On The Run

Finally!!!!!  I can show you what I’ve been working on for the last few months.  My new book “On the Run” is finished.  It arrived Monday, but I haven’t had time to share until today.  The book contains a collection of 12 runners, designed for today’s busy quilter, all using your favorite precuts.  I was trying to fill a lot of “needs” with this book.  First of all, my last table runner book “Table Graces” is now out of print and I needed something to fill it’s place.  Second, I wanted something that quilters could start and finish in an evening or a Saturday.  Everyone is always so busy – running here and there and still trying to fit in some time to sew.  I wanted to create projects for these “On the Run” quilters that they could finish quickly.  It’s always so fun to have something to show for those little bits of free time!  Lastly, I wanted to use precuts for these small projects.  It’s a great way to use up odds and ends and save time on cutting.  You could also purchase a new precut pack , such as a Jelly Roll, but keep in mind that you will be able to get several runners out of that one pack.  Of course, you can always use up your stash if you don’t have precuts! 

Here’s the cover –  I love the bright, cheery colors.

On The Run 300dpi

On the Run Cover

The cover quilt is called Sweet Escape and features Charm squares.  The fabric line is Santorini by Lila Tueller.   (I loved this fabric line and now have added a Layer Cake to my stash as well!)
The next runner is called Sticks and Stones and features  the fabric line Simple Abundance by Bonnie and Camille   –  (Hi gals – nice fabrics!)
Precut used:  Jelly Rolls



Party Time Runner

Fabric used:  Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson ~ Precut used:  Charm Squares or Layer Cakes.



Patchwork Mosaic – learn a simple technique for making hexagons without set in seams.  

Perfect for charm packs!

Featuring Mill House by Fig Tree Quilts and Simple Abundance (again)



Simple Blooms

Featuring Eva by Basic Grey ~ Precut used:  Jelly Rolls

(This picture was taken at Glacier National park in Montana.  I thought the wildflowers there were just stunning!)



If you prefer not to do applique, try the runner without!



The Ripple Effect (Also shot at Glacier National Park)

Featuring Andalucia by Patty Young and Sultry by Basic Grey

Perfect for Honey Buns.  (Save your leftover to make the next runner)-



Baby Boxes

Featuring Sultry by Basic Grey ~ Precut used:  Honey Buns or Charm Squares



Fresh Blooms

Featuring one of my favorite fabric lines this year – Hushabye by Tula Pink

Precut Used:  Layer Cakes


You could also choose to do with runner without applique.  This option uses just 4 fat quarters instead of layer cakes.



The book also features 4 seasonal toppers –

Spring:   featuring Authentic by Sweetwater

Precut used:  Charms or Layer Cakes



Summe:   featuring Rouenneries by French General

Precut used:  Charms or Layer Cakes



Fall:  featuring Essence by Sandy Gervais



Winter: featuring Crazy Eight, also by Sandy Gervais ~ works well with Charms or Jelly Roll scraps


All of the toppers have an inside point that you have to bind – so remember this post for help with that.


So that’s everything in the book!!!  My hope is that you will find many different projects from this book that you would like to make (not just one or two!)  One of my other thoughts for this book is that it would be perfect for a runner of the month club.  I’m hoping that friends will get together and meet every month to make a runner or ask their favorite quilt shop to host the event for them.  If once a month is too much commitment for you, a quarterly seasonal topper club could also be a fun option. 


To celebrate, I’m going to give away 5 copies of the new book.  To be entered to win, just leave a comment.  I’ve like to hear which project you would start first if you won. 

Check back next week to see who the winners are!

This contest is now closed – Sept 26, 2009




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350 Responses to On The Run

  1. Cat Wilson says:

    I love Ripple Effect…..I can see so many variations in my head, just based upon my stash (not to mention all the new stuff out there)!!! Can it really be almost Market again…seems like it was just yesterday, I haven’t gotten any of my spring market projects finished yet!!!

  2. Erin says:

    Love the patchwork mosaic! But they are all beautiful!

  3. Lynda Green says:

    Would start with summer — just ordered the fabrics. However, each one would grace any table.

  4. I think I would make the cover pattern, sweet escape first but they are all wonderful!

  5. ~Michelle~ says:

    The Ripple Effect – I’m hoping you have an easy piecing technique there that could be adapted to a larger quilt!

  6. mariajhmom says:

    You are amazing, as is your photography. I can’t start anything yet. I have to finish sorting yarn and clean my sewing room. Yuck!

    Monthly quilt club…now that’s an idea!

  7. Love the new book! Can’t wait to try the ripple effects tablerunner.

  8. Robin says:

    I love the Simple Blooms runner! All of these would make great gifts. I needed ideas for co-worker gifts and hope to make several. Thanks!

  9. Nancy says:

    Baby Boxes…Simple Blooms…Sticks and Stones…hmm. I guess I’d cut them all out first! Can’t wait!

  10. Amy says:

    I love your runners – so pretty. I’d love to make some!

  11. RC says:

    I love the ripple quilt! Very nice. =)

  12. Michelle R says:

    Love, love, love all the patterns. Am so excited that you have a new book coming out

  13. Miss Giggles says:

    Oh my goodness. Those are gorgeous! I’m moving into a new house and trying to think how to decorate it and can see those being wonderful in our new place.

  14. Ming says:

    I would start with the cover one….Sweet Escape.

  15. Judy says:

    All of the runners are beautiful…just love them. I headed to the Flying Goose for the book!!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Stunning background for your beautiful projects. I think I’d start Fresh Blooms first…maybe even the one without the applique. Congratulations on your new book.

  17. Heather says:

    Wow – they are all gorgeous – I would probably start with one of the toppers as I have some Christmas Moda Prints just waiting to be used – but I think next I would make Simple Blooms.

  18. Victoria says:

    Congrats on finishing the book heather!!
    I can tell you they are fun projects! I got see a few!
    I still love the blooms in that burgundy color and the appliqué leaves. Very nice and great photography! I’m amazed that you do it all. You are one talented lady.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    The projects look wonderful! I don’t even know where I would start!

  20. Dusty says:

    So hard to chose which one to do first! I think I would love to do the seasonal runner starting with spring. All of the runner are really fab. If I don’t win where can I buy the book?

  21. Laurie says:

    What a great collection of projects! Can’t wait to get started ~~~ Think I would either start with Sweet Escape or one of the toppers – and then just work through the book!

  22. Rita says:

    Congratulations on your new book. I would start with the Fall table topper. I love the little pumpkins.

  23. Sara says:

    Which would I start with? That is hard – but, I love those season ones – I love the way they look – and would want all 4 of them…

  24. Kris says:

    I love every one of these. Please enter me in your drawing! I would love to win one of these books!!!

  25. JoAnne says:

    Baby Boxes first, then Simple Blooms. I could make every single one of these runners. Hope I win the book! Thanks.

  26. sheddy says:

    Love the Baby Boxes and the Winter table topper.I’d love the book. Thanks.

  27. Evelyn says:

    Congratulations!! I would definitely try the Party Time first (maybe a xmas gift or two??), and then the Fresh Blooms. They are all really lovely!

  28. sheddy says:

    Ooops. Correct email attached

  29. Christine Badger says:

    I would like to know where I can purchase this book locally (Colorado) I love the Party time runner, and Fresh blooms would be the projects I would do first, but I think I would have to make one of each!!

  30. Linda says:

    Sticks and Stones really grabbed me but I think I could make all of them and be really happy! I love to make table runners because I can accomplish something in a relatively short time period.

