Quilt Market 2015

We got home from International Quilt Market on Sunday night – and though we had a good time, I am happy to have it behind me!  Writing books is so much work, and then when it’s finished, there is still all the marketing, website work, planning a booth, etc and then getting everything together for the show.  My husband Joel describes it as “Running a marathon and then working all weekend at quilt market.”  The writing of the book is like running a marathon, and then all tired, sweaty and dazed, you have to try to sell the product.  This is my least favorite part of my job, but I really did try to enjoy it this year.  We’ve been around for so many years, that is fun to catch up with the shop owners and other designers that we have met in the past.  Joel is a huge help and I was at ease knowing that my Mom was taking good care of the kids while I was gone.  The orders have already gone out.  Now to get the trailer unloaded and everything put away.  And I suppose I should do some laundry and get my sorry house put back in order.  I think what I will do instead is plant some flowers and work outside.  Carter would love to help me.  Sounds like a good way to spend part of my Saturday!


I have a few pictures to share with you from market.  I never did pull out my nice camera while I was there, so these are just cell phone pictures.  First up – my booth.


I had a double corner booth, so it was nice and big for displaying all the things form the new book.  (In case you missed it, the new book is Angles with Ease 2 and all the quilts are made with this versatile ruler).



The Petals on a String and No Monsters Allowed quilts were the favorites.



This is the group of Henry Glass designers that were at Market.  Karen – the blonde in the lower right corner is my design director.  She took several of us that work under her out for a fun supper on Friday night.  We had a great time reconnecting and hanging out – while having a really good supper (We went to Mesa if you ever want to try good Mexican in downtown Minneapolis).



A took a few other photos of some favorite things and booths –

Sue Spargo’s work is always a favorite.  Though I have actually never made one of her designs, I still really admire her creativity and attention to detail.



This is designer’s row in Moda’s Booth.  Lots of eye candy here – and this is only a small part of it.



Fig Tree was on the end with their quilts made with Farmhouse (one of the lines that I had to pick up at Sample Spree).



Canyon by Kate Spain was another line that I thought was beautiful.  I will show a few more of their new lines in my next market post.



Another favorite booth was Elizabeth Hartman.  I love her woodland creatures.  I think I might need to put a few fabric flowers up on my walls too.



I loved this booth too.  First of all, I loved the wallpaper.  Gorgeous!  The display is beautiful too, with the framed fabrics, bench and bookcase.



This is Cotton+Steel’s booth.  If you have my ruler from the new book – you could use it to make the quilt below.  I had a very similar sketch in my notebook of things to include in the book, so it was fun to see it done up in person.  I was also very interested in their clothing fabrics – especially the rayons and knits.



I also spent some time in Indygo Junction’s booth.  For some reason I have the bug to make some clothing.  I picked up one of their new books and I am probably going to make that tunic in the front.



I’m not sure why I have the bug to make some clothing – but I think it has something to do with all the new fabrics hitting the market.  It wasn’t tempting at all to make something from what they have at my local JoAnns, but when you see that many of the beautiful quilting fabrics also come in knit, rayon, or double gauze, it gets rather tempting.  My mom used to help me stumble through making clothes – that was before I discovered quilting 20 years ago – so we will see how it goes.

Birch fabric had some of my favorite clothing fabrics


I loved the double gauze so 1 piece is on its way here for me to try out.



In addition to getting to see all the new things at market, I was really excited to have so many shop owners compliment me on how my instructions are written – that they are clear, easy to follow, and accurate.  It’s something that my Mom and I work really hard on.  I write the instructions, then she tests the patterns and offers suggestions and changes.  We go back and forth and forth many, many times trying to get it just so and weed out any errors.  It’s a huge job and I have to give HUGE props to my Mom for all her help with this part.  I couldn’t do this without her and to have the shop owners bring it to our attention meant so much to me.


