I spent yesterday finishing up this quilt top.  I spent yesterday evening under the quilt stitching binding.  It was really cold yesterday (and today), so it was the perfect time to be snuggled up under a quilt stitching binding.

The quilt is meant to hang in my entry, but the lighting is so bad for taking pictures.

The lighting is better in my studio.  The only problem is the entire floor is covered in parts and pieces of several new quilt designs.  The only available space to lay it out is on my cutting table.  {Everything that was piled on the cutting table is now on the floor 😉  }

The original pattern doesn’t have the applique, but I couldn’t help adding another splash of the red.

Speaking of the original pattern, here it is.  It’s called Keyholes and it’s from an older book of mine called “On a Roll Again“.  The original quilt is done out of Shangri-la, which I love, but I always wondering what the quilt would look like in bolder, less floral-ish fabrics.

Now I know!  I made several other changes, in addition to the applique.  I made all the rectangular block centers black, instead of scrappy.  I also took out the center square block and substituted in a large, solid black square.   I think the pattern looks much bolder this way, and a little more modern.  By the way, this fabric is from my new line Artful Home.  It will be hitting stores next month.

I braved the cold to take the quilt outside where there was enough light to make some of the quilting show.  I tried something a little different, as I am just so sick of meandering everything!  I was quite easy and required no marking.

I started with the center stem, than added points to form a leaf design.  I think the trick is to make each point with a slightly curved line, as shown in the bottom of the leaf, rather than a straight point, as shown in the top of the photo.

I just repeated that design in each rectangle, than did a simple flower in the block center.  The flower design is taken directly from the design in the black fabric.

So that’s all for today.  I’m busy packing to head out to a retreat this weekend.  Hopefully I will have a few more finished things to show soon!

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25 Responses to Keyholes

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow the black sure makes the colours pop! It’s beautiful, and I have this pattern I will be added to my list of must makes!

  2. I can’t wait until this fabric line comes out. I love it!

  3. HopeTN says:

    It looks wonderful, your fabrics are so great together and very beautiful. I love the quilting too.

  4. Carol Broughton says:

    Hi Heather:

    I love the Keyholes quilt. I have your book and this pattern is on my list for 2011. I had planned to make it with my coveted Neptune fabrics, but now I don’t know since I really like the black fabric in the center of the rectangles. Your quilting is stunning! Thanks so much for the eye candy and inspiration!

  5. PamE. says:

    I love that your quilts have such a modern style to them. Thanks for the quilting design. I’m always looking for new and easy patterns to use on my quilts.

  6. melissa says:

    I love everything about your quilt:) Simply stunning!

  7. Annette says:

    Beautiful! I’m glad you said the line will be out next month – I have been looking for it without any luck of course. I’ll be patient and wait until next month. . .

  8. Connie says:

    Your fabrics are so beautiful! Love the pattern you used and the quilting is wonderful. Great idea using a design in the fabric for a pattern.

  9. marsha nelson says:

    Your quilt turned out just beautiful. I will be looking for the fabric at my favorite quilt shop. The quilting motif really finished it well.

  10. Diane says:

    Love the quilt, love the fabric. This is a must make for me.

  11. Carol T says:

    I just love your quilt and the quilting you did on it. I have a bunch of projects I want to make with your fabric line once it comes out.

  12. Rene' Sharp says:

    Wow, wow, wow Heather. I LOVE this quilt. The fabric, design and quilting are all just perfect!! Very inspiring to me. I ordered some fabric from The Fat Quarter shop in the US which was posted on the 7th of January and I am still waiting for it to arrive. Apparently there are huge delays because of all the bad weather you guys have having!! Enjoy your retreat 🙂

  13. DianeY says:

    It’s beautiful & your quilting looks perfect with it

  14. 4dreamsr says:

    I’ve got a fence rail top that this quilting design will be perfect for. Love your fabrics & the way they set off the design. Really like the rose applique.

  15. Kim Hartwig says:

    Love your new quilt. I especially love the quilting that you did, very nice.

  16. Karin Padula says:

    Love seeing what you have been doing since I met you way back at the Thimbleberries retreats! I do miss having you be my quilter though but it is easy to see why you no longer have any time 🙂 Great job!!

  17. Sherri says:

    Love this version of Keyholes…I just had that book out the other day making a box lunch table runner! Can I just say I can’t wait for your new designs to come out! Another blogger mentioned she’d seen some of them, so now I can’t wait!

  18. Kathleen says:

    I have had this quilt on my “to do” list since I bought this booklet a year ago. I am newly inspired to make this, and love the new line of fabrics coming out. Can’t wait!!

  19. Robin says:

    Thank you so much for showing us your quilting!

  20. corinne says:

    The colors in your quilt are just awesome. I will need to buy the collection. Beautiful

  21. I bought that book recently to make the Pickety Sticks quilt (out of the same fabric as in the picture) and the matching table runner. I love what you did to update the Keyhole pattern – it does make it more modern. I actually like the new version better than the original. What a good “reboot” of an already great pattern. To-date I have Pickety Sticks, On The Run, The Sweet Life, Livin’ Large, Diamond Diva, On a Roll Again, and Around the Corner. I guess you can tell I’m a big fan of your patterns (and also your fabrics).

  22. Susan says:

    Your quilt looks great. Loved the original pattern but really like the new twist you put on it. I’ve already made a couple of batik quilts using this pattern but can feel another one coming on using the updated version. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  23. janita says:

    it is beautiful. Love the black part of the key holes. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Michele says:

    Beautiful projects! Thanks for showing your projects and fabrics!

  25. Ana says:

    Hi Heather, it´s really beautiful. You can see my keyholes here. Thanks for your designs!!!

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