Tools of the Trade

Many of you have asked me what my favorite tools are and what machines I use.  I have to admit, I’m not much of a gadget girl.  I really don’t need much in that department, but I will share a few of my favorites.  So, here they are –

My new favorite machine:


Why?  Speed.  It can sew 1600 stitches per minute.  I can hardly bring myself to sew an a regular machine anymore, they seem so slow!  I get so much more done with this machine.  Must… Have…. Speed…

One of the problems with this machine is that it’s kind of noisy.  I don’t notice it so much at home, but when I’m at a retreat, it interferes with the conversation.  I notice that people only talk when I stop sewing.  With my old machine, I always sewed with my pedal to the floor, but it wasn’t so loud.  Now I sound like I am in the Indy 500.


I still keep my old machine to do my machine applique.  It’s my trusty Bernina 1230.  It’s probably 15 years old now, but it’s still a workhorse and does a beautiful machine blanket stitch.  It’s very user friendly and I like that I don’t have a screen that I have to page through to select one of 4,999 stitches.  I really only use about 5 of my stitches, but they are very nice stitches.



Here’s my other machine – My Gammill.  It’s a 1992 model, with no bells and whistles, but it works fine for me.  In fact, I used to do custom machine quilting, so I have spent more hours with this machine than with my husband.  This machine may even be a better listener than my husband.  We’ve been through a lot together, and she’s always been there for me.  Except the one time when she broke down 2 1/2 weeks before my book deadline.  PANIC!



This is my favorite quilting light.  It’s called the Bendy light, or something like that.  It’s a bit expensive at $50, but I like the fact that it’s so compact.  I never have an Ott light in my way anymore.  Plus, the light is surprisingly bright, despite how it looks in this picture.  It would make a great Christmas gift . . . .  You could accidentally show this post to your husband or kids and drop the hint . . .



This is my favorite iron.  I love steam –  I mean I LOVE steam.  This iron gives the best steam.  You can even get a facial while ironing – way to multi-task!  I have two complaints though – Rowenta’s cheaper iron has a better sole plate and I wish there was a gauge to tell you how much water was in the iron.  Did any of you see the JoAnn’s ad that came yesterday?  They are having 50% off their irons!  That is a fab deal, as they usually just have $20 off.  Here’s your chance to get yourself one! (Hint:  Again, show this post to DH and kids – Christmas is only 19 days away)



It might be time now to take a break and go eat some popcorn or something, because this is a long post!  That will also give you a change to go find your JoAnns flier, in case you need to see the special with your own eyes.


This picture shows my favorite rulers, cutters, and a magnetic bobbin organizer.  The large cutter has the Olfa quick change blade system.  The medium cutter is great for cutting small pieces.  The teeny tiny 18 mm is great for making applique prep go faster (see below).  The ruler is Olfa frosted series.  It’s great because it provides a little bit of grip, but not too much.  I also love the markings for the 60-degree angles, etc.  It’s less confusing than the other brands.  The magnetic bobin organizer is called the Grabobbin, made by Blue Feather Products.



Sometimes I mark my rulers with removable cling strips, to help me quickly locate my measurements.  It’s great for marking angles, as they tend to be more confusing.



I need some help with this tool.  It was given to me by  a shop owner and I can’t remember the name of the tool or the shop!  If somebody knows, please comment and share.  The purpose of the tool is to save you time when cutting apart your chained pieces.  There is a tiny blade hidden within the white plastic housing and you use it to clip the threads between two pieces.  You no longer have to pick up and position a scissor every time.



I do lots of folded corners (cheater corners) when quilting.  This tool (The Angler) makes them go quicker by eliminating the need to d raw lines on every single piece.  You tape it down to the bed of your machine.



This is the new version, called Clearly Perfect Angles.  Rather than taping the tool down, this one clings to the bed of your machine.  It works best if your machine has a large metal throat plate to “cling” to.



 I use the items shown in the following two pictures every time I applique.  First, the tiny rotary cutter to trim the center out on my fusible web.  It’s much quicker than using a scissors and doesn’t dull the blades.  (I like to trim the center out on larger shapes to keep them softer and feel more like hand applique.  I also do the trimming when I layer shapes on top of one another, again to reduce bulk.)



Here’s the thread I use when I do my machine blanket stitching.  It’s called Topstitching thread and is made by Coats (I think they just changed the name to heavy thread, but it’s topstitch weight thread).  See how much heavier it is than the normal thread shown to the left?  It only comes in select colors, so sometimes I have to use two strands or regular thread to achieve the same look.  The other must when doing machine applique is to have an open toe foot.  See how there is no bridge blocking your view?  This will help you steer around corners and points.