I also have to give props to my husband Joel.  He offered to make me some nice booth walls this time, along with lining up someone to help get them all into the booth and set up.  Joel also did many demos in the booth and helped with that selling part that I dislike so much.  I teased him that being “hot and helpful in the booth” was one of my favorite attributes in a husband ;-)



I’ll be back next week with a few of my favorite products from market.  Have a great weekend!

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Friday Finish

I’m just popping in with a Friday Finish.  I’ve been busy sewing bindings on lots of quilts – some are from Angles With Ease 2 (for shop trunk shows) and I also finished up this one using my fall fabrics.



The quilt has no applique, but uses fussy cut squares from the panel print.

DSC_7436 adj


The panel squares are just bordered on 2 sides, log cabin style.  It’s quick and easy to do.



The pattern is a free download on Henry Glass’s website.  I am a little pressed for time, considering market is next week and all, so I just made mine a little bit smaller than how the pattern is written.


Click here for the downloadable pattern.

Click here to see the kits of this pattern.


That’s all for today.  I need to start making my demo boards for schoolhouse at market next week.  Max just went down for his nap, so time to sew like a mad woman!  I’m looking forward to a little time at the machine this afternoon ;-)  Have a great weekend!



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Angles With Ease 2 Winners

So how was your weekend?   I do love weekends and got quite a few things done –  The house got mostly cleaned, I got some binding done, Joel built my market booth and I worked on getting it decorated.  Only about a week to go to have everything finished.  I better find my “Must bring to market and market to do list” so I don’t forget anything!

Before I show you the quilt that I finished, two winners were randomly selected from my previous two posts.  They are:

Vicki in MN and Deb Girotti

Both winners will each receive a copy of the Angles With Ease 2 book.  I will throw in a Triangler Ruler as well, so you have what you need to get started!  Just email your shipping addresses to me at hmulder@wecnet.com to claim your prize!


Over the weekend I finished the binding on another Dresden Chain quilt.



The original one from the book, as you may remember, was done using a much more modern color scheme.

DSC_6544 adj best crop


Today’s version uses my fall fabric line, Home for Harvest.




The aqua pumpkin seed print and the grey floral are two of my favorites from the line, so I chose to feature them in the chain.  The original quilt had no outer border, but I added the brown floral from the fabric line to help tie everything together.




Here is a close-up of the quilting design in the Dresden plate block.




You can see it even better in this shot.  It’s a continuous line design that’s fun and easy to do.



If you are interested in a kit of the fall version, click here.




That’s all for today.  As you can see in this shot, spring has come to MN and the weather has been beautiful.  We are going to head outside and enjoy it!

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Angles with Ease 2 Preview – Part 2

Today I am going to continue with more projects from the new book, Angles With Ease 2.  If you missed part 1, click here.

Angles with Ease 2 cover jpeg

In part 1 of the preview, I showed all the quilts that are made with the Triangler Ruler and strip units.  Today, I am going to share the quilts that are cut from the ruler and strips of fabric (but the strips are not pieced).  Are you with me so far?  If that all sounds confusing, you can watch the You Tube video that I made to go with the first book, Angles with Ease.  Click here to see the video.

Now back to the quilt –

The back cover of the books shows the “Monsters Not Allowed” and “Zig Zag” patterns.

DSC_6740 crop

It happens to be one of my favorite pictures from the book.  I kinda liked this one too, but I decided that Max looks a little too expressive in this picture.  I think he was about to eat the camera.

DSC_6736 carter better crop

I designed the monsters to be Max’s baby quilt.  The teeth are made using the ruler, which is why the design is included in this book.

DSC_7686 crop


I think it fits him.  I am in no way calling him a monster, I just think every little boy should have a monster quilt (or fish or puppy quilts, for those of you who remember the previous baby quilts and fabric lines that I have done for my boys)


The Zig Zag quilt was made to match Carter’s room.  I like this one because it is very quick to make and takes just 7 Fat Quarters.

