Joyful Stitcher Info and Summer Stich Along

Looking for a handwork project this summer?  Join In!

I am always needing a handwork project (or two) going,  so this summer I am working on something from my Joyful Stitcher book.  When I previewed the book on the blog, I got so many questions about my process, the wool, where to find it, the stitches, etc – that I decided to do a few blog posts sharing this information.  During the process of sharing, I am going to be working on one of the quilts from the book.  Feel free to stitch along, using any of the projects from the book.  There are no rules and we have a relaxed schedule.  (Scroll down for links to the posts)


You can preview the projects here, here and here.  (In these posts, you will also find lots of detail shots so you can see exactly how I did the stitching on each shape).  You can also find all the quilts in this post.


You can find the book here.


Summer Stitch Along Blog Posts:

Post #1 – Click here.  Wool Felt vs Felted Wool and where I found it.

Post #2 – Click here.  Preparing the wool, my favorites threads and background fabric.

Post #3 – Click here.  My method for preparing the wool applique shapes

Post #4 –  Click here.  Preparing the Cotton Appliques and using stabilizers.

Post #5 –  Click here.  My Contact Paper trick.

Post #6 – Click here.  My favorite stitch – The Whipstitch!

Post #7 – Click here.  Progress shots and how to do the French Knots and the Lazy Daisy Stitch

More coming Soon!  June/July and August of 2017