Hello Again . . .

Hello Friends!

It has been 6 months since my last check in – How did that happen?  It might have something to do with this –

May 2 2019 038 adj

Yes, that is a stack of new quilts that I have been working!  And it seems whenever I am working on making the quilts for a new book and doing all the writing,  I have little time for anything else or can’t really show anything that I have been working on.  So, over the next couple weeks before Quilt Market, I’m going to do a few posts that share the new quilts.

I always work around a theme for my books and for this one, I am working around Precuts.  I know that’s nothing new, but I continue to collect them and then when I want to use them, I get out all my books and starting trying to find a pattern written for the Precut that I want to use.   That process led me to the thought that it would be nice to have one book that had a couple patterns for each Precut in my stash – kind of a one stop shop, so to speak.  In addition to using Precuts, I wanted the patterns to be fairly quick and simple and versatile enough to work for many occasions.    Those thoughts led to the name “Simple Treasures”, with the tag line – “A Quilt for Every Precut in your Stash”.  See the front cover below –

Simple Treasures front cover 600

And here is the back cover:

Simple Treasure back cover


There are a bunch of the quilts that I can’t share yet because the fabrics line haven’t been introduced yet, so I will start with the quilts that I can share.  First up, is the cover quilt Hexi Cabin.  Precut used:  2 1/2″ strips

hexi cabin twin

This is the first quilt that I designed for the book and I had a lot of fun making it.  You all know that I love 60-degree angles and using the Creative Grids 60-degree triangle ruler.  This block combines those things with my love of log cabin blocks.  I use the lob cabin idea, combined with the partial seam technique (which is very easy), to set the hexagon into the middle of the block without any Y-seams.

sun 24th 233 adj


I also like the unique layout of the quilt, which provides the opportunity to add a touch of applique and some fun machine quilting.

219 adj


I really had a lot of fun quilting this quilt.  I used this batting to make sure that the quilting really showed!

sun 24th 236 adj


As I was working on this twin size quilt, I kept picturing a smaller version that could be used as a wall quilt, throw, or on a toddler bed.  For this version, I only did one round on the log cabin block and scaled down the applique.



These fabrics are from the collection “In the Meadow” by Keera Job for Riley Blake designs.

May 2 2019 011 adj


I had fun quilting this one too – Doesn’t the echo and filler really make everything pop?

May 2 2019 014 adj

May 2 2019 016 adj


I also did a runner version – because why stop at only two size options?

hexi cabin runner


And here are all 3 version together.



Next up, is the Stashbuster Log Cabin quilt.  I already mentioned my love of log cabin quilts, but a while back I saw some wrapping paper that had a log cabin looking block with staggered “sashing”.  I hung that scrap of wrapping paper on my bulletin board with the intention of someday turning it into a quilt.  The result is this quilt using several different strip sizes, lots of prints, a modern feel to the layout and several different block designs  (There are 5 different blocks designs in the quilt).

stashbuster large shot


I mainly used 2 1/2″ strips for the blocks, but I also used some 1 1/2″ and 1″ strips.  The pattern also gives an option for using Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths.  For the cream sashing, I dug in to my stash of low volume prints – many of them being leftovers from all the the quilts that I have made with cream or white backgrounds.  I cut them all into strips and mixed them in throughout the quilt.  I love looking at the quilt and remembering all of the fun things that I made with those prints!  With the colored prints, there are probably 100 of my favorite fabrics in the quilt.

357 adj


When I didn’t have enough of a strip left to complete a full round on the block, I just used two different prints.  See the block in the upper left hand corner of the photo below.  This is how some of the blocks in the wrapping paper inspiration were done, and it was a great way to use up the strips.

370 adj


The quilt was great fun to make and it would be fun to do again in a few years with my next batch of scraps or assorted strips.



Another quilt in the book that uses 2 1/2″ strips is the Jewel Box quilt.

jewel box.jpg


The block is very simple to make, with a little “jewel” connecting the blocks.

May 2 2019 002 adj


This patterns also comes in lots of sizes.  Since I made the smaller size quilt, I had strips leftover from my blocks, so I used them to make a scrappy binding.  This fabric is from the “Well Said” collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics.

May 2 2019 008 adj


You could also use the leftovers to make the table runner size option.  (This block is also 5″ square friendly)

jewel box runner


This runner is made using the fabric line “Serenade” by Cindi Walker for Riley Blake.

May 2 2019 029 adjMay 2 2019 030 adj


Next up, is the back cover quilt – Easy Peasy Plaid.  It also uses 2 1/2″ strips, but you can  use Fat Eighths too.  The pattern comes in 5 or 6 sizes, is super easy and really quick to make!

back cover shot


The fabrics are from the “Way Up North” collection by Zippyboro for Riley Blake.