DSC_7693 cropsharpened

The zig zag quilt also comes in a runner size and uses just eleven 10″ squares.

DSC_6441 adj

Next up, Vintage Stars.

DSC_6619 adj crop

This quilt features a new designer for Moda, Brenda Riddle.  The fabric line is called Ambleside.  I added the solid red to really make the stars pop.


The quilt comes in 4 sizes – Runner, wall (shown), throw, and twin.  Just add a border to make a double bed size.  Both the pinwheel block and the star points are made using the ruler.


The next quilt is called Dresden Chain.  In this quilt, the ruler is used to make the Dresden wedges.

DSC_6544 adj best crop

Typically, the Dresden block has lots of wedges.  Sometimes lots of teeny, tiny wedges – which is why I have never made one before.  I just know that I don’t have the patience to do it.   This block has just 8 Dresden wedges.  I can handle that!


The featured fabric line used in this quilt is called Flora and was designed by Joel Dewberry.  Once again, my photos just don’t do the fabric justice.  They are so pretty in person, but got a little washed out in my photos.   (Full sun isn’t always helpful for taking photos)



This design comes in 4 sizes – Wall, Throw, Square, and Long Twin.  Again – Just add a border to make the twin into a double bed size.


In the next 2 runners, the ruler is used to cut half hexagon shapes.


That shape (I called them Spools) can also be arranged like this –


You could also turn the half hexagons around so the long edges are facing each other.  You would end up with hexagons, instead of spool blocks.

For the last design, I just cut tall triangles and arranged them like this –

DSC_2937 adj

If you aren’t sure about doing the binding around those angles, just click on the tutorials tab above.  I’ve got several posts about binding inside and outside corners.

DSC_2968 adj

Lastly, this is the shot of the runners that I included in the book

DSC_7105 adj

I like seeing them all lined up like that.  It makes me happy that I decided to add all the size options.  It takes the math of all the designs and multiplies it by 5, but I think it is worth it.  My poor brain has not recovered yet!  I’m going to need lots of chocolate therapy.

DSC_7080 adj

Well, that’s all folk!  Everything from the book.  It’s a total of 12 designs and over 30 size options.  I’d love to give away another copy with this post, so just leave a comment to be entered.  Again, I’d love to hear what your favorite design is.  My personal favorite is the Monsters, but I could be wrong.  The winner from the first part of the preview was “Let it Snow.”  To be honest, that was one that almost didn’t make the cut – which goes to show how much I know!  (I ended up remaking it in new fabric and changing it up a bit so that helped.)  Please share your thoughts – I really appreciate you all helping me with my “market research”.

Have a great weekend.  I will be back early next week to announce the winners from both posts.

PS –

Click here to view part 1 of the preview.

The book is available now, so you should start seeing it at quilt shops soon.  Market is in 2 weeks, so you will see a lot more of it after that.  You can also click here to order.

If you are a shop owner, please come to our Schoolhouse at market to learn more  about the book.

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Angles With Ease 2 – Part 1

Market preparations are in high gear, with all the usual craziness – even though I started way earlier than I typically do.  I actually have proof of how early I started – two of my photos in the new book were shot last fall (see fall photos below).  I knew I had to start early because I have a 2-year-old and a baby.  How would I ever get the book done with two little munchkins?  I try to spend as much time as possible with the kids and everything that entails, so I figured I better start way earlier if I was going to find the time to do it.  And I intended to do a small book, with just a few projects. *cough* *cough*

Well – all that taking care of kids, doing laundry, making meals and being the cheerful, domestic goddess that I am (not!), turned out to be just the fuel that I needed to create.  Apparently, my brain doesn’t function well with no time to sew and pursue ideas.  I suddenly found myself with an abundance of ideas as my brain tried to cope with my new occupation as a stay at home (and work at home) mom.  Strange right?  I guess you never know where ideas will come from.  You know how some people nap when their kids nap?  I used that time to work on these ideas and I thrived on my time alone to create.