  31. Marj says:

    I would start with the Sweet Escape and probably then work my way through the book one a month. They are all lovely. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  32. Deb says:

    I think I would do the Ripple Effect because I have a honey bun and have been wondering what to use it for! I recently purchased your Stop, Drop, and Roll book and know that this new one would be great, too. I’d love to win it!

  33. scrappylady says:

    Heather, I really LOVE all of them! You always pick the best fabric collections to make them out of! I would start with the Fall runner first, though. I LOVE Sandys newest line. Your idea of a runner a month is perfect! ( 2 of my kids are new home owners and would be thrilled to get a nice collection of runners for Christmes this year! I can make something new for each month of the year for them! Looks like I better hurry and get started! ) Congrats on the new book, you just keep outdoing yourself!

  34. Stacey says:

    man, what i would make if i won, that is a hard one as they are all so pretty, i do like the summer top, but all of them are nice, thanks for the chance and great job!!!

  35. Ellen Easter says:

    Oh where to start with a favourite – there are sooo many. Would I start with Part Time Runner (such great colors for an Aussie summer or would it be Patchwork Mosaic (I am a hexagon addict) no it would have to be Spring topper – just love the design and I have the Authenic fat quarter bundle just waiting for the right design – This is it.


  36. I’m a beginner, so the Simple Blooms runner is a **perfect** first project from this book. I’m already envisioning that with some leftover jelly roll strips I have! LOL!

    WOW, my mouth is agape… I love all the runners… and your photos are simply yummy! (and I’m not just saying that to win a prize). Honest.

  37. This book looks like it is another winner. I love Sweet Escape but if I had the book now I would make the Christmas/Winter one. I’ve tried your corner binding and it is easy so I no longer scared of those inside points. But really I would like to make them all – great idea for a monthly project.

  38. Theresa says:

    Wow, deciding which one to make would be so hard – they are all gorgeous. I think I would start with the Party Time runner and then make Sticks and Stones.

  39. Lisa A says:

    Ooooo! They are all beautiful! Congrats on the new book!

  40. Lotta says:

    Hi, Love all the runners you have made! I don’t think I can pick favorite. I hope to win your book,
    Lotta in Sweden

  41. Dee says:

    I would love to make baby boxes, but all of the runners are SO pretty! I’ve never made one, but liked the idea of doing a table runner of the month. I think I’ll bring it up at my next quilt bee meeting!

  42. Becky says:

    Beautiful! Tough decision but I think I would start with Patchwork Mosaic.

  43. Kimberly Nielsen says:

    Love, love LOVE the new book! I would have to say that I would like to start Fresh Blooms quickly followed by a few others!

  44. Sara says:

    I absolutely love your new patterns. I would definitely try the seasonal runners first.

  45. Annie Davis says:

    Are you kidding? A favorite? I love them all! If I had to pick one to start with, though, it would probably by Simple Blooms.

    Heather – this book is awesome and I LOVE the runner of the month club idea!

    Congratulations on such a wonderful book!

  46. mngirltx says:

    What great runners! I especially like the one on the cover – Sweet Escape. I also love your table toppers. The colors in the Spring one are gorgeous.

  47. Abby Reed says:

    Patchwork Mosaic, Fresh Blooms, Ripple Effect

    I would love to make these for Christmas gifts – beautiful yet manageable to make for all the ladies on my list (6).

    Congrats on the new book, the pics are gorgeous!

  48. Karen Notley says:

    Which one would I start first you ask. Well it maybe Patchwork Mosaic and Fresh Blooms but really it would probably invovle quite some deliberation as I could change my mind inbetween as there are so many great offerings. No set in seams you say – I say Yey! Congratulations on the book!! It looks fantastic.

  49. Janet Hobbs says:

    Love this book. I will suggest the idea of a runner of the month to the store I teach at.

  50. Claudia says:

    I would start with the seasonal toppers. I think those would be great.

  51. Wendy P says:

    I would make Baby Boxes, because I have quite a few scraps of Simple Abundance left from a jelly roll and that would be cute. To match the quilt I made from the rest of the jelly roll.

    Thanks for the tutorial on inside corner binding too!

  52. Randee says:

    Great book! I would start with Patchwork Mosaic and then move on to the 4 seasonal table toppers.

  53. Lindsey says:

    Finally, a book with more than just a couple of patterns to choose from. I love them all, but would start with Baby blocks, Patchwork Mosaic. Thanks for the contest, ooh I hope win!

  54. Great table runners, beautiful pictures. It would be difficult to decide between the seasonal table toppers or Sticks and Stones.

  55. Margaret says:

    Beautiful!! I’m a hexie lover so i would definitely go for the hexagons first. 😀 Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Barb Colvin says:

    Awesome job, Heather! I’d start with Simple Blooms or Baby Boxes.

  57. Peggy says:

    Oh my, I think I’m in love with the book…I NEED it NOW!!!
    I love “FALL” and I think it’s because of the shape, the cute punkins and also because there are sunflowers in the picture.
    I hope if I don’t win that I’ll be able to get a copy of the book soon…
    Peggy in NJ

  58. Jean says:

    I absolutely love your new book. I would start the Fall Runner. I love the pumpkins and the checkerboard in the center.
    Thanks for all the good tips and for designing such great patterns!

  59. Jane says:

    I would definitely do one of the seasonal table toppers. Congratulations on the new book. How wonderful to be so creative and successful as you are!

  60. Rebecca Woods says:

    Love the new book Heather. I would have a really hard time deciding which one to make first but I do like the seasonal ones. I think I will start collecting some of the fabrics for this one for sure. I dont have any table runners and I keep picturing them all over my house. 🙂

  61. Patty says:

    Love the seasonal toppers. What a beautiful book with great ideas and fabulous use of all the wonderful new fabric lines!

  62. I love all the runners in your new book!! I’d make Party Time first I think… it’s so happy and fun looking! Then onto Sweet Escape and Sticks and Stones… oh the possibilities are endless!

  63. Sinta says:

    #1 would be Patchwork Mosaic. It’s a must do!
    next would be “Spring” tabletopper with the Sweetwater collection. I have been trying to think of a clever way to use that group:)

  64. Tammy says:

    I love them all – I want to make them all. I love, love, love your patterns and have so many of them, if I don’t win this new book, I’m gonna beg my quilt shop to get it in ASAP so I can buy it and drool over it and make them ALL!! If I do win the book, I’ll take it to my fav shop so they can drool and order it because it’s soooooo cool.

  65. Jenny says:

    Wow, that looks like a great selection. I think I would start on Ripple Effect and Baby Boxes would be a close second. I love that you use precuts, I have some and never know what to do with them! Table runners are great! Thanks for the chance at your book!
    krousegirl2 at aol dot com

  66. Michelle C says:

    Congratulations on the new book! I would start with baby boxes. I’ve always liked that pattern and I love making miniatures, so it’s a perfect combination! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  67. Tressa says:

    Oh I think I would have to do the Ripple Effect first. I love that the book has a lot of different toppers that are quick to put together. It might make me get my kitchen looking like it belongs to me and not the previous owners.

  68. Mary T says:

    I love the table runners, just perfect for gifts for my 5 sisters.

  69. Brina says:

    Im so excited for a chance to win this book! I love the idea of only needing a precut charm or jelly roll for an entire project, and I can see wanting to use your patterns to make a doll quilt from !!! I just love the title quilt, On The Run and I think Sticks and Stones would look good with so many different fabric lines! Thanks for the chance!
    blrohloff at aol dot com

  70. Linda T says:

    Very nice projects! I think if I won it would be one of the table toppers I’d do first. I really like the spring one.

    Count me in!

  71. Kathy R says:

    I would start the spring table topper first. I would like to buy the book, but i dont see it on your website. Will you be adding it, or can I call you right away to order it?