I just love these vintage prints!

May 2 2019 088 adj


In addition to these fun fabrics, it was also fun to have my boys in a photo again.  They are now 4 and 6. . . .

125 adj


and will smile and pose for candy canes!



Speaking of boys, they helped out with a few photos this time around, though they didn’t all make the book – like this picture where the younger one didn’t want to pose but kept darting in and out of the photo!

026 adj


This photo was taken in front of our neighbor’s zinnia field.  While we were shooting the photo, one of the neighbors drove by and asked “Are those children being exploited for marketing purposes?”  Why yes they are!

054 adj


This quilt was inspired by a Fat Quarter bundle that has been sitting on my shelf for years (it was one of Anna Maria Horner’s first fabric lines) and by one of my all-time favorite books -“The Secret Life of Bees.”  In that book, they talk about what amazing mathematicians bees are.  They can make perfect 60-degree angles without the use of any tools.  It really is an amazing fact – How do they do it?  I am not as talented – I require that handy 60-degree ruler that I mentioned early to make my honeycomb patterns!  Thus, this pattern is called Honeycomb and is meant to show off a fabric collection that includes large florals that you want to display in a “honeycomb” frame.

honeycomb fence 600 org

482 adj


And don’t let the binding on this one scare you, I have an easy tutorial for that.

honeycomb flat anna maria shot


That is a lot of photos, so I better stop for today.  I will continue with the preview in my next post.  Thanks for stopping by again after my long hiatus!  Please leave a comment and let me know that you are still here  ( I always like to hear which quilt you would make first ;-))

Click here if you are interested in purchasing a book.  You can also ask your local quilt shop to bring it in for you.  We always appreciate our readers that support us and the quilt shops that carry our products!


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44 Responses to Hello Again . . .

  1. CMTKL Barnes says:

    It’s great to hear from you Heather! You have been very busy making beautiful quilts, and your boys have grown immensely. I will share your new book on my quilty newsletter soon.
    Busy Hands Quilts

  2. Karen Shackleford says:

    These are fabulous! And your boys are looking so grown up!!

  3. Zina says:

    I am so in love with the patterns you have already shared! It so nice to see your cute boys growing up.

  4. Melanie says:

    Oh Heather!!
    What a pleasant surprise to see you as I was looking at my emails!! I had been thinking about you a few days ago wondering and hoping all was well with you and your family! Your boys have sure grown up fast! What handsome young boys are they!! Looks like best friends too!! Absolutely adorable!!
    I have missed you! So happy to see you back again!!!
    And!!! WOW! What amazing quilts you’ve been working on!! They are ALL so beautiful! I love the fact you’ve used precuts as well! You never cease to amaze us all!!! I will for sure be buying your new books! Job well done Heather!!! So very happy to see your back showing us all you’ve been creating!! I can’t wait to see the rest of them!! The quilting is beautiful too!!! Good job! Very well done!! I love the happy colors too!! Just makes me smile!

    • Hello again Melanie! Good to see you back here again too. Thanks for all of your heartfelt comments. I always appreciate how positive you are and your comments put a smile on my face too 😉


    As I’ve come to expect the new patterns are wonderful! The photos of your two little guys are beyond words. Glad you’ve found your happy world!

  6. Arlene Martini says:

    I like them all but would start with the Stashbuster Log Cabin, and then the Easy Peasy Plaid. They all are very cute. Thanks for the update.

  7. Carol Broughton says:

    You’ve been super busy! This book has so many gorgeous quilts in it! Precuts are my favorite choice when starting a quilt. I think I’d make the Stashbuster Log Cabin quilt first. I must say that your boys are adorable quilt models and I loved the photos of them that didn’t get picked for the book! Their sweet, fun loving personalities really came out in those photos. Congrats on your new book! I’ll be watching for it.

    • Thanks Carol – Good to see you back here! I love the photos that “don’t make the cut” too. I could have shown lots more bloopers too! In fact, I have several that are a blur of Max running through the photo and then another one of him with his pants around his ankles (you can guess what he was doing ;-))

  8. Darlene B says:

    Welcome back! I love the new quilts and would make hexi cabin and jewel box first! But I’d want you to quilt them for me!

  9. Nancy Drewek says:

    So glad to see what you’ve been working on. They look like perfect patterns for my fabric collections. Thanks for the update.

  10. Your sons are so cute! I love the quilt they are posing in front of with their candy canes. 🙂 That would probably be my first quilt. I also love the hexi log cabins.