These are the items I use when I hand-stitch, such as doing binding or hand-quilting (though I rarely hand quilt – remember, need speed).  I always use hand-quilting thread when sewing on my binding and I always use straw needles.  The needles are long and very bendable.  I hate the short, straight needles that I was first taught to use.  My hands are too large and I’m too uncoordinated or something.  These needles almost conform to the shape of you hand and are easier to work with because they are larger (in my next post I’ll talk more about hand stitching binding).



Lastly,  I’m not sure if this is a tool or not, but I love my big sewing table.  It’s on wheels so I can move it around and the back of the table swings up to accommodate sewing large pieces.  It was made for me by Zuegcraft Cabinetry of Willmar, MN.



It’s not a great picture, but you get the idea.

Whew!  That was a long post…If you have gotten this far,  I hope you find these tools helpful.  If you have a favorite you would like to share, just leave me a comment.  All comments will be entered into a drawing for this pattern:


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94 Responses to Tools of the Trade

  1. Michelle says:

    Honestly, my favorite tool is my 1/4″ foot with the guide…helps me get as perfect seams as I can muster!

  2. Sherri says:

    It was great fun hearing about your favorite tools and tips. I loved the idea of using a small rotary cutter to trim out the insides of the machine applique fusible! I can’t wait to try that!

  3. Anita says:

    I need one of those clearly perfect angles!!! thank you so much for sharing your tools.

    Happy holidays!

  4. Dorrie says:

    Thank you for sharing a bit of your quilting world with us! Love your new book. Picked out some yardage and cool-e-ooo rick rack to make the “Pretty In Pink” quilt.

  5. Nancy says:

    My favorite tool is my two magnetic pin cushions. I have one on the ironing table where I pin and one at the sewing machine where I remove the pins. When one is empty the other is full and I just switch them….

    I also have a long magnetic strip that DH hung on the wall next to my sewing machine. I keep all my little snippers and scissors there….

  6. Sarah Galbraith says:

    thanks for your tools of the trade hints!! it is always fun to see what other people use!! 🙂

    cute pattern too!

  7. Cindy says:

    Thanks for sharing. One of my favorite threads now is Aurifil. It’s great quality and very fine, so it doesn’t take up much space in your seam allowance.

  8. Diana says:

    I too love speedy machines but I mostly piece on my Featherweight. I have a no frills Gammill myself and its a work horse and finishes a lot of quilts every year!

  9. Kristin says:

    I love my Bernina. Has to be my favorite tool, just humming along to the radio in my sewing room. Of course we can’t forget the other favorite tool, the seam ripper. Whoops….

  10. annie says:

    I love blue wash out markers to mark my quilt for machine quilting. Easy to see, and then just wash in cold water to get rid of the lines. Love that. Annie

  11. Rachel says:

    I love the Clearly Perfect Angles. I’ve never seen one of those, but I sure could use one. Where did you get that?

  12. Jenny says:

    I am still using the “turtle” speed on my sewing machine to quilt. I am so afraid to go fast and mess something up:)

  13. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    Not exactly a tool, but I like to keep my fold up clothes rack near my sewing machine with all the strips hanging in order when I chain stitch the strips together.

  14. Ann says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing! I see some favorites (Bernina 1230!), and several things I have bought that I really need to use! I just bought the flexible light for my Mom for Christmas and will be anxious to hear how she likes it!

    I am on a mission to find some more fabrics to go with the charm squares I bought so I can make your Sugar and Spice quilt.

    Keep up the good work with your patterns, fabrics, and blog!

    Ann in NC

  15. Kathi says:

    It was great seeing all your favorite tools. I learned a lot. Mine current favorite is pre-wound bobbins. I bought a bunch in neutral colors. Can’t tell you how much time that has saved me. You might really like them since I’m all about the speed too.

  16. iampam says:

    Thank you for sharing your tools. I love the little light for the sewing machine and what a great idea to add it to my christmas wish list!

  17. Kathie says:

    What a great post!! Thank you for sharing some of your tricks of the trade that work for you and your tools that you use. Your stamp of approval does mean alot!! Kathie

  18. Jane says:

    Wow, I need to put that post in my favorites, there is so much information, thank you, I also love steam, I need to find that flyer right now at 11:40 PM!!