  72. Susan says:

    I think I would start with Patchwork Mosaic. I like doing something a little complicated looking and hexagons look like fun! I have made many projects using your patterns – you’re a gifted pattern creator and fabric creator also.

  73. Sequana says:

    I just love those toppers! It’ll be fun to try out that inside point.

  74. Karen says:

    I love the fall one! It’s so now as the leaves are starting to turn and there are leaves covering my front yard. The pumpkins are decorating homes and the pumpkin farms are open!

  75. I’d love to make the Fall tablerunner. Lots of neat projects in your new book.

  76. Heidi says:

    I would start with Baby Boxes but they are all so lovely I could see myself making one of each.

  77. Paige says:

    Tough call, but I think I’d do Baby Boxes or Sweet Escape first!

  78. Fran WiIlliams says:

    I love “Sticks and Stones”. It’s so dramatic and would look just so fantastic as a whole quilt top too!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the book in Australia!

  79. Estrella says:

    Que bonitos todos los proyectos realizados para el nuevo libro. Son todos espectaculares. Lindos lindos

  80. Heather says:

    You are amazing! I love your patterns 🙂 I think I’d start with Fresh Blooms minus the applique, I love the X’s on it. The fabrics you used on all of them are gorgeous.

  81. FANTASTIC! Perfect for gifts and inspiration. LOve them all.

  82. Mary Flynn says:

    Oh wow did you catch me off guard with all these and now you want me to choose just one. I had to go back for not only a 2nd scoll through but 3rd to make a decision…I’m stumped. But my heart skips an extra beat for the seasonal tops and the summer one!

  83. Junglewife says:

    Gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to make some table runners lately! I think I’d start with the Party Time runner 🙂

  84. NiCoLe says:

    I would start with the baby boxes runner. congrats on your book!

  85. QuiltNut says:

    congrats on the book!

    i love the simple blooms with the applique, so pretty!

  86. Julie in WA says:

    I love the summer table topper. (Of course, anything made in the Rouenneries fabric line will be amazing!) The center piece of the summer topper just caught my eye and I want to see it closer up!

    If I made one, though, the first I would do is the baby boxes. So appealing!

  87. karen C says:

    Instead of making a table runner to suit the table i think l’ll make all of these table runners and then select our new table to match. Lvoe your patterns.

  88. Coni says:

    I’ve only looked at the pictures a dozen times! I love everyone of the table toppers, and I already know that if I’m not lucky enough to be chosen as a winner, it will be on my list to buy as soon as it’s available. I love the fabrics used for each one–perfectly sets off the design! Why choose something else when you’ve done it so beautifully? I’ll be buying the fabrics, too! Thanks for another incredible book of patterns! I am a true fan!

  89. OHHHHHH!!! they are all so beautiful.! I love your designs and cant wait to get started on some of these new projects.

  90. Kate says:

    Very nice! I love Patchwork Mosaic; I’ve never worked with hexagons so I’d love to give it a go 🙂

  91. rachel says:

    oooohhhh SO pretty.

  92. Christy says:

    Where to begin – I love Baby Boxes and Ripple Effects. Thank you for putting this book together – I will definitely be getting it for my library (unless I win it first!). 🙂

  93. Kelly says:

    I love the runners! What great projects for those long winter evenings!

  94. Carol says:

    Love your blog you are so very talented. Please enter me into your giveaway. I would love to try the Fresh Blooms runner. Take care Carol

  95. Tracy says:

    Love all the projects! I may even try applique with this book!

  96. Emily N says:

    Beautiful! I’ve been admiring your patterns for a long time.

  97. Karen says:

    Very fun, Heather. I’d try the Fall/pumpkin topper!

  98. Kare in OH says:

    My first choice is the Patchwork Mosaic without the set in seams and also the Sweet Escape!

  99. Jane says:

    Oh my, I would love to make the fall table topper!! Thank you for the chance

  100. Mary says:

    Heather, your designs are all incredible! I love table runners because you can sew them up so quickly. I LOVE fresh blooms and party time. This book is a must have for my library, along with all of your other books I already own!

  101. dianne says:

    my favorite runner is Party Time, but i love the Spring topper, too

  102. Melissa says:

    I like Sweet Escape best!

  103. Erika says:

    Wow those projects are all very beautiful, my favorite thing to make is tablerunners and you have made my day today. Looking forward go get a copy of it

  104. Dica Lutz says:

    I would probably start with the runner that has not applique. Also like the ripple ones.Truly enjoy your web site try and check every other day. I love to quilt and sew. I just keep looking for more time to quilt.

  105. Jocelyn says:

    Oh wow! I love them all. But I think I would start with Fresh Blooms. So cheery 🙂

  106. hannah says:

    I’m liking the red ripple quitl!

  107. Darlene B says:

    It’s incredibly hard to choose – the possibilities are endless! The first one that really struck me was sticks and stones. I also like the party time runner – it’s just so much fun! I always love all your projects – you have such a gift for color!

  108. Ruthie says:

    They are all absolutely wonderful but I love the cover, sweet escape.

  109. Dolores says:

    It would definitely be hard to choose which one to do first. They are all so wonderful. Congratulations!

  110. Robin says:

    I love everything!! I would have to start with the fall tabletopper first…I just LOVE those apples!!

  111. Sandy says:

    I love your new book. The table runners look beautiful, yet quick and somewhat easy. Christmas is coming and they may be just what I need. Love your patterns.

  112. Sarah G. says:

    They’re all so beautiful! I especially like the first one, Sweet Escape. 🙂

  113. shauna says:

    Your new book looks wonderful. Great patterns that look like they really could be pieced in an evening … and your color choices, perfect!

  114. Cindi P. says:

    I would make the winter table topper…or maybe the spring one :)…okey any of the seasonal ones

  115. Susan says:

    What fun! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book. Love the Baby Boxes and Sweet Escape.

  116. Denise says:

    All the runners are great but the seasonal toppers really caught my attention. Loved the fall one the best. Maybe because here in CT it is really beginning to feel like fall today.

  117. Beverly says:

    Ooh … so beautiful! I think Spring would be the first … then Summer … Fall & winter would then of course have to follow!

  118. A Betty says:

    I like baby boxes and ripple effect the best, but the sticks and stones looks like the most fun to make. Your pictures are gorgeous!!

  119. Nancy E says:

    I would start with Sweetwater-pumpkins, and than do the Sweetwater-Christmas one. I want to make Sticks & Stones, too. Oh, I just like all the runners.

  120. Cindy says:

    They’re all beautiful! I’d get right to that Fall one though!

  121. Kristine says:

    All of the table runners/toppers are gorgeous. My favorite has to be the Party Time Runner. Love, love the pinwheel design and cheery colors!

  122. I love all of them, but it would probably be “Summer”. I want to try the inside corners. I hope to win a copy of your book! Thanks for the great give away!

  123. Nancy E says:

    I would start with Sweetwater-pumpkins, then do Sweetwater-Christmas. I want to make Sticks & Stones, too. Oh, I just want to make them all.

  124. Jennifer says:

    Wow – great runners and hard question! I would probably start the fall or winter seasonal first, and I especially love Sandy Gervais, so would look to do one in her fabric.

  125. Marisa says:

    Beautiful! I would start either the Ripple Effect or the Spring topper. Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. Alice Isenbart says:

    Heather, All the runners are just wonderful. Although I love Sweet Escape, I think i would try the Simple Blooms (without applique) first. I love the simplicity of the pattern. Quilting small feathers on the diagonal suited the pattern perfectly! Ideal as a quick gift. Congrats on finishing your book!

