Let It Snow QAL Part 2 – Hints for Cutting

For those of you joining the Let It Snow QAL, I have a few hints to share today about the cutting.


I won’t go over the basics of cutting.  I am assuming that you all know how to do that, so I won’t bore you with that!  I am going to go over a couple of things specific to this pattern.  There are also a few hints in the book on page 3 that you will want to take a look at.


The specific things that I wanted to point out  are Cutting the Half Triangles and cutting the roof for the cabin.

For Cutting the Half Triangles, see the cutting box for the Tree Tops, found on the top of page 22.

The biggest mistake people make when cutting these triangles is they align the solid center line with the edge of the rectangle.   The cutting instructions (found on page 3), say you are to align the Outer Left Dashed line with the outside edge of the rectangle – as shown below.  Then make your cut along the right edge of the ruler.

If  you use the solid center line, you will find that your triangles are too small.  This will cause your blocks to have the incorrect distance beyond your points when you sew everything together and your blocks will be smaller than the proof size given in the pattern. (see last diagram on Step 5, page 22).



Make sure that the little flat top of the triangle is aligned exactly with the top of the rectangle as shown below.  The bottom edge of your rectangle should align with whatever size triangle you are told to cut.  For example, the one below is a 7 1/2″ tall triangle.  There are two other size Half Triangles in the cutting directions – all are cut with this same technique, they will just be different heights.



Now flip your ruler upside down and align the outer dashed line with the right edge of the rectangle as shown.  Again, make sure that the little flat top aligns with the edge of your rectangle as shown in the bottom of the picture.  (There will be a tiny scrap of fabric leftover in the middle)



You will notice that the pattern tells you to cut something like this – “7 and 7 Reverse Half Triangles.”  The easiest way to get a Reverse is to lay to rectangles wrong sides together when cutting – like this:



One of the Half Triangles that you will be instructed to cut is 9 1/2″ tall.  The ruler is only 7 1/2″ tall, so you will need to have a second ruler handy to lay next to the Triangler like this:


Then pull the Triangler away and cut next to the longer ruler.  Repeat on the opposite corner.




Next, let’s talk about cutting the roof for the house (If you are doing the runner, you don’t need to worry about this step).  This step is found in the cutting box on the top of page 23.


I have had a few people email me, asking “What line on the ruler do I use for this step?”

You don’t need to worry about a line on the ruler.  Just line the bottom edge of the rulers up with the bottom edge of your roof piece.  Then slide the ruler over to the left until the bottom point of the ruler is perfectly aligned with the bottom corner of the roof piece – like this:



A close up of that bottom corner:



Now, flip the ruler upside down and repeat on the opposite top corner.



Next time, I will talk about cutting up the strip sets.  See you back here then!


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1 Response to Let It Snow QAL Part 2 – Hints for Cutting

  1. Mary Hickey says:

    Thank you that helps. Anybody thinking about Spring trees for this runner. I put my Christmas material away and took out my spring fabric. It feels like spring here in NH with the temp almost 50 and no snow on the ground. This is my first QAL. Thank you.

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