  19. Priscilla says:

    Does the internet count as a tool – because I ‘use’ that to find inspiration and ‘use’ it to buy other tools online ;O)

  20. Julia says:

    Hi Heather,
    thank you for sharing your favourite tools with us. I recently bought the Angler II tool (little bit different from Angler, it was before I discovered ClearlyPerfectAngles…) and I think I should finally try it…
    My favourite tools are:
    – those long flower head pins…the pieces just lay flatter than with normal pins
    – my Bernina #57 1/4″ foot with guide
    – SewLine Ceramic pencil for marking lines
    – Desk Needle Threader by Clover {don’t have stereoscopic vision so that is a great relief!}
    Hmmm…now I have some more tools on my wish list…love the magnetic bobbin saver & really should invest in a small rotary cutter…;o)
    Wish a wonderful St. Nicolas (even if you most likely don’t celebrate this…)

  21. Carol Broughton says:

    I love all of the tips, but the big sewing table on wheels really caught my eye – very handy! Thank you for sharing all of these tips and your generous give-aways.

  22. Charflie says:

    I have swan on the Grand Quilter and loved the speed too, but thought my piecing would be off if I went that fast. The tool I can not live without would have to be my tweezers. It helps me line up my fabric and to get threads out of tight spots on my machine.

  23. Charlie says:

    I have swan on the Grand Quilter and loved the speed too, but thought my piecing would be off if I went that fast. The tool I can not live without would have to be my tweezers. It helps me line up my fabric and to get threads out of tight spots on my machine.

  24. Tracey says:

    Love this post…so many great tools to drool over. (My mother has that light and raves about it.) I really like my Olfa ruler. It has a lip on it that wraps around the edge of my cutting mat, so my ruler stays squared up when I’m cutting. I also LOVE my Bernina.

  25. Tracey says:

    Love this post…so many great tools to drool over. (My mother has that light and raves about it.) I really like my Olfa ruler. It has a lip on it that wraps around the edge of my cutting mat, so my ruler stays squared up when I’m cutting. I also LOVE my Bernina.

  26. Jackie says:

    Okay so some of my favorites are also yours! I have had my Gammill since 2000, actually my 3rd. I have upgraded 2 times and now have a Statler. I love my Gammill so much I have started selling them last year. Truly an indispensable part of what I do. As far as the other tool, it is similar to what you have to split apart chain pieced blocks. It is called the Chain Ripper and looks a little different than what you have. It looks more like a seam ripper standing on end.

  27. Lucy says:

    What a great post. I love the tip on needles to use for hand binding. Also I sure look forward to your tips to do this. Tks!

  28. Susan says:

    I love my 1230 also. The ANGLER is a “must” as I teach beginners. No more wondering how to get a 1/4 inch seam. Great post. Happy Holidays!

  29. karylsquilts says:

    ALL very good ideas ! My best is using the 1/4 foot with the tin guide on the side. did wonders for my peicing when I started. I have 3 rulers and really like my larger cutting mat. Next is flat baskets to toss tools in….. another to stack pattern fabric & peices of current project. Since I sew at the dining table, these things need to be moved for the ‘occasional ‘meal there! lol ~~ K

  30. Julia says:

    Hi Heather, Thanks for sharing some of your favorite tools. I really need to get the Clearly Angle thing. I do a lot of HST and the cheater corners too. This would be a huge time saver!

    My favorite tools are my little 6 1/2 in and 4 1/2 square rulers for trimming all of those HST. Oh and my reading glasses for seeing to thread needles. For some reason they are making the “eye” smaller and smaller on needles these days. lol

  31. shauna says:

    Thanks for the great post. I love the Angler tool. So nice not to have to draw all those lines!

  32. Mary-Kay says:

    Whoa. we use almost all the same gadgets! My favourite was made by my neighbour, a sewing table that is set up like your Bernina but has a leaf that swings up at the back like the one you had made. I wish I knew how to do carpentry because I could sell these babies and stop quilting. Like that will ever happen. I just got back 2 quilts from the quilters, “Cotton Candy” and “Sugar and Spice”. And I love them. Can’t wait to make more from your patterns. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  33. Erica says:

    Thanks for sharing your favourite tools and gadgets. I enjoyed your explanation of each and your comments about how you use them. I have never seen the angler template that clings to the machine; I need one! I’ll also be stopping in at Jo-Ann’s this weekend; I too, must have lots of steam! Thanks again!