  127. Casey says:

    I would totally try out the Fresh Bloom one first!! I love that one

  128. Kelli says:

    Ooooh, I really like Patchwork Mosaic. I’ve always wanted to try to make something with hexagons, and a table runner would be a perfect first project with them.

  129. Mandy says:

    Oh my goodness! Those are the most amazing toppers and runners I’ve ever seen. I’ve been needing a new piano runner but didn’t know what to make. I’ve got to have your book!
    Simple blooms I think would be a good one to start with then I would make the summer topper.

  130. deloyce says:

    Oh, I like so many of them….. but sticks and stones really gets my mind running with ideas!

  131. Anna says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful package that arrived at my home this week from your last giveaway. I loved the charm packs and I was overwhelmed with seeing all your lovely patterns.
    What a generous giveaway prize. Thank you so very much.

    I have posted a comment about the prize on my current post at http://quiltmomsjourney.blogspot.com/
    Your new book looks fantastic- I really like the apple design and the one on your cover of your book.
    Somebody is going to be thrilled to win your new book.- could I be that lucky again :O)?
    Warmest regards,

  132. Spring would be my first choice. Wait. Simple Blooms. No, wait. Baby Boxes. Yes, Baby Boxes. Well…

    Honestly, if I don’t win (which I am hoping I REALLY DO WIN!) I will be buying the book as soon as it is available!!!

  133. Jana says:

    Love them all! I think I would do the fall seasonal topper first followed shortly thereafter by the Christmas one.

  134. Alyson says:

    Simple blooms is the one I want to make first! Beautiful patterns! What a fun book, I’d love to win but I’ll buy one anyway. 🙂 Thanks!

  135. Barb says:

    I love these table runners! I know that I would do the Fall table square first, followed by either Baby Boxes or Sweet Escape. Maybe I missed it but when will this book be available in the shops?
    I love all of your work! Your quilts are just fabulous and I would love to win the book! Thanks.

  136. dot says:

    I love this book! I think I would make the seasonal table toppers first but the are all soooooooooooooooooo awesome!

  137. Diana says:

    I love the one called Baby Boxes, I think it so classic looking, Can’t wait to find the book in my mail box

  138. Tami Challe says:

    Ok , i would hqave to sleep on it – but really like fresh blooms – i noticed u do a lot of that “latticey” work – that looks hard but i have a feeling u have a secret or y\two. then the seasonal table runners specificially the christmas one to maybe get in time for this christmas – i have a tree thta i put on the table and decorations around – it would be great to have a topper for underneath it -its more like a tppoer than a runner – those 4 – so i guess id be busy!!!


  139. Sharon says:

    I love all of them. How does one choose which one to do first?

  140. Christina says:

    Oooooh, pick me! Love those jelly roll patterns!

  141. Peggy says:

    I would love your new book. Your pictures are gorgeous. I live in Montana. I’m so happy you have enjoyed your trips here.

  142. Carmen says:

    Everything is really nice. Isn’t that Crazy 8 and not Merry and bright? 🙂

  143. jo says:

    I think I would make sticks and stones…then see if I would expand it to make a quilt…I think the look would be awesome.

  144. Mary Hickey says:

    I’m into table runners. I love all of them. The winter one would be the first one I would make. If I don’t win. Where can you buy the book? Thank you

  145. Molly says:

    WOW! These patterns are all great, but I’d start with the Sticks and Stones or the Spring Table topper. Thanks for another beautiful book of inspiration!

  146. Ann says:

    Fun new book! Congrats on completing another book!
    Great photography!
    Party Time makes me smile, so I would do that one first!

  147. Kim K. says:

    Everything is so beautiful! I would love to start Patchwork Mosaic! Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. Gretchen says:

    I would start on the Ripple Effect! What a great and different pattern. Thanks for another wonderful book!!!!

  149. Jen says:

    All the patterns are so beautiful (not to mention the fantastic fabric selection and amazing quilting!!!). I love the Sweet Escape pattern but they are all beautiful. Thanks for designing quick patterns that are so stunning…these would make excellent gifts. I can see myself making several of these in Christmas fabrics for gifts.

  150. Susanne says:

    Congrats for having a book out! Just love all you runners…. I’d go for the seasonal tops, starting with Spring, just love the colours.

  151. Anna says:

    Beautiful patterns – great book! Would love to win it!
    I think I would start with Fresh Blooms, with the applique.

  152. Vickie E says:

    I love fall with/ sandy Gervais Essence..absolutely genius. Will you be at market??

  153. Sherri says:

    I can’t believe all of these wonderful runners will be in one book! What a terrific deal! I love the French General…the Authentic..well all of them!

  154. Elin says:

    Baby Boxes …Party Time … The Ripple Effect, can’t decide, I think I’d do Baby boxes first, I love a little appliqué combined with easy piecing and then I’d sew them one by one, every single one them – congratulations with this book, which I’m sure will be a hit! Elin G.

  155. Gitte says:

    I have to get a copy of your book. They are all wonderfull. The one from the cover is my favorite. But I would like to make the four seasonal toppers as well. The idea of being able to finish in a saturday appeals to me.

  156. Janice says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book, as to what i would do first i guess it would be Simple Blooms without the applique but that is because i am still a beginner so with your book i may be able to do better.
    I love table runners & toppers & have some to do for Christmas Gifts so this book would be such a help I am sure that we all would love to win it so Good Luck to Everyone
    Hugs Janice

  157. dolcifusa says:

    They are GORGEUS!
    My favorites are Party Time Runner, Simple Blooms, Fresh Blooms and the seasonal toppers!
    Please, enter me the giveaway.

  158. DianeY says:

    I have never been a huge fan of table runners, but I think you just changed my mind!!! Beautiful!

  159. bevMo says:

    Fall is my favorite! Congratulations on your new book.

  160. anne says:

    I would start with the ripple effect. I love all the runners and would make more than one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  161. Debbie G says:

    There are so many great runners here, it is hard to decide. I think my two favorite are the Spring topper using Authentic (LOVE this fabric line) and the Baby Boxes one. Thanks!

  162. Rachel Hayes says:

    I love them all!! Pick me! Pick me!

  163. rebecca says:

    Fantastic new book! I really love the seasonal toppers.

  164. Mary Burn says:

    Wow, all the patterns are gorgeous. I think I like Winter best. Congrats on the new book. I would really like to win one of them.

  165. Eileen Carnevale says:

    I would love to have this book – I would start with the seasonal runners!

    I love all of the runners! Great book!

    Eileen C

  166. Jolyn says:

    I LOVE them all! This book looks like a winner!

  167. Mary Jo Jones says:

    Party time runner…would love to invite the little angel in the picture to share some treats with me when it is all done…love the brights just like you have done. Darling photo and love the pattern! Good luck on your new book!

  168. Tracy P says:

    I’m really liking this book, when will it be in stores? I think I would do the runner on the cover first, Sweet Escape, or maybe if I would win the book (hint, hint), I would get it soon enough to make the fall tabble topper!

  169. kiki says:

    What a fun book! I can’t wait to add it to my library (hopefully by wining the giveaway, but if not, I’ll for sure purchase it!) I also can’t wait until to come to visit our quilt guild this spring! Yipee!

    The first pattern I would probably do would be the Fresh Bloom pattern.

    Keep up the great work!

  170. patty says:

    Love your new book… I love charm packs and jelly rolls and am always looking for new ideas. Also loved your idea of getting together as a runner a month club! I can imagine doing that with my cousins.

  171. sndy1 says:

    Such a great book. Thanks for the preview. I can’t decide between Fresh Blooms and Simple Blooms for my favorite!