  11. Shelly J says:

    Another great book Heather!! Honeycomb would be first on my list for those large prints I just can’t cut into small pieces.

  12. Bobbie Alford says:

    Love these quilts. I would start with the “hexi” then the “jewel box”. I love that you are including table runners.

  13. Vicki in MN says:

    Welcome back. Wow you really have been working hard. Another fantastic book, congrats! Will you be coming down to the MN quilt show in June?

  14. Cathy Burk says:

    You are so talented!!! Love all these quilts!

  15. Ann in NC says:

    Miss your posts and excited to see what you have been up to! More wonderful designs. When there are hexagons and log cabins, how do you pick a favorite? And then there is Jewel Box. Really can’t decide which great design I would do first. How can your boys be 4 and 6? They are adorable and look likes best buddies! Keep up the great work!! Will be looking for your book while I am out and about!

    • Thanks Ann! Good to see you back here again too 😉 The boys do look like good buddies in this photo – which they are much of the time. They’ve been spending lots of time “bonding” in the woods since the weather has been nicer, so it’s really fun to watch them just spend hours out there together!

  16. So happy to see so many beautiful photos and how your boys are growing. They help bring the quilts to life.
    Of the designs you shared here, I would make Easy Peasy Plaid first. I love it!

  17. Pat says:

    Good to hear from you again. Hard to choose from such great quilts. I guess the first one I would like to make is the Stashbuster Log Cabin, because it would be a good way to rid myself of some stash.

  18. Joan Bommen says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek at your new book. I love scrappy quilts and appreciate the multiple size options. I like all of them, and would make “Easy Peasy Plaid” first.

  19. Karen Thompson says:

    Oh my goodness, the boys are so big now!!!! I still think about your journey with the first and how you shared with us and were so open and honest. Thank you again for that.
    Love the hexie cabin. Super cute.

  20. Lerace Graber says:

    I enjoyed your talk in Yankton, SD so much. I was very surprised that when I came home I found your book, “Livin’ Large” sitting in my sewing room along with a stack of 10” squares. They’re all just waiting for me to get started. One of these days that will be a new, fun project to begin, especially after seeing you in person.

  21. Trudy says:

    Thank you for a peck at your new book, but I want to jump in the car and go get it. I am very excited to make the Hexie cabin and the Easy Peasy Plaid. Thank you also for,using the precuts .
    I love that idea. What a Beautiful quilting job done on all your quilts once again. You really know how to spoil a person at first glance. Was wonderful hearing from you.

  22. Amy Loar says:

    I have a lovely fat quarter bundle that would be fun to cut up for any of these quilts, though Honeycomb would probably show them off the best. And your binding tutorials are the best on the internet! I have referred tons of quilters to your blog for them.

  23. Sandy Allen says:

    Love the Hexie Cabin quilt. It combines two of my favorite blocks! So happy to see your work again!

  24. Tresha Cottrill says:

    I love the Hexi Log Cabin and Jewel Box patterns!!! It’s good to see you’ve been busy. I missed seeing your posts and I look forward to the book. The boys sure have grown and are still as cute as can be.

  25. Teresa Green says:

    I love pre cuts so these quilts are right up my alley. Your boys are adorable, they make cute models.

  26. Deb G. in VA says:

    Great new patterns! I would start with Honeycomb first!

  27. Kathryn Laposata says:

    So glad to see new patterns from you. I love your fabric choices.

  28. Sheryl K says:

    Hi Heather, So nice to have you (and your two growing boys) back with us! Really missed your postings! I am drawn to your Easy Peasy Plaid and Jewel Box designs. Looks like a lovely book.

  29. Mary Ann Scanlon says:

    So fun to see you pop up in my feed! I think
    I will start with Scrapbuster Log Cabin but the final quilt in today’s post, the framed big Hexagons is calling me too!

  30. Sheila says:

    Awesome, but not surprising, book reveal! Eventually I’d make them all, but I think I’d start with Easy Peasy Plaid and Jewel Box first, then probably the one in the upper left corner of the cover. P.S. the boys are getting so big and handsome as ever!

  31. Loriann says:

    I love the two log cabin patterns. The “Stashbuster” one could be an adorable kid’s quilt!

  32. Pingback: Part 2 of the Simple Treasures Preview | Trends and Traditions

  33. Linda says:

    I am so happy to see you have a new book and new fabric coming! I’m a longtime fan of yours. Congrats on your move to Riley Blake. They have a lot of great designers and your designs will be a great addition.

  34. Mary says:

    The quilts and the photos are going to make for a spectacular book. Loved seeing the boys too. They’re getting so big.

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