  34. Laurie says:

    Thanks for the tool tips! The angler has been hidden in my drawer for awhile, but it’s definitely coming out again 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about hand-stitching the binding!

  35. tracy says:

    It’s nice to know that some loves steam as much as I do….

  36. Love knowing what works for you! Thanks 🙂

  37. Karen says:

    I loved reading your list of favorite tools. One of my favorites is my stiletto. It just comes in so handy! The other is music. Can’t quilt without music playing. Also my quilt group-love the fellowship!

  38. jo says:

    Hey Heather…I have a Grand quilter but use mine only with the next generation quilt frame. I can take it off but never have. Now, I think I am going to try using it for piecing too. Thanks for the tip. Jo

  39. Carrie P. says:

    Thanks for sharing all your favorties. I like to hand applique a lot and I have two pair of scissors that I really like because they both have blades that have little tiny serrations. It helps when cutting the fabric so it doesn’t slip. Clover and Gingher makes them like that.

  40. Lynn Osborne says:

    All of my favorite tools are just the usual ones but I just discovered a disappearing ink marking pen. I’m marking everything now, just because I can!

  41. Lisa says:

    I use my seam ripper all the time as a guide for my fabric as I feed it through the machine… especially when chain piecing. I also use my handy clippers when chain piecing, but now I’m going to have to look for that little nameless device you showed….hmmm. Lots of great ideas!!!

  42. Marianne says:

    My very favorite tool is my (old) Bernina 1530. I got her in 1991 and I still love her! I had a really crummy machine from high school days and when I started making quilts I bought my wonderful Bernina.

  43. Dee says:

    I have the same Berninia, a Pfaff 2056, and just bought that iron a couple months ago for the $20 off, darn, but my last one took a dive. I love that iron – and also wondered what was up with no water guage – but LOVE the steam. Love that light too. Thanks for the topstitching clue – I will definitely use that. Love your pattern. Thank you for so much wonderful information. Oh, and can’t wait to find out why you use quilting thread on the binding….Dee

  44. treasa says:

    My favorite tool is my Bernina 440 QEE. I am definately going to pick up a couple of the tools you use. Like the light. That is already on my wish list. Merry Christmas!!

  45. Ginny Worden says:

    Thanks Heather, my favorite tool has to be Aurifil thread for piecing. I know I’m not the only one that loves this 50 weight, 2 ply that works like a dream.

  46. A Betty says:

    Good post. I like my awl for holding fabric while it feeds under the sewing foot. I like my magnetic pin holder but wish it was prettier. It’s nice for traveling and not spilling pins all over. I haven’t decided yet if I like the Aurifil thread. And I really love my pretty little designer gingher scissors- sharp, small, and pretty. It makes me happy when I use it.

  47. Barbara S says:

    I love the Creative Grid rulers, especially the 8 1/2″ x 24 1/2″ size for cutting strips. Also, another great tool is the Sew Line Ceramic pencil, it give a nice thin line.

  48. Jolene says:

    I enjoyed reading and seeing your “favorite tools”. I wondered what you would use the smaller rotary cutters for. I also like the angle templates. What are “folded corners” or “cheater corners”??? I am still learning a lot about quilting. My picture didn’t show up very well to see the straw needles that you like. I will have to check them out at a store some time. Thanks again!

  49. Amy L says:

    I enjoy many of the tools that you do, organized neatly in my quilting tackle box. It’s easy to grab and go stitchin’ with my quilting pals. I also love the Tri-Rec ruler, the Easy Angle ruler and Fons and Porters’ setting triangle ruler. Thanks for the great patterns and fabric!

  50. Hannah says:

    Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. My favorite sewing machine is aPfaff, as well. Your Pfaff is on my wish list!!

  51. Shari says:

    Just saw an ad for the “bendy” light in a mag and wondered how well it works. Thanks – I have my answer!

  52. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for showing us your favorite tools. My favorite tool is my rotary cutter and rule.
    Sylvia F 🙂

  53. Dawn says:

    Thanks for sharing your favorite tools. I too have many favorites. I really like the idea of using the tiny rotary cutter for your applique….I think I will put that on my wish list!

  54. Cindra says:

    I don’t know if cutting tables are considered tools, but I have two big tables pushed together. They are the fold down kind and high. I love them because my back doesn’t get as sore and stiff.