  172. Phyllis says:

    Love your new book…just have to have it!! Hope I win one!! 🙂

  173. Dana says:

    They are all wonderful, but I think I would start with Fall. Maybe I’m just excited for Fall to come! I also really like Sweet Escape. What a great book!

  174. Rebecca Silbaugh says:

    I’m really torn between Sticks and Stones and Boby Boxes, but it was hard to narrow it down to just hose two. Love the pictures and the quilts, just incredible. Can’t wait to see what you think of next!

  175. Liz A. says:

    I don’t know what’s prettier — your table runners or your photographs of them. I especially love the pictures shot in Glacier — one of the prettiest places on Earth in my opinion.

  176. Molly Culley says:

    OH WOW! I love every project, but I would start with the pumpkin topper. Amazing work, and the photography is gorgeous! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Brenda says:

    I love all these patterns. I’ve been looking for ways to use the moda authentic, and now I have a wonderful way! I guess I would make the seasonal topper first or the fresh blooms or the ripple effect…

  178. Sally Morris says:

    Would start with any of the seasonal table toppers.

  179. Robyn says:

    Beautiful and the pictures are stunning too. I would start with Summe (the one using French General fab). I just love the colors.

  180. Marianne C says:

    I wouldn’t have the slightest idea where to start! What a fabulous collection and the fabric choices are amazing. Thanks for giving us all a chance to get our hands on this!

  181. Gert says:

    What a lovely and adorable book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it. And it would be a perfect win for me, ’cause we ordered a new dining table and chairs (it will be delivered within 4 weeks) And of course there has to be a self-made tablerunner on it, so I would go for the Baby Boxes.
    Kind regards from the Netherlands, Gert

  182. Andy says:

    Ooooh – I would do the Fresh Blooms runner, but without the applique. I also love the Sticks and Stones runner. Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. I love them all, but the first I’d do would be “On the Run” for my sister in laws new house for new dinning room table! I will to buy that book if I don’t win. thank you

  184. Meghann Stephens says:

    WOW is all I can say:) I would want to start making all of them at once. This is a great book and thanks for the chance to win it. There are so many variations running through my head.

  185. Amy says:

    Love it. Pick just one are you kidding?!?! It would be between Sticks and Stones and Patchwork Mosaic.

  186. Jackie says:

    Congrats on your new book! I love the one on the cover.

  187. Liz says:

    I love so many of the runners, if I won, I wouldn’t know where to start. You are so talented.

  188. Nichole says:

    Love all of these runners, and your pictures are amazing. You’ve certianly been busy! I love Ripple Effect because I have a few honey buns sitting around and am not sure what to do with them. Congrats on your new book and thanks for the great giveaway!

  189. Lorie Gartman says:

    These are great! I can’t wait to make them!

  190. Tula's Mom says:

    OMG! Love your new book, and the one pattern using Tula Pink’s Hushabye is to die for!! LOL! The book looks awesome, love all the designs.
    Tula’s Mom

  191. Esther says:

    Would start on Sweet Escape first, but loved them all. Great gifts for me to make for Christmas. Hope to WIN this giveaway. Very talented.

  192. Karen Sikes says:

    Beautiful table runners, I would start with Winter….

  193. Wilma says:

    Beautiful table runners, I would start with Spring,Summer,Winter, and Fall all at once lol. I am interested in ordering the book if I don’t win so please let me know how and where I can get one

  194. Lynn Osborne says:

    Heather, I just finished a runner from one of your patterns! I’d love to make another. Thanks for the chance to win!

  195. Jeanne Ann Hartley says:

    Oh, my!!! They are ALL so beautiful! I would definitely start with the Spring Topper to hang on a blank wall in my dining room!!

  196. Patricia says:

    Oh my, you have been busy. They are all beautiful. I guess I would start with Party Time.

  197. Christine says:

    Oh Heather I just love your patterns!!! My favorite is Baby Boxes and since I have the sultry fabric at home I’d be all ready to go!! I also love Ripple Effect – I really like unusual edges.

    I really hope I win, but I know if I don’t I’ll just get it from the Fat Quarter Shop anyway!! Maybe I’ll ask for it for my birthday in November – if I can wait that long! LOL

  198. megan z says:

    I love visiting your blog and try to check every day. Your pictures and entries have such a calming effect. I am so glad you have a blog! I love the latest patterns for table runners – I definitely need to make one as I have none!!! The first one I would start with would be the Simple Blooms with the applique! I LOVE applique!

  199. Elaine says:

    Hard decision which to do first……probably would start with Party Time or Simple Blooms. Great work again, Heather.

  200. Mary-Kay says:

    That’s a hard one. I think I would make the Fresh Blooms or the Baby Boxes. I don’t know what appeals to me, the fabric or the quilt design. Actually I like all the fabrics you have chosen for all the designs. Very nice!

  201. Melissa says:

    I would start either Winter topper, Baby Boxes, Patchwork Mosaic, or Sweet Escape. Might have to start them all. Again, love the fact that you show color options.

  202. Marcy says:

    I love the season table runners but the runner with your niece is so cheerful. I think it is so neat that you use your family in your books/patterns. They are simply precious. Soon they will be wanting to autograph your books. Congratulations to you.

  203. Kay says:

    I love the patterns & can picture so many of the charm packs & jelly rolls I have made up in them. I especially like the Fresh Blooms pattern & will definitely be looking for the book when it comes out.

  204. Diane says:

    The table runners & toppers are all stunning! As are the pictures of Glacier National Park which is just south east of my home. I can hardly wait until your book arrives at my LQS. Baby Boxes caught my eye and will probably be my first project. Thanks again for publishing such wonderful books.

  205. Sharon says:

    I love the Fresh Blooms. I can see so many fabrics that would work wonderful with that pattern – both with and without applique.

  206. Judy Werner says:

    Baby boxes, just something so different & I like to piece, then one of the table toppers. Looks like another Great book! Thanks for all of your work.

  207. carol fun says:

    oh i can’t wait to get this book, it is just what i’ve been looking for — i think the first one i would make is the Patchwork Mosiac — i love hexagon patterns and this would be so pretty on the table in my front foyer — your talent is amazing —

  208. Kim Ellis says:

    Heather . . . just wanted to say hi! I love the new book. My customers have been asking when it would be available. They all want to do the four seasonal table squares. I especially like the photo of the Fall table square! Send a dozen books to the shop to start with! Tell Joel hi for us.

  209. Wendy B says:

    ooooooo, to choose where to start!!?? I’d have to sit down and mull over it all with my very own copy…could you put me into the draw pleeeeease???
    ;o) Wendy B

  210. Mary Durham says:

    I love your new patterns. It’s sure hard to pick which I’d do first, so many of them are calling my name, but let’s go with the Spring table topper.
    Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.

  211. susan says:

    I would do Sweet Escape first. Simple Blooms and Baby Boxes would definitely be next! I love to change table runners oten in our home and they make wonderful gifts too.

  212. Congratulations Heather on the wonderful new book. I think I would start with the seasonal topper in the same fabric you used Authentic!!

  213. Lori Satrom says:

    I’d start with the seasonal toppers–maybe spring since I tend to do more Christmas and fall runners. Several of the projects look like a good afternoon project. And I love your locations for the pictures.


  214. Sandi says:

    This book is wonderful, and I especially like the seasonal table toppers and the the creative applique ideas. As a beginner, your pictures really inspire me. Thanks.

  215. Marilyn says:

    I love the seasonal table toppers. I think I would start with Rouenneries or the Fall topper with the Essence fabric. They are all fabulous! Great book!