All those ideas became the quilts in my latest book, “Angles With Ease 2″.  Somehow this has turned into my largest book to date (except this one, which I did with a publisher).



That starting early thing?  It didn’t work out so well for me.  I didn’t finish months in advance as I had planned, while sitting in an easy chair with my feet up.

Turns out that starting early thing just meant more time for my crazy brain to formulate more ideas.  .  .  . And every year I promise my husband that I will do a smaller book!  I’m really not a liar.  It’s really not my fault.  I tried not to come up with new ideas.  I tried to pare things down – and I did.  I had like 10 more ideas that I could have put into this book if I had the time.  I guess the creative side of my brain just doesn’t take orders well from the sensible, follow-the-rules, orderly side of my brain.


So what idea had captured my attention this time?  For those of you who have been following me for a little while, you may remember the concept behind my “Angles with Ease” book and Triangler ruler.  (If not, click here).  While making this book, I just fell in love with the basic kaleidoscope shape and the concept that unique shapes could be made from a strip units or by using the ruler to cut different shapes.  My sketch book is full of ideas using this basic shape and those sketches became the quilts in this.  Today I will  share the quilts from the book that all begin as a strip unit.

First off, the cover quilt –

Angles with Ease 2 cover jpeg


This quilt is called Petals on a String.  It comes in 6 sizes from runner to queen.



Did I mention that the fabric requirements all use Precuts?  I love Precuts and use them whenever possible.  I used 1 Layer Cake (10″ Squares) to make this quilt, but you can also use Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths.  This fabric line is called Fresh Cut by Basic Grey (Moda).   It’s a beautiful line and I wish my photos did it justice.



And see that circle in the middle?  That covers up any points in the center of the block that aren’t perfectly aligned.



My Friend Maria of Passing Down Crazy made the second quilt on the cover and she chose to live dangerously and leave the circles off!  She can pull it off though, as she has loads of quilting experience.

DSC_6905 best cover shot crop


The pattern also comes in a runner size and uses 5″ Charm Squares.  This fabric collection is called Somerset by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts (also Moda)



Next up is China Doll.  This quilt comes in 5 sizes and uses 10″ Squares or Fat Eighths.

DSC_6636 adj crop


This fabric collection is called Aloha Girl by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree and Co (for Moda).  The blue border print from this collections just pops!

DSC_6623 darker


The runner shown in the book is made with just 3 blocks and uses the fabric collection April Showers by Bonnie and Camille (also Moda)



In this design, strip pieced flower petals are combined with folded corners to create the scrappy flower blocks.



Next up, Paperweights  – Available in 5 sizes using 10″ squares, Fat Eighths, or Fat Quarters.

DSC_3034 adj


I had originally planned to use my scraps to make a scrappy binding.  As I laid the binding next to the quilt to see if I had enough length, I decided it needed to be the border instead of binding.  So, even though those angles make the border look a little more challenging, it’s as quick and easy as sewing binding strips together

DSC_2982 adj crop 1


I couldn’t decide how to quilt these blocks, so I did the inside of each one with a different pattern.  It was fun to come up with all the ideas!



Radiant –

This design uses a very basic kaleidoscope block, but it’s the addition of the red pinwheels that makes it sparkle.

DSC_6807 adj 2


The pinwheel blocks aren’t as hard as they look.  I simplified the process by starting with a strip unit, then using the ruler to square them up to the perfect size (and that way they are all the same size too, which is generally hard to come by when using skinny, bias angles).

DSC_7665 darker


Also, the points float roughly 1/2″ in from the edge of the block so you don’t have to worry about your points getting cut off.


Featured fabrics:  Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.


Next up, Strip Stars

DSC_6427 ADJ 3


This is one of the designs from the book, that looks really hard, but that I find to be relatively easy.  Again, the block is made with a simple strip unit, then you use the ruler to cut out the star points.  The pattern uses Fat Eighths and a feature fabric that you want to show off.

