Carter’s 10 and 11 Month Pics

I hope you all had a good Memorial Day.  Ours was fun, but it was cold, wet and gloomy so we weren’t out by the water like we usually are.  In fact, when we were outside, there wasn’t a single boat on the lake!


Once again, I am behind in sharing Carter’s monthly pictures.  With all the market rush, I missed posting his ten months pictures, so I am going to share both the 10 and 11 month pics.  Along with the pictures, I like to share a few of his favorite things and what he is currently up to.  It’s so nice for me to be able to look back at his pictures and remember when!

This shot is taken just before he turned 10 months – Back when he would stay sitting for a short time so I could get his picture 😉


At that point, he was pulling up to everything.  Now he is walking along things.  It’s amazing how many things we have that are at his perfect height.


If they aren’t, he just pulls up to whatever he can reach, then pulls down whatever he can get his hands on.

DSC_5494 adj

He loves to play with anything that isn’t a toy – remotes, phones, cameras, iPads, my camera cover, even things that don’t look remotely interesting – as long as he doesn’t usually get to play with it – he is interested.  I think he is already showing that he has a shorter attention span like his father  (squirrel!!)

DSC_5301 adj

He especially loves the vacuum cleaner and squeals with delight anytime you try to use it.  His eyes just light up and he hustles over to where you are attempting to use it.


He also loves books with flaps or books that have buttons to push.  He doesn’t really want you to read them to you yet, as that takes too much time.  He wants to quickly turn the page to get to the button or flap on the next page.


He has started playing with shape sorters and stacking toys.  He actually knows what to do with them, rather than just sucking on the parts and pieces.


Other new things include his first stay at a hotel and swimming in the pool.  I was shocked that he wasn’t scared of the water or water slide.


We had our first Mother’s Day

DSC_5463 adj sharpened bw

He has two new teeth – the top two, which have been dubbed “hippopotamus” teeth.   The shot shows what happens when he doesn’t get his way.  He waves his arms back and forth while he shrieks or complains.  He is quite an opinionated little guy.


He has had his first haircut – which didn’t go that well.  He kept swinging his head from side to side to look the scissors.  I kept trying to even it out, but it just got shorter and shorter, without getting any straighter.  I finally gave up and left it crooked.   Plus, he insisted on holding the comb.  Next time I will be prepared with two combs.  And maybe a sucker or something else to keep him sitting still.


He doesn’t seem to like having his picture taken, especially right before nap time!


Here is he after the nap – smiling and happy once again.

DSC_5753 adj crop

(As you can see he is still drooling, with more teeth on the way)

DSC_5768 adj

Plus, he is just starting to get to go outside and seems to love it.  If it ever warms up, he will get to play outside longer.  It will be such a nice change or scenery from being inside all winter!

DSC_5706 adj

It feels like he has really changed the last few months.  We saw several babies at quilt market and I was reminded again of how fast this is going.  I don’t know if there were more babies there this year, or if this is the first time that I am paying attention to babies.  I almost teared up seeing them and thinking of Carter at that age.  I practically can’t even watch commercials with babies in them or I need a tissue.  I told Joel, “I don’t know what has happened to me!”   He simply said, “Carter is what happened to you.”

Yep.   That says it all.

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12 Responses to Carter’s 10 and 11 Month Pics

  1. Karen Brettschneider says:

    He is adorable! Enjoy these years, they go so very fast. My “little boy” will be 41 on June 14th. I remember him at that age, teething, learning to walk. I often wondered what kind of man he would become. After many trials and tribulations, he has become a good Christian father and husband. Someone I am very proud of. Enjoy the years! They go too fast.

  2. Jean says:

    What a joy! Thanks for sharing your little guy. We are on baby watch for our next grandchild any day,#6.

  3. Catherine Stiele says:

    He is so adorable, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. I love your posts with pictures of Carter! He just melts my heart. You are wise to savor each step of his development with pictures and words. I have never regretted doing that for my three children, now in their twenties and thirties and starting families of their own. The circle of life is so precious.

  5. pinnewood says:

    I love seeing your gorgeous little boy, my sons are now grown men and my best friends. Grown up cuddles are lovely but I miss the baby cuddles. Looking forward to grandchildren.

  6. Chris says:

    Love seeing the pictures!! He is so precious. And a haircut hint: we gave our kids a mirror to hold so they could watch and it worked. Maybe it will work for you?

    Yup–once you have a sweet little one, you’ll tear up over the craziest things. Just wait ’til he makes you his first Mother’s Day card!!

  7. Sandra Davidson says:

    He is so adorable and all boy. Have fun and enjoy every second because they grow too fast.

  8. Janet Adair says:

    I love seeing the pictures of Carter. His eyes are so beautiful and so is he.

  9. Julie Delaney says:

    Oh Heather he is an angel! What a cutie don’t they just grow too fast?

  10. Denny Aleckson says:

    Adorable Heather! A word to the wise…don’t give him a sucker during a haircut, been there done that with my own when they were small. Have you ever seen a sucker collect so much hair in all of that stickiness???? Yuck! LOL!!! Better to give him a mirror, a comb or a brush that he can hold! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  11. Karen Lange says:

    Hi there…….. I always enjoy seeing pictures of blogging friends/followers’ children. Carter is SO adorable and is really growing. They do change and grow fast. I miss those times with my children (who are now adults). Enjoy each and every moment with your little family and cherish the photos you’re taking. Do you scrapbook? It is time consuming, but worth it.

    Take care!


  12. Jeanna says:

    So incredibly precious. Mine are 21 and 18 years old, I miss them being small. Enjoy this wonderful blessing.

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