  216. Lisa says:

    Wow. I just found your blog and jumped right on to follow. Thank you for the peek at your new book. The patterns are wonderful. Please enter me in your giveaway and thank you!

  217. Mary says:

    Oh I love all your patterns. I am currently finishing one with your “True Blue” pattern. I would have to start with the crazy eight seasonal topper. I love to decorate for the holidays.

  218. Karen says:

    I think I’d definitely make a Baby Boxes. I just love it.

  219. Noela says:

    Simple Blooms or the Spring seasonal runner as it is spring here in Aus. Really love all of them so the book is a must have. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  220. carol broughton says:

    Hi Heather:

    The runners are all GORGEOUS! I must get my hands on your new book! I want to make them all and really appreciate that you have designed them to be quick and easy, instant gratification is the key for me. I think I would start with Baby Blocks. Thank you for being so generous with the give-aways.

  221. QuiltyTrish says:

    Party Time is my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s because of the combination of piecing and applique, or the bright colors … or maybe it’s the precious, little model sitting beside it. 🙂

  222. Alexandra Wellington says:

    OH MY, how cruel of you to make me choose!! I do rather love ripple effect and summer…… but I think all of them should be in my house NOW! Once again you prove to be my favourite designer…….go girl, can I come visit for a few months please?

    Alexandra in Australia xoxo

  223. Polly Monica says:

    OMG!! Your designs are simply delightful and unbelieveably creative! They just make me smile!! Hope I win! I’ve got all your books! Polly

  224. Christine Thomas says:

    Hi Heather. Congratulations on the new book. How much fun is that?! Good thinking for fast and easy projects. I’ve been in Minnesota this week visiting my sister and have been on the lookout for your books. It would be great to find this before I leave. But you may enter me in the drawing to win this one. Thank you.

  225. Lisa says:

    It’s a tie between fresh blooms and the spring seasonal table topper. Love all the patterns!!!

  226. highwaycottage says:

    Congratulations on the book!!!! ‘d make either the Little boxes or Fresh Blooms. Hard to choose which though.

  227. Christine says:

    Fresh Blooms would be my first choice … oh dear another gorgeous book which I will have to add to my collection. You are an amazing designer. I love the quilts in your last post too.

  228. Susan says:

    Heather, I love all the patterns. They will all make great gifts. I would start with Essence. I live in Maine and it is apple season. This is a cute quilt to celebrate the Fall season.

  229. Julia says:

    Hi Heather!
    Congrats on your new book! It is beautiful & once again you’ve outdone yourself!
    Hmmmm…it’s hard to tell which project I’d start first {please ignore that I don’t say “finish”…it seems that I have a little problem with finishing things, *lol*}. I think it would be “The Ripple Effect”. It looks simple to make but yet gorgeous!
    I love your ‘Table Topper Through the Seasons’ approach – and if I had some quilting friends near me I’d definitely start such a club {it was my actually my second thought, even before I read your suggestion ;o)} – oh well, I’d even try to do that with my online friends…!
    Thanks for always so generously sharing,

  230. kim says:

    I think that my favorite is sweet escape but hey are all beautiful!

  231. Julie says:

    I just found your blog and had a very enjoyable time reading the archives. Your designs are all so beautiful it’s hard to choose where to start. I would choose two, fall and the patchwork mosaic. The photography is wonderful. Julie

  232. Claire says:

    I just purchased “Charmed & Dangerous” and am getting ready to start the Crossroads table runner, but now that I’ve seen Sweet Escape I know what my next project will be.

  233. Carolina says:

    I want to start on every topper at once!! Fresh Blooms or Baby Boxes are my absolute favorite!!
    Suddenly I feel a huge NEED for table toppers!! Can you get cravings without beeing pregnant??
    Quilthugs from Carolina in Sweden

  234. treasa says:

    The love the Baby Boxes pattern. All of them are beautiful patterns and fabric choices. Thanks!

  235. Cindy says:

    I see several that are calling my name! I would probably start with Party Time in fall colors. I’m a sucker for applique.

  236. meg99 says:

    I was so impressed by “Patchwork Mosaic”. Both line is my favorite and the simple pattern is great. I’d like to make it of “Old Primrose Inn” for Moda.
    I made some quilts for Fabricmatcher contest of this month. Hope to win,too.

  237. Alana says:

    First up for me would be Sticks and Stones–I love geometrics! Followed immediately by Simple Blooms!

  238. Linda says:

    I would have to toss a coin between Sweet Escape, Party Time and Sticks and Stones. I love them all. A monthly get together would be great fun.
    Of course I would have to finish Oh My Stars from Sizzlin’ Sixties first, but hopefully that will happen today.

  239. Angie/sweetbabies00 says:

    I love all the new projects! If I don’t win, I am going to buy this book in Houston next month! I really like the idea of getting together and doing these. I’ll talk to my LQS. 🙂
    Great job!

  240. KZ says:

    Congrats! The runners are awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

  241. Laurie says:

    What great patterns I would start with either sweet escape or baby boxes or the spring topper I don’t know if I can decide. They are all great.

  242. Kris says:

    I think they are all pretty great but I would start with Fresh Blooms, which would look terrific on my daughter’s dresser! Thanks! kris

  243. Marie Pearson says:

    Heather, you’ve done it again. Creative, beautiful, yet not daunting. I’d start with Party Time. I’m always drawn to bright and cheerful fabrics, and this one has such a nice use of the flower applique. Of course, who could resist the little cupcake cutie? I love your photography, too!

  244. wendy says:

    I love the table toppers! they’d make great gifts

  245. amber says:

    They are beautiful! I’m feeling a little bit greedy, but I can’t resist trying for this book because I love the two other books you sent me from your blogiversary. I look at them every day and have started collecting fabric for the cover quilt on your Stop, Drop and Roll book. All of these runners look gorgeous and I would love to own this book too! Thanks!

  246. Rachel says:

    Gasp! What beautiful projects. I would have to start with Fresh Blooms. I just love that Tula Pink fabric and the sweet appliqued daisies!


  247. Kathy says:

    All those runners and toppers – which one to start with is the question? It would have to be either Simple Blooms (without the applique) or Sweet Escape! I just might be able to convince my once a month Sunday group get together quilters to make a runner or two or three or four from your new wonderful book, On the Run. We all just love your patterns and directions. Thanks Heather for continuing to create.

  248. Shelly says:

    Can’t wait for it’s release! I love table runners for their quickness and their usefulness through out the house. Thanks for keeping me in projects!!

  249. Sharon says:

    I really liked the runners. I would start with sweet escape and then make some of the others throughout the year

  250. Iva says:

    Congratulations on your new book! You have some of the most dazzling and refreshing project ideas; it’s always fun to see what you come up with. *When* I win, I’ll start with Spring. Or maybe Fresh Blooms. Or maybe Sweet Escape.

  251. Darlis says:

    “Party Time” really took my eye, but all of the runners are great.

  252. Sheila says:

    Wonderful book! I wish I could have enjoyed your trunk show when you were in Fergus Falls. Fresh Blooms would be on the top of my list. 🙂

  253. Julia says:

    Oh my goodness! My heart was racing while I was looking at all those beautiful runners in those gorgeous fabric lines!! I just love them!!
    I think my favorite one was the one with the Santorini fabric. They are all beautiful. Congratulations on the new book and I would be thrilled to win one, but since I don’t usually have any luck with that then I’ll just have to look forward to seeing it in the store and buy it!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  254. TerryG says:

    Another beautiful book! I don’t know how you do it. This book will be great for starting (gasp!) Christmas gifts. I LOVE being able to use quick and easy patterns and turn out beautiful quilts. Thank you!