  55. Pat says:

    Favorite new tools are a pair of Black and Decker cordless scissors for cutting batting. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Talk about speed!! LOL

    (Target now has them in PINK! Still in the tool section:-) Here’s the Target store link:

    I’m also happy with the rolling batting stand my DH made me. He just cut the seat off an old office chair and we set the roll of batting on the the tube the seat was attached to! Don’t ask me why if won’t fit under my mid-arm quilting machine!

    Here’s a photo of it:

    Lastly, my big board ironing board topper we made from a pattern purchased on eBay!

    Please enter me in your pattern drawing!

  56. karen says:

    thanks for all the great tool tips. I really appreciate the one on topstiching thread. I’m going to try those straw needles too.

  57. Leslie L says:

    Thanks for sharing! You listed some of my favorites, especially the Bernina 1230–I can’t part with mine. I bought it when I was in college and it was my first “big” purchase. As you say, it’s a workhorse and a trusty friend. I also have a Janome 1600, similar to your speedy Pfaff. The Angler is great, too. I love that little light.

    My must-have tools also include my huge Olfa mat and my counter-height collapsible cutting table. And my “Machingers” for freemotion machine quilting.

  58. Bev C says:

    I loved reading about what you use. I think we have the same sewing machine mine is a Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter. One of about 4 sewing machines, I can’t bear to part with them.Happy stitching.

  59. Christine says:

    That was really fun to read your tips and favorite tools. I’ve even gotten some ideas from some of the other posts. My new favorite tool is the big rotary cutter I got a couple of months ago (on coupon sale!). I can’t believe I haven’t had one all these years…it’s like cutting butter with a hot knife. I’m also looking forward to seeing the straw needles. Thanks for this great post.

  60. Laura says:

    I also love steam! I’m checking out that iron. Thanks for all the fabulous tips! I’m looking forward to the post on hand sewing binding. My daughter (ex-Marine) never thought she would quilt has taken up quilting! She is 26 years old. The other morning she was flipping on tv between football and Sewing with Nancy. I’m going to forward the link to your blog to her. Thanks for blogging!

  61. shelley says:

    Thanks for sharing your favorite tools. I will have to use my angler more!
    One of my latest “tools” is the dual snapware containers. One layer is sectioned, and the other is not. I can store tiny pincushions, thread, bobbins, tape measure, etc. in the sectioned portion. In the larger one I have my scissors, seam rippers, pencils, small rulers, etc, those that I use alot. It’s very handy to organize and change out when going to a retreat.

  62. Vicki Willard says:

    Thank you for your tips. I am a new (50 year old) quilter, and could use all the help I get. Sherri has been a great help to me so far, and actually was the one who got me started. She lives down the street from me.

  63. Carrie says:

    I knew there was a reason I liked you! That Rowenta iron is my favorite too, but you’re absolutely right that there needs to be a water gauge on the reservoir tank!

    I also love your open-toe foot. After using one for machine-applique, I couldn’t believe what a huge difference it made. I couldn’t find one for my very old Bernina so I used a Dremel drill to cut the cross-piece out of an old “regular” foot.

    All that said, you have one “tool” that I am just green with envy over — the view out the window behind your Bernina! That’s absolutely glorious… although I doubt I would ever get much sewing done… except at night.

    Thank you for a terrific post.

  64. Chriss says:

    Heather – I thank you for a brilliant and interesting post, how cool to only use or need so few things. I have been passing my extras onto friends to keep my hoard to a minimum. My favorite tool is my wrist pincushion – even found myself trying to wash dishes with it on!
    Great blog, on my favorites now, Chriss

  65. Thanks for sharing your favorite tools. I love the angler and the magnetic bobbin holder. I’ll have to put them on my Christmas list.

  66. Darcy says:

    Thanks for sharing all your tricks of the trade…I had forgotten about cutting out the center of appliques to decrease the bulkiness…I will try to remember from now on!

    Someday I will have the perfect studio…yours is very inspiring…:)

  67. Sandra McNease says:

    Heather, My favorite tool is the new bendie light…I love it…it shines the light where you need it

  68. Kathleen says:

    Loved seeing your favorite tools….great post. I love my Clover Chaco Liner….my Clover needle threader…and all those wonderful clear plastic bins to store all your projects in!

  69. Shirley says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your favorite tools. I see several things I want to try. I have a Bernina 930 that I have had for at least 20 years and I won’t get rid of it. Just bought a Bernina 730. I really enjoy your blog and all the pictures you put on it.

