I’ve been taking a little blog break the last few weeks –


Spending a little more time outside –


With this guy


and this guy



I made one more top – again something to wear with leggings.  After spending the 3 of the last 4 years in maternity pants, it’s hard to go back to something with a waist band!





It started as an ordinary button up the front shirt pattern – but I didn’t want to do button holes. Haha!  I love the fabric – Robert Kaufman Stretch Chambray.  Nice and lightweight and so much easier to work with than a knit – but it’s comfortable and stretchy so it feels more like a knit.  I got mine here.  I totally recommend it and wish it came in more colors.


And one last photo of summer – before it’s over.


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Cancun Lace Top

I finished a fun sweater a few weeks ago – though it has been too hot here to wear it!   I just love the pattern, so I have been really excited to share it with you.


I thought this pattern was so much fun to make.  It’s just two simple rectangles, sewn together at the neck and side seams, with holes left for the arms and head.  There are 4 different lace patterns that are repeated, keeping things interesting.  All of the lace patterns are pretty easy to do, and the whole top was surprisingly quick to make.

DSC_8577 crop


The pattern is designed by Erin Kate Archer and it’s called the Cancun Boxy Lace Top.  (You can view the Ravelry link here).  The photo below shows the picture from the pattern.  It’s a crop top and let’s just say that’s not happening!  I made mine about twice as long.



The yarn that I used was something that’s been in my stash for a while and it worked out well for this project.  It’s called Quartz – in my most favorite color – aqua blue.


To check out more details, you can find my Ravelry link here.


If you are looking for a fun summer knit, I highly recommend it!

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A Fun Little Top Pattern

I have been having a little fun with this pattern – Simplicity 2147.




In fact, I have made it 3 times.  I tried to make them each a bit different – but it’s so nice when you have a pattern figured out, you know the size works and it’s comfortable.  You will have to try to look past my bad pictures.  I think it’s much cuter in person, but I’m not a very good model and my husband isn’t a professional photographer!  I made all 3 of them out of 2 way stretch knits, so they are very comfy.



The yoke is my favorite part – it’s a cute detail with five tucks and includes a small sleeve.  That’s right – no set in sleeve!  It’s built right into the yoke.



I also think it’s cute with a sweater thrown over the top.  Here it is with my Vitamin D.  Again – bad picture, but you can see the cute yoke details, it adds a splash of color, and if it gets cold, I can just throw a layer over it.



For my second one, I made it a bit longer and did a gathered yoke instead of the tucks.




And just a note – When I was sewing this, I kept asking my Mom questions about what the pattern said to do as far as construction.  The pattern called for bias tape around the neck.  Because I was using a knit, Mom showed me how to add ribbing.  It was a lot like doing a single fold binding, but you have to stretch it more.  She also showed me a few tips for getting a nice hem – Like using a strip of knit interfacing along the hem to make it lay nice and using a twin stretch needle for doing the hem.  Both resulted in a more professional looking finish, for a beginning sewer like me.  I’m all for following patterns, but nothing compares to having a Mom with 50 years of sewing experience!

You can probably see the hem a little bit better on this photo


The main thing you can see is that the hem lays nice and flat.


For my last one, I used two colors.

DSC_9124 crop


I also changed up the neck a bit, so I had to do a facing instead of the ribbing that I was talking about earlier.



I also made it longer, so I could wear it with legging.  I’m not sure if I will keep it long.  I don’t think it’s as flattering, but I like the comfort of leggings.



Once again, the pattern is Simplicity 2147.  For those of you who are interested in sewing clothes, I would recommend this pattern.  I feel sort of reluctant sharing, because my sewing is nothing special and I don’t like modeling for photos, but several of you mentioned that you were interested in sewing clothes again.  I just wanted to encourage a few of you to give it a try!


If you would like to see some more cute variations on this pattern, click here.

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Christmas in July

A couple of weeks ago I finished up the binding on two more samples that were made during the testing process for my Angles With Ease 2 book.  They are both samples of the “Let It Snow” pattern.  It may seem weird to be talking about Christmas quilts in July – But all the Christmas fabric lines have been hitting the shops over the last month (so get them while you can) AND I have been working on binding stockings and making Christmas ornaments, so it seems fitting to me.  You may not have Christmas on the brain like I do, but I am going to share the quilts anyways!


Here is the original from the book, made with the fabric line “Evergreen” by Basic Grey for Moda fabrics.

DSC_6522 adj best crop


My second sample was made by my Mother and uses the fabric line “Holly’s Tree Farm” by Sweetwater (again for Moda fabrics).




Here is a close-up of the fabrics – I love the vintage car print, complete with Christmas tree strapped to the top of the car.



I think these are such happy little trees – (Who does that remind you of?  Isn’t there a guy that paints landscapes on PBS that always talks about “Happy Little Trees”?  The one with the big hair?)




The next one that I have to share is made from my first thoughts on the design and the trees were pieced a few years ago.  I struggled with coming up with a layout, so I scrapped it.



For some reason I decided it wasn’t good enough, quite right, or something.  I picked up the project again this summer and decided I needed to finish it.  Now