  255. Julie Jacobsen says:

    I really like Fresh Blooms but Sticks & Stones will be the first project I do out of this book. I love your choices of fabrics and the patterns are so unique. I also love to take pictures and really admire those pictures taken in Montana. You really are very talented at seeing the way something will look both in fabrics and in photography.

  256. beth says:

    I love seeing all the different fabric lines in your quilts. I am looking forward to adding this book to the others that I have of yours

  257. Dawn says:

    Without a doubt, my first choice would be Party Time. But it would be closely followed by all of the others – sensational book – can’t wait to see it in print!
    Kind regards – Dawn

  258. Lillemor says:

    Wonderful book and I already love them all!

  259. Gloria Lundblad says:

    Great book! I would start with Sweet Escape. That is my favorite runner, but I would also make several others. I’d love to experiment with Sweet Escape in different color combinations.

  260. Shelly says:

    I can’t decide between Sweet Escape and Ripple Effect as my favorite. Love the bright colors.

  261. Gloria says:

    Love the new book! Thanks for you creativity!

  262. Peggy Reilly says:

    I love all of your patterns, books and fabric. I also love these table runners. I can’t chose just one. Thanks for all of your patterns!

  263. Cassie Jenkins says:

    I would LOVE to win your book and if I did the first thing I would make is the Party Time runner! SO CUTE!

  264. Junelle says:

    I would make the Fall Table Topper!! I loved all of them though. A great purchase with so many topper patterns.

  265. Junebug says:

    I love them all! Which one first would be a tough decision…I’ll be out buying the book if I’m not a lucky winner!!

    Thanks for the great patterns and I love your pictures!

  266. Becky says:

    I like so many of them…think I would start with the patchwork mosaic, want to learn how to sew hexagons without set in seams. I also love the shape of your table toppers so I’d have to make one for every season! They’re all a great size for gifts, don’t have to break the bank either in time or money, but have a very nice gift to give.

  267. di says:

    They are all wonderful! I’m thinking this would make a great monthly class at our quilt shop! Fantastic practice on piecing, quilting, and binding! I do favor the Winter Table Topper – just fun! Thanks for the opportunity to win a book hot off the presses!

  268. Pauline says:

    I would love to make each one of these runners/tabletoppers. Oh, they are all so pretty!

  269. Laura says:

    Boy this is a hard decision as there are some really cute table runners in the book! I would start with my favorite Simple Blooms and then it would be onto the Seasonal Toppers and then Party Topper.

    I always look forward to reading your posts!
    Laura T

  270. kelly says:

    Pick me. Choose me! 🙂 I love the sticks and stones runner but honestly I can see myself wanting to make SEVERAL of these. Great work!

  271. Connie says:

    It’s a tough choice, but I think I would have to select “Fall”.

  272. Rose says:

    I love them all. I especially like the winter topper.

  273. Rose says:

    I like them all, especially the winter topper

  274. Sticks & Stones~ I was just looking at some strips today that would work perfectly! Love all the runners!

  275. Jennifer says:

    I like all the runners and the fabric choices then I like the fall table topper also. 🙂

  276. elei says:

    Wow! Simple blooms looks so simple! I might even consider starting that one BEFORE the kids go to bed!!! All beautiful!

  277. Trudi says:

    I can’t decide between simple blooms and baby boxes. All the table runners look great.

  278. Becky says:

    I’d definitely do one of the runners first. They usually go together fast, which is nice for a busy quilter.

  279. Celeste says:

    I love the runners. I would make the one with the apples first.

  280. Deb G says:

    I love the Patchwork Mosaic and the seasonal toppers!

  281. Deb C says:

    I really need this book. First off, I would make the Fall table topper because, you know, it’s fall. There’s all very do-able and sooo cute!

  282. Debbie says:

    By the number of comments I’d say this book will be a huge hit! Another one of yours I will have to have. I couldn’t shoose one to make – Ripple, Effect, Simple Blooms and Sweet Escape are my top three. And the photography is stunning.

  283. Kathleen says:

    Since the season is upon us, I’d start wit”Fall”…but I love Simple Blooms and the Party Time topper too.
    It’s such fun to see projects made with the different fabric lines available.

  284. Marie says:

    I love summer and fall. This a must need book to start with Summer: featuring Rouenneries by French General, then with fall….. Ripple effect… and colors!! Cannot stop with the ooohs and aaahs..

    In fact I love all your samples….!!

  285. Janelle says:

    I love the patchwork mosaic. Really like the easy hexagon stuff! Spring and Summer are also tempting!

  286. Lauren says:

    They are all gorgeous, but something about the Spring table topper really calls to me!

  287. Camille says:

    Love your Simple Abundance projects! I’m going to have to make the hexagon one asap, love it!

    BTW, I’m making your swirly hexagon table topper (can’t think of the name off the top of my head) and I love it!

    Wow, that’s a lot of love for one post. lol… but really, way to go on the new book. LOVE it! 😉

  288. Robin C says:

    What a wonderful book. I would love to win this and if not, I will definitely look for it in the quilt shops.

  289. Peggy says:

    Oh! I can’t wait to get this new book. It will be hard to decide on which project to start with. I think I will have to start with either summer or patchwork mosiac. I love your books and all the fabulous pictures on your blog.

  290. Amanda says:

    My favorite is Fall! I love the fabric you used as well.
    My favorite time of year is Autumn for several reasons like harvest, the leaves turning and my daughters Birthday is on Halloween and I have an Oct. birthday as well.

    Can’t wait to get to the quilt shop and check out the new book! Nice work.

  291. Rosemarie says:

    It is a great book…and I would love to win. I can’t decide if I would start with Party Time or Fresh Blooms…

  292. stephanie says:

    Hi Heather! I just found your blog via my Google Reader’s “suggested blogs” and I’m definitely subscribing! I can’t wait for your book to come out – hopefully I’ll win my own copy! I have been looking for charm pack projects and these look perfect!

  293. Kristan says:

    It’s hard to choose. I love them all. Party time is my most favorite and the summer topper.

  294. Mary Jo says:

    I just returned home from a trunk show by YOU. I enjoyed it immensely. I could never pick out my favorite because they all are. Thanks so much for sahring your wonderful talents with us. Mary Jo

  295. Sharon says:

    I think I will have to make Ripple Effect first, though there are a couple of others I want to make right away, too. Beautiful table runners.

  296. nancy r. says:

    I would try patchwork mosaic, but they all look fun! I love to make tablerunners.
    This book looks like another winner.

  297. Chantie Belnap says:

    I’d definitely start with the Spring seasonal topper–and in Authentic for sure!

  298. Judy S says:

    My favorite would be the Patchwork Mosaic. I can picture it done in Christmas colors!

  299. Karen H. says:

    STUNNING!!! Absolutely beautiful . . . the runners and your pictures! I’m in awe.

  300. Amy says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the Mosaic one with the hexagons would have to be it. Lots of great patterns – I think I will need to have this book! Please enter me in your drawing – I see lots of Christmas gifts in my future with your help LOL!!

  301. Jeanine says:

    I would try baby boxes pattern first. I’m not sure if I’ll do the applique or not, but looks like the quickest one to make.

  302. Patti Tappel says:

    Your book looks awesome! The pictures are so bright and beautiful. I’d have to try them in a row and do the first one first. I’d work my way throught them all.

  303. Shirl says:

    I would begin with Party Time as a gift for a friend’s birthday and then Summer with Rouenneries because I just love that fabric line.
    The book is great!

  304. Barbara says:

    I love your new book. So many things in it that I would love to make, I can see any of them on my table. My favorite is Simple Blooms though. The applique just adds so much. Thank you for a chance to win, hope I’m lucky enough to win!