  70. Robin says:

    Great Post!!!! I use a lot of these tools and found a couple I wish I had. One thing I like is my “Purple Thang”.
    Happy Holidays

  71. Amy says:

    Greetings from another Minnesota gal! What a wonderful roundup of useful tools that any quilter should have in her arsenal. I think my favorite tool has got to be the three different task lights I have in my sewing room. I have one shining directly on my sewing machine bed, one shining on my ironing board, and one on my cutting table. These are in addition to the overhead lighting and the undercabinet lighting in the room. They make it so much easier on my eyes and help make my sewing time so much more enjoyable. Thanks for having such a great blog.

  72. Cory says:

    This is a beautiful pattern & I would love to win it. One of my favorite tools is the Clover thread cutter which is similar to your shite thread cutter above. It makes quick work of separating chain pieced units. Thank you for all of your info. Take care and God bless, Cory

  73. Cara says:

    Thanks for sharing your tools- I always wonder what others use in their quilting. I have several faves but I love my Bernina 440. She pieces and quilts like a dream! I also love the Bohin chalk pencil for marking seam allowances and such.
    Happy quilting!

  74. Kay says:

    A great post. Thanks. I had one of those irons, and while I loved it, it had a very short life, repaired under warranty twice, and totally died within two years. I wish you better luck.

  75. Berta says:

    I love seeing your sewing machines and your Gammil looks wonderfully ‘experienced’!!!! That nameless tool for clipping the chain thread looks so handy…I’ll have to keep my eyes open for one!
    Thanks for all the great tools!

  76. Tammy says:

    Great post! We have a lot of the same favorite tools: the easy angler, the bendy light and my Bernina 1230! One of my favorites not mentioned is the precision trimmer.

  77. Carmen says:

    I think a bendy light would ge just the ticket. I have a dark sewing space.

  78. Wendy Allen says:

    I’d probably have to say my magnifying glasses are my most invaluable tool. LOL I’m actually thinking of getting the magnifier attachment for my Bernina 440 as I hear it’s the bomb.
    Thanks for all the reviews (I’m going to hit JoAnns for a new iron now 🙂

  79. Nancy E says:

    Love reading about your favorite tools. I like the Easy Angle ruler for making my HSTs & the Creative Grid rulers for squaring them up.

  80. Sandy says:

    Heather, thanks for the tour of your favorite tools. My #1 favorite is the O’Lipfa 24″ x 5″ Lip Edge Ruler. Would luv to win your pattern.

  81. Nichole says:

    Thanks for the great review of tools. I love to hear what is tried and true for other quilters. My must have tool is my small, sharp pair of scissors.

  82. Jennifer says:

    Just found your blog and I loved this post. I especially like the little cutter for trimming when you are chain piecing, would love to know where to get that!

  83. Linda says:

    All I can say is Wow – my favorite would be the view from the window in that last picture!! How relaxing is that??? Haven’t seen the cling on angler – my other is always missing the key to reposition, as it lifts when I change my bobbin…. Thanks for all that info – great great post!!!

  84. Linda T says:

    I don’t really have that many quilting tools. I’m waiting until I win the lottery, and then I can tell you all about my new favourite sewing machine, etc., etc.

    Thanks for all your inspiration.

  85. Amy says:

    Hi Heather
    Sorry to do this on a give-away entry, but I have a little award over on my blog for you because I have really enjoyed reading yours. Thanks!

  86. carrie says:

    Hi Heather,
    The little white cutter came from the Quilt Corner in Sparta, WI. It is my favorite timesaver device and thought I would share it with you when you came to do the quilt trunk show. I think the name of it is the easy cut but will have to check it out for sure when I am at the store. Glad you like it. Keep up with the great patterns. Thanks.

  87. barb says:

    love your post on your blog. I do have to say I never have my clover seam ripper to far away. I think it has the slimest poker end and sharpest blade

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  89. Clo says:

    Hi Heather, I have just across come across your site and I wanted to say WOW you are one very talented lady, I just LURVE your work. Your quilts and runners are amazing, seriously I am gob smacked!
    thanks for inspiring me,
    Clo (in sunny hot Oman)

  90. Amy says:

    Wow – it took awhile to find this tool! The name of the gadget is EasyCut. Here is a link I found on-line. Carrie’s comment from December 21 is correct.

  91. Venora Smith says:

    Hello from Australia, Melbourne.
    Can you please tell me a site to buy the bendy light as I have looked this up and cannot find it.

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  93. Julie in NM says:

    My favorite tool is my REDESIGN TOOL. Some quilters call it a seam ripper!

  94. Pingback: Favorite Notions | Trends and Traditions

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