot was aqua blue to match the walls. 

I have done some searching, but haven’t had any luck.  Has anyone else seen anything matching that description?  Any help would be really appreciated.


Now I have a few knitting pictures to share.  I started this easy little cardigan before Carter was born.  The reason I selected this pattern, was that I wanted something easy to work on in the hospital during labor.  My thinking was that I would have about 12 hours during labor, then a couple of days in the hospital to get lots of knitting done.

Silly Goose. 

Turns out I didn’t pick up my knitting at all during those days in the hospital.  Or the days that followed, for that matter.  I did eventually get the sweater done.

It’s a very simple design, so I chose a fun yarn, with good color, nice sheen, and a slightly slubby texture – kind of like how simple quilt patterns require fun quilt fabric to make the design work.  I wish I could share the name of the yarn with you, but I lost the tag that comes on the yarn and can’t remember what it was called.  (I am blaming it on the mommy brain.  I hear I get to use that excuse for the next 18 years.  I think I will be using that one a lot, because I don’t think I see things improving any time soon!  lol.)

You can find the details for the sweater here.  If anyone happens to recognize the yarn, I would love to know what it is, so please leave me a comment 😉

I also wanted to show you some pictures of my Baby Sophisticate sweater again, this time on Carter.  He has just grown into the sweater, so now he can model it for you.

I also made a little hat to go with it.  The funny thing is now that the sweater fits, the hat is too small!

It doesn’t quite cover his ears anymore.  I guess that isn’t a huge deal, because he doesn’t like to wear the hat anyways.  He just rubs his head back and forth until it slides up off his head, and down over his eyes.


Lastly, I want to share a sweater that Carter got as a baby gift.  I wish I could claim that I had the mad skills to make it, but I have to give the credit to my “Moron” friend Maria. (click here to check our her blog, Passing Down Crazy).

Let me clarify that – in this case moron is a compliment.   We have been using this word to describer her for many years now.  She is always tackling “moron” projects that the average knitter and quilter wouldn’t think of trying.

Like doing intricate colorwork.

Or knitting with a size 1 needle.

Or doing steeks and fancy buttonholes.

See what I mean?

Yep, she’s a total moron. 

It’s such a beautiful sweater and I can’t wait for him to wear it.  I still can’t believe we got to be on the receiving end of her moron skills!  You can check out Maria’s Ravelry page on this sweater here.

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Carter’s Room

I’m just popping in to share some photos of Carter’s room.  A few of you have reminded me that I haven’t shown pictures of the finished room yet.  I usually have troubles pulling everything together and his room was no exception.  Half way through, I sort of lost my vision.  So, I waited until I felt ready to move on, adding a few things here and there.  I have some things I am thinking about adding yet, but again, I am letting my thoughts simmer first.

This is the view when you walk into the room.  You might remember me talking about the argyle that I painted on his walls?  The room started with this idea and the colors are based on that.

I also knew that I wanted a book wall.  I have always loved kids books and book covers.  This idea incorporates both.   

The next items to make their way into the room were the crib and changing table. 

I wanted them to be orange, but as I mentioned before, after trying about 6 different colors of orange spray paint, I still don’t have quite the right color. I have had to learn to live with it.  I’m sure Carter will be forever traumatized by not having the right shade.

Next, I dyed the rocking chair in an attempt to not have to recover it.  We also tried to turn it into a rocking chair.  It made for a lot of work for Joel, for a chair that slightly rocks.  Not quite what we had in mind, but another long story.  (Can you see where I might lose my vision?)

Then I went on a hunt for baskets for the changing table.  I found some at Target but when I went back, they were discontinued.  More hunting. . . .  Then I found these at Walmart and they are almost the right size ;-).

A couple of weekends ago, I spray painted these frames and printed off a few pictures.  The frame with four photos shows how much he as changed from 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

We received some fun toys as gifts, so I started looking for a way to store his toys.  I found some cute cubbies like the ones below at Land of Nod.  They were $40o.  I found these at Target for $65, plus free shipping and 5% off with a Target red card.  That free shipping thing is a bit dangerous, as I now have some more organizational things on their way!

This lamp base is one of my best purchases.  It’s a touch lamp, so no fumbling for the switch in the dark, in the middle of the night.  Just touch the base for a dim glow, then touch again for a for more light.  There are four settings. (From Pottery Barn Kids)

As you leave the room, this is hanging by the door.  It’s to remind me about how fast this is going and to cherish every moment with this little guy.

Which, by the way, I am having no trouble with.  Can you see why?

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Carter’s Baby Quilts

Carter’s baby quilts got started back when I was working on my Little Quilts 4 Little Kids book.  I didn’t put the quilts in the book because we kept his name a secret until he was born.  Without a deadline, his quilts didn’t get finished up in a very timely manner.  I have been anxious to finish them so I could get his room together.  Somehow, they just seemed to put the finishing touches on his room.  I will show you that in my next post, but for now, I will share the photos of the finished quilts.

First up, he had to have a puppy quilt.

The pattern is called Puppy Love and can be found in this book.

The feature fabrics are Woodland Tails by Sheri Berry.  I purchased them from Hawthorne Threads.  The rest are from my stash.

This quilt goes on the rocking chair in his room.  Right now it will probably be more for looks than use.   When he gets older, he might decide he wants to use it.  In the meantime, he loves his blankets with the silky edges so we are using them more.

His second baby quilt is the Here Fishy, Fishy quilt.  My Mom started this one when I needed the pattern tested for the kids book.

I had her hold off on finishing it because I wanted to add more fish to it (at his Daddy’s request.)

Here is a shot of the original – with only two fish.

I have to say, I love the one with more fish better.  I always hesitate to add that much applique to the projects in my books, because it scares people away from making the quilt.  In this case, I think it is totally worth it.

This quilt hangs over the crib in his room.

I love it!  I hope he will too someday.  I will have to start sharing my love of chevrons, googly eyes, and bright colors with him at an early age 😉

I’ll be back shortly to share the rest of the room . . . .

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