Too Cute

With quilt market only two weeks away, it’s been a whirl wind around here.  The patterns are almost done and I hope to get the booth planned out Monday.  What a relief that will be!  I plan to show the new patterns next week, so stop back for a chance to win a copy.

In the meantime, I did take a couple of hours off work to squeeze in some family time.  One of my nephews celebrates his first birthday this weekend.

As is tradition in the family, my Mom makes a birthday quilt for each kid.

Each present block has a number on it.  Every year the quilt is brought to the party and everyone at the party signs the block that corresponds with the age of the birthday boy.  It’s a great way to add to specialness of that day, and the quilt becomes more than just a quilt  –  It’s a memory quilt to remind them of special days from the past.

We ordered the fabric here – and you can find the pattern here.  It’s one that Mom and I designed together and has  a few options to choose from.

The other big gift of the day was this –

The two brothers are sharing this gift.  They loved it – of course.  Apparently two-year old boys come with the software for driving pre-installed, because Gavin was driving like he had been doing it for years, with only a couple near misses.  By the end of the afternoon he was braking, backing up and waving like a pro, while giving three other kids a ride.  Who says guys can’t multi-task?

After the party, my niece and I borrowed the neighbor’s flower garden to take pictures of the new skirt Grandma Deb had made her out of our Sanibel line.


The fabric works really well for kids clothes, so a few more skirts are now in the works.  I’ll show them when they are done, but in the meantime, here’s one more shot filled with Bella-tulipy-Sanibel goodness!

Have a great weekend!  Snow is predicted here – can you believe it?  Hopefully it won’t last long.

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18 Responses to Too Cute

  1. Giggles says:

    I love the birthday quilt idea. What a neat tradition.

    And that skirt is super cute!

  2. Kris says:

    Wonderful!! Love the cake too!!!

  3. Irma M. says:

    I just absolutely love the birthday quilt. Do you just use some sort of permanent fabric marker?

  4. Linda says:

    What a wonderful day for the little ones–everything from the amazing cake to the quilt—what a special family you all are together……the little skirt is CUTE times ten……..

  5. Liked the cake but that quilt is just fab…such a good idea and a real keepsake.

  6. Cute kids, cake and quilt! I love all of the bright colors. Your photos are always beautiful. Good luck at Market!

  7. Leslie Schmidt says:

    That fabric is perfect for the quilt, and what a neat idea! The kids are so adorable. The fabrics were so sweet and fresh, just like your niece. Great family, and you’re lucky to all be living so close together.

  8. Jennifer says:

    All great pictures, but I really love those skirts!

  9. Love the birthday quilt. Your new fabrics are wonderful and it does make a great skirt.

  10. Ruthie says:

    What a cute quilt pattern!

  11. Sherri says:

    Love the birthday quilt idea…and yes…your new line is terrific for clothing!

  12. Chris says:

    Love that birthday quilt!

  13. Linda P. says:

    Thank you for sharing so much of your family – I always enjoy seeing the kids!! Love the idea of the birthday quilt! Good luck at market, Im sure you’ll do great and everyone will want your patterns and fabric lines!
    Was pretty cold here this morning too, brrr!

  14. Lisa says:

    I love the birthday quilt idea! Oh!!! and your children are precious! Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Nicole says:

    I always say you have the cutest kids in your family! What a sweetie the birthday boy is. I love your mom’s idea of the birthday quilt. Brilliant. Good luck at market. Have a safe and fun trip!

  16. Julie says:

    The birthday quilt is a wonderful keepsake. I would like to order the pattern but I am not having any luck finding it. I did try the link for the pattern. I did not find it at the Fat Quarter Shop website. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I would love ot make it for my grandson’s first birthday which is in October. Thank you any assistance that you can provide for me.

  17. Lydia says:

    Oh, that skirt is really pretty! Love the birthday quilt. Thanks for sharing a bit of your family life.

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