Knitting Update

We are enjoying the last little bits of fall here in Minnesota.


The only leaves left with some color are the ones on my table.  The rest have all fallen and we are awaiting snow this week.  It seems early to me, but then again, the Christmas decorations will probably  come out next weekend.  Can you believe that?

There is something about the change in seasons and the cold weather that makes me even more obsessed with knitting.  I love picking out all the projects I plan to make over the winter months – though I may not get them all done!

I have two finished projects to share today.  It started with me wanting to make this pattern – the Flyaway Hoodie by Joji Locatelli.

I ordered the yarn – one of my favorites – Madelinetosh DK.  It’s a hand-dyed yarn, so there is always some variation.  But when the yarn came, I wasn’t happy with the variations between the skeins.  3 were brighter blue and 3 were a duller blue.   I ordered 3 more skeins, telling the company to match the picture on the website.  They came and were a good enough match to 3 of the skeins to move forward with my sweater.  I started the hoodie, but in the end, didn’t have enough yarn for long sleeves or the hood.


I was disappointed that it’s not a hoodie, but it is soft and comfortable.  On the positive side, without the hood you see the cables on the back much better.


There is even a little cable on the sleeve.


My leftover yarn became this project for Carter.  You can see the difference in the yarn colors –

DSC_8573 adj

The pattern is called “A Little Spare Time” by Terri Kruse.

DSC_8613 adj

I have to say that I like his sweater better than mine!


It’s a very simple design, but I love the raglan sleeves, the collar and the giant button.

DSC_8619 crop

And what could be better than this blue-eyed boy in a cuddly blue sweater.


It was really hard getting him to sit still for pictures.  Most of them look more like this.  Cute, but they don’t show off the sweater!


Here’s the flat (and still) shot, so you can see the details.


I would recommend both the pattern and yarn.  I should have made the sleeves a little longer, otherwise I didn’t change a thing.  You can find my Ravelry links here and here.

I am working on a couple of quilting posts, so I’ll be back with those soon!

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17 Responses to Knitting Update

  1. Patty F says:

    I think your sweater is beautiful and it looks great on you! I wish, here in Arizona, that our sweater season was a bit longer than the 3 months that it usually is (I’m not complaining though). And I don’t know which is cuter… Carter, or his sweater, or Carter in his sweater. I think it is the latter!!
    Enjoy the last days of autumn and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Jean says:

    I like both yours and Carter’s sweaters. I gave up knitting for myself when the Icelandic sweater turned out too small. Carter is changing so fast; what a beautiful head of hair too!

  3. treadlemusic says:

    Both sweaters turned out beautifully. Although I am totally ‘hooked’ on hoodies, I think your version will be more versatile! After all, you can only layer so many hoodies til the pile of hoods on your back look a bit ridiculous!!!! Your “little man” is so grown up!!!! Wa-a-a-ah! 😉 Hugs……. p.s. no snow in this corner of MN (West of LaCrosse) at the moment!!!

  4. Susan P says:

    Carter is just too cute!

  5. Kim says:

    Both sweaters are beautiful. You are so talented! Those blue eyes of Carter’s really pop in his new sweater.

  6. Karen Lange says:

    Your sweater is very pretty on you! I do love the colors. You must be disappointed that there was not enough yarn to make the hoodie and long sleeves! But, in the end, Carter has his own new sweater (which is SO adorable)!

    Looking forward to seeing your recent quilts.


  7. Julie Delaney says:

    He is so darn cute!! What a ham😜, love the sweaters, am looking for the right yarn to try another sweater, they seem to either be too big or too small. Guess I better check gauge huh?

  8. Ruth B says:

    Beautiful sweaters and sweet, sweet boy!!

  9. Janet Adair says:

    You have got it going! You have mastered so many things and Carter is the best! He is a beautiful child. Don’t you wish he were twins?

  10. Leona Rego says:

    I really prefer your version of the cardigan, and your little boys sweater is so nice! Have a grandson I think needs a new sweater…

  11. Claudia Voorhees says:

    I like the cardigan YOU made….I love short sleeved sweaters. And Carter’s is just darling too !…..(as he is darling too!)

  12. Marsha Nelson says:

    Beautiful sweater in my favorite color. Carter is so cute. Love the collar.

  13. Linda P says:

    Beautiful knitted projects, and I must say Carter is adorable!! He sure makes a super model!!

  14. Pat F says:

    Beautiful sweaters for all of you! What is that toy he is sitting on? Is it from a catalog or local store? My grandson would love it too!

    • It’s from Toys R Us. It was a Christmas gift from my parents last year, so I’m not sure if they still have it in stock. It’s worth a try thought to see if they still have it!

      • Pat F says:

        Thank you very much for this information, Heather. I will go to my local Toys R US to find one.
        Thanks, also, for sharing your amazing quilting and knitting skills with us here in blog land!!

  15. ColleenM says:

    Carter gets cuter every time you post pictures. He looks like the kind of rough little boy that loves to be hugged and tickle-wrestled with!! I loved that age with my boys, now 19 and 18. Time really does FLY by, enjoy it.

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