Day 3 of the Minnesota Designer’s Blog Hop

Wow!  What a day yesterday.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and for all the fun comments.  I got to meet so many new quilters, along with hearing from some regulars readers.   In fact there were so many blog hoppers, that we had our busiest day ever on the blog, with a record high number of visitors.  So thanks everyone – you made my day!  I’m happy to see that everyone is so anxious to learn some new techniques and meet some of the designers in Minnesota.  I will announce the winners of the Little Charmers patterns after the Blog Hop, so stop back then to see if you are the winner.  I know some of you were concerned when your comments didn’t pop up right away.  As a first time commenter on my blog, you comment is held until I approve you.  Once you are approved, you can comment anytime and it will show up right away.  I have been trying to keep up with approving all the new commenters, so those that commented yesterday, should all be up now and entered into the drawings for prizes.  I also had 2 or 3 people that weren’t able to download the free pattern.  If you had trouble with it, just e-mail me at, and I’ll try sending you a copy a different way.  You can also send any pictures of your finished Charmed wall quilt to that address, so I can see your show-and-tell.  You know how I love color options!


Now, as part of day three, you must go over and visit Celine.  She is the featured designer today.  Her blog has a tutorial on half-square triangles, and will give you some hints on the math behind this block.   Again, be sure to leave a comment on Celine’s blog to be entered into the drawing for the Blog Hop prizes.  Happy Blog Hopping and see you again tomorrow!



(Scroll down to yesterday’s post for a free copy of this pattern)

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42 Responses to Day 3 of the Minnesota Designer’s Blog Hop

  1. laurie says:

    Thanks again Heather for such a sweet pattern! I’m looking forward to making this sometime next week! I’ll send along a picture when I’m done 🙂

  2. Marilynn says:

    Love the pictures by the lake! Wishing I had that view!

  3. Cindy Horan says:

    Great pattern! I am a little behind but will start visiting the various blogs from today onward!
    Great idea!
    I have your “Little Charmer” patterns and love them. I especially like the different shapes!
    Have a great day!

  4. what a great idea. enjoy your books and patterns…..carry many of them in my quilt shop….have a good day and blog hop….patti

  5. JoAnn W says:

    What a great blog! Thanks for inviting us in, and a special thank you for the pattern…this is first on my to-do list and is perfect for my dining area.

  6. gwendie says:

    Even when I don’t comment, I read your blog faithfully. You are a fantastic writer! I loved the anniversary story featuring your DH’s dog. And I’ve been following the story about your home. You just make me laugh!

    And I like your patterns – you make them easy.

  7. bscotland says:

    My very first try at any Blog! I loved the wallhanging. Just beautiful!! I hope to create one soon. You have inspired a quilter in PA!!

  8. Jocelyn says:

    It has been such fun doing the blog hop. I read your blog faithfully, but some of the other designers are new to me. Thanks for participating.

  9. Kathy Alaniz says:

    gorgeous! Thank you for the pattern.

  10. bscotland says:

    Please email the pattern for the charm wallhanging – my computer dumps me off each time I click the “Charm” spot.

    • bscotland says:

      Thanks for the email pattern. It’s going to be wonderful to start a new project. This one really looks cute! Thanks again.

  11. Debi says:

    Oh, I absolutely love the wall hanging. I am an appliquer at heart and will put this on my list of to do’s!!!

  12. Phyl says:

    Love the wall hanging. It is a must do. Thank you. Phyl

  13. Deb says:

    I think this blog hop is a great idea! It’s always fun to learn more about the designers or hear what they’re working on. Loved the new pattern you posted too–thanks.

  14. Diane Cannon says:

    I did try again tonight to download your pattern–but I have a “mean” computer at times–on the look out for a new one–anyways I will email you for it soon–thanks for the cute pictures and have a great day–hugs, just, Di

  15. Pat Thomas says:

    perfect pattern for a quick summer wall hanging or throw. I’m always looking for something quick these hot day and this is perfect. I really liked the use of the color red. Thanks for participation in this blog hop. Pat Thomas

  16. Nancy Doering says:

    Love the colors in you table runner. Thanks for the pattern.


  17. Sherry says:

    Great pattern! I’m enjoying the blogs.

  18. Sue Anderson says:

    Hi Heather,

    I love your pattern and your writing. I think it was in 2006 that 4 of us gals from the Glenwood/Starbuck area came for your quarterly meetings at New London. We made 4 seasonal table runners. We always enjoyed hearing about your new creations! Keep up the wonderful work! Sue

  19. nancy says:

    Cool. I love to do applique. Thanks

  20. Page says:

    Thanks, I ‘ve been wanting to do this so thank you for the referral. I’m hopping! ~Page

  21. Deb says:

    Your patterns are great and I can’t wait to purchase Little Charmers 6!

  22. sue says:

    Heather, that sunset gives me real envy!! it is a beauty, You are so Blessed!!

  23. Martha Robinson says:

    Great pattern. Thanks for making it available.

  24. Mary says:

    I love your patterns, I’ve been a follower of yours since your first book. Have made many of your patterns. Thanks so much. Your little flower is adorable!

  25. Gail I says:

    I am a little late getting started but I am sure glad I made it!! Your quilt pattern is adorable. I can’t wait to get started on the quilt. Thank you for sharing.
    Gail in MA

  26. ulla says:

    Thank yoi
    This baset with flower is really tough and perfect for our home.

  27. Dawn Smith says:

    This is so generous of you all, and such a great idea to share with everyone. Love the colours you have used in your design.

  28. Emmy says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern. Love the colors and it is neat seeing it in pictured in an alternate color as well.

  29. Karen R. says:

    Really liking these patterns. They’re like a breath of fresh spring color and look so fun to put together. great for gifts too. K.

  30. Becky Gerlock says:

    Thank you for the great pattern. No I have my weekend project.
    Thanks again

  31. Rhonda Daniel says:

    Heather you are as cute as your patterns. I have patterns and books of yours that I just love.And the pattern you gave us I can’t wait to do. It is way to cute. 🙂
    Rhonda in ND

  32. nzlstar says:

    oh, i’m so late here. i forgot this was going. i’ve been distracted lately with the loss of my son in march. 😦 i’ve been playing with my hexagon templates the past couple of days and i love your tablerunners, specially the one in red/black. i’m off now to check the first few days of this. also some more on your blogsite. thanks for all the designers for doing this. finding new places and things about quilting is much help to me thru all this.

  33. Lori Martindale says:

    LOVE this blog idea. It’s really fun to learn about designers, shops, fabric lines, patterns. Thanks! Lori

  34. Lynn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the awesome pattern. I have the perfect spot already picked out where I will put it when I’m done. Your chose of colors is always so refreshing.

  35. Lisa E. says:

    I love your designs. They’re simple, but innovative.

  36. Joyce Valley says:

    As usual, you little pattern takes my eye. It is fun blogging through these sites.

  37. Siv says:

    Thank you for the lovely pattern.

  38. Maureen says:

    I’ve printed your pattern and I’ll get started on it this week. I have several of your paterns and have enjoyed them all. Your tips and pictures are helpful too. thank you.

  39. Lynda says:

    This will make a nice gift! Thank you

  40. Jean says:

    I am loving seeing all your designs!

  41. Mary Anne says:

    I happened upon the Blog Hop just today – thanks for the pattern!

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