DSC_6428 adj 2 DSC_6426


The design also comes in a runner size.  This is a good size to test out if you want to try the technique/ruler and see how you like it.



And the last of the strip pieced quilts, (though not the last of the projects from the book), “Let it Snow”

DSC_6522 adj best crop


This one only comes in one size, but it is a nice little wall quilt at 46″ x 53″.  It uses only 1 Layer Cake and some background fabric – that’s it!  (Perfect for those Layer Cakes that you might not have gotten around to finding coordinating border fabric for???)  You can also make it Christmas-sy or Winter-ry.  This fabric is called Evergreen by Basic Grey (Also by Moda)



Did you notice the little Cabin hidden in the trees?  No templates required for this – just use the ruler to cut a strip.  There are also a few little stars hidden in the background, for just a touch of applique.



I think that’s a long enough post for today!  I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of the preview of the new book.  I will be back later this week to share more of the projects from the book.


As is tradition on this blog, I always give away the first copy.  To be entered to win, just leave me a comment saying which project you would make first if you won!


Stop back later this week to see if you won.  Or, ask for the book at your favorite quilt shop!  You can also click here to order the book or ruler.

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Home for Harvest Winner

Thanks to everyone that participated in the giveaway from my last post.  I read each comment and take much encouragement from everyone that shared some thoughts on the line, the blog, my boys, etc.  With all my deadlines and little helpers, I don’t get time to comment back, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed reading what you have to say!


Speaking of boys, these little guys have been “helping” me cut fabric in the studio and we have that fat quarter pack ready to go.  (Does anyone else have a soft spot for little boys in footie pajamas?)


Carter also helped with picking out the winner of the Fat Quarter Pack.  I asked him to pick a name from the comments and he chose Anna Fournelle!  Please email your shipping info to hmulder@wecnet.com and I will get that shipped out right away.


I am working on trying to get a few things made up with the line.  I mostly have runners finished so far, but I have two quilts in the works as well.  I have posted these runners before, so you might have seen them –

Woven Squares from Mini Charmers 1



Ribbon Runner from Little Charmers 7 (Kit here)



This runner makes great use of the panel

DSC_7560 adj


DSC_5896 adj


A new runner from my upcoming book – The stars are strip pieced and use my Triangler Ruler.  (Kit here)



The runner again – this time with a sneak peek at a few other runners from the new book

DSC_7105 adj crop

DSC_7633 adj crop


I am also working on the free pattern that I did for Henry Glass Fabrics.


There is a version that uses the panel (as shown above) and a version that has pieced maple leaves.  (Kits are here and here.  The pattern download is available here)

Home for Harvest Pg 1B


I’ve got one more quilt going – I just have to get the binding on and take some photos and then I will share more.  (Kit here)

DSC_7645 adj


And for those of you who didn’t win the fat quarter pack – there are more here and the Fat Eighth packs here.


All for now – and thanks again!


PS – I will include a free Harvest Time Mini pattern with every fabric order :-)  Just in case you have an scraps.

184 adj crop


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Home for Harvest is Here

Today is a fun day for me – my bolts of Home for Harvest have arrived!


That means it is shipping to stores now and you should start seeing it while you are out and about visiting your favorite quilt shops.

That also means that I am giving away a Fat Quarter pack to one of my blog readers!  I enjoy the chance to give back to my readers whenever I have a new product that is hitting the market.  If you want to be entered to win, just leave me a comment below.



Here’s a closer look at the panel from the line –

DSC_7436 adj




I may have spent way too much time rearranging fat quarters and photographing them!  Just trying to capture the colors and how they look together. . . . .

7494 adj


If you would like a second chance to win a fat quarter pack, head on over to my Instagram page.  (link here)

If you would like to order some of the fabric, please go to our online store here.  I will be working on listing kits as I get them ready to go.

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