  305. Kathie Laposata says:

    I would start with the Ripple Effect because it reminds me of the ripple afgans my grandmother made. I wouldn’t stop there, though. You have a bookful of great ideas.

  306. Gloria Lundblad says:

    I enjoyed seeing the runners in Alex last night. I first thought Sweet Escape was the first I’d try, but Simply Blooms really caught my eye last night.

  307. anne Dease says:

    What a great book…and don’ t make me choose a favorite. LOVE them ALL!!! XXX Annie

  308. Sue White says:

    I have been looking for an idea for a Christmas gift for my parents…. the seasonal table toppers would be perfect. Can’t wait to try them.

  309. Linda says:

    Oh this book is wonderful!! I love the patterns and that you are using precuts – some of us need some smaller projects and short cuts. 🙂 I would love to make several runners as gifts for others. You know giving creates something special both for the giver and receiver. But at any rate, my favorite is Spring. I would make that one first and then Fall.
    Linda at rattie4fun(at)Yahoo.com

  310. Alisa says:

    They are all just beautiful, but I think I would start with Fresh Blooms. Very, very well done!

  311. Nancy Austin says:

    I’d make Ripple Effect. Love the entire collection.

  312. Teresa says:

    I Love them all and can hardly wait for the book to come out. I would start with Simple Blooms.

  313. CJ says:

    I really love them all but would probably start with Party Time! It is so bright and cheery.

  314. Jeanne S says:

    All of the patterns are great, I would probably start with the cover pattern, Sweet Escape. But, I also like the Simple Blossom and the Winter table topper. So many to choose from, sew little time.

  315. JasonsMum says:

    Very hard to choose as I love many of them. But I’d likely start with the seasonal toppers; love the unique shaping of them and they’d make great Christmas gifts. I’d start with Spring.

  316. Gaylene says:

    They all are absolutely beautiful! I would start with the Spring seasonal topper probably because it would look so nice on my kitchen table. Fabulous photography!!!

  317. ruth says:

    I would start every project in this book – I love it

  318. Diane says:

    I love your new patterns, am such a fan of your work! They’re all so beautiful, hard to know where to start, but I think I would have to do Patchwork Mosaic first…I love the idea of hexagons w/o set-in seams! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  319. Claire says:

    This looks like a great book, I think I’d have to buy myself an Eva jelly roll and try the Simple Blooms pattern, the applique is just gorgeous!

  320. Lin Stricker says:

    Fall table topper – woudl be the first – but love them all

  321. Gail McHardy says:

    I think I would start with Sweet Escape but would probably do all of them eventually. I have several of your patterns already and this book would be a welcome addition to my pattern collection. I love making table runners as gifts.

  322. Donna Maine says:

    Love the runners and table toppers!! It is a toss-up as to which I would do first–either Party Time or the Fall table topper! They are all great!

  323. Vickie says:

    What an absolutely amazing use of fun fabrics, easy patterns. I think it’s a must have for my daughter. We are huge fans! Loved the pictures in the mountains … keep creating 🙂

  324. Mary Lou says:

    Patchwork Mosaic – been wanting to try hexagons, but haven’t worked up the nerve! Love all the new projects, and thanks for the giveaway

  325. Jan says:

    Oh my gosh! I love all of these. I am new to the quilting world but love doing table runners because they seem manageable and a good way to get my feet wet. I can’t wait to try these 🙂

  326. Helen says:

    There all very nice, but I guess the cover one, Sweet Escapes, catches my eye. Following that I liked Party Time a lot too.
    Good Luck with your new book. Helen

  327. Shelley C says:

    Beautiful patterns and so different in scope from one another…something for everyone! THink I’d start with the Seasonal toppers….toppers have been on my list of do’s for way too long! Thanks

  328. laurie says:

    I’m glad you’ve done another runner project book – I like make fast and easy projects – it gives me confidence to try bigger designs. I think I would start with Winter – almost just in time!

  329. Leslie L says:

    I MUST have this book!!! Hands down, your best yet. When will it be in stores?

  330. Jean Burke says:

    I just love the baby boxes – and also the seasonal toppers. For Christmas this year, I’m giving my Mom a ‘year of tablerunners’. I have 5 done so far and still need to make a Christmas runner – I love the holly in the center. Thanks for the chance to win! Good luck with the book – it is lovely. Jean

  331. Gisela says:

    Great ideas, very inspiring,

  332. Ruth B says:

    Oh so hard to choose…but Patchwork Mosaic is my favorite…I think…I like them all!

  333. K. Brand says:

    I use my quilts to decorate my house so I would start with the fall table topper. Great book! A must have for my collection.

  334. Linda says:

    I’m like others, wouldnt know which one to start first, but what a problem we should all have!!! Looks quick, easy, and your receiving friends will think we are wonderful – hee hee!! Thanks!!

  335. Jane Eilderts says:

    WOW! What a great book!! I LOVE doing table runners – especially for gifts – so I can hardly wait to get my hands on this book!!! I love them all but will probably make Baby Boxes first. Myabe it’s because I’m also a scrapbooker and love Basic Grey papers too!! Thanks for sharing!

  336. Mary Ellen says:

    What a wonderful variety of styles and colors. I loved Simple Blooms and would love to try your seasonal toppers on my drop leaf table.

  337. Barbara W says:

    Wow! Thank you for coming to Alexandria. I love you ideas. I think I would start with the fall topper. I think the shape is wonderful!

  338. Rebecca says:

    Is it too late to enter? These are so pretty! I really like the Baby boxes one and the party time runner- i think that I might start there.

  339. Karen W says:

    Once again you have outdone yourself. The patterns are great and your fabric choices are always outstanding. It is great how you identify the fabrics you choose. Keep up the great work!

  340. Martha Roskelley says:

    Beatiful work!! Pretty hard to decide which one is my favorite. I want to make everything. I can’t wait to get your book.

    I am sorry I don’t have a website. I am a just a beginner quilter who is amazed with the creativity professional quilters have.

  341. Catherine Stiele says:

    What a great selection of runners, I would do Sticks and Stones. The displays are lovely, beautiful fabrics, stunning landscapes, gorgeous flowers. I would love to do all the runners, your patterns are great.

  342. Beverly says:

    I love your new book of table runners. Presently I am working on one of your bed quilt patterns and having a ball. You are very talented!!
    Thank you and hope I am not too late for the drawing. 🙂

  343. Jenna says:

    Love your creations! I would like to try one of the seasonal toppers- I have the perfect spot for each one of them! Congrats on getting your book out!

  344. Susan says:

    I love your website. I spent many summers at Green Lake by Spicer, MN & I always remember those days when I visit your site. The first thing I’d make out of your new book is Sticks & Stones. It really caught my eye. Thanks.

  345. Stephanie Neumann says:

    LOVE all your boks but this one is the “icing on the cake” so to speadk! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  346. Christina says:

    I LOVE this new table runner book! Recently I’ve been making table runners for my sister in law as gifts for b’day, Christmas, and other times just for fun because she’s such a great friend. She would love receiving any one of these, but I’d probably start with the Christmas one.

  347. Sue N says:

    I love the ones photographed in Glacier Natl Park (on the run and simple blooms). Great patterns and choice of color. I also love bright color along with applique. Keep up the great work Heather. You rock!

  348. Sandy says:

    Ripple Effect would be the first one and then on the 4 Seasons, but sure I would eventually make most of them.

  349. Carol says:

    Your photography is incredible! The composition of your photos enhance your quilts (which are fabulous….I saw them in Montana) I like the shapes of the seasonal ones.. I’d start with spring and then do baby boxes….Keep on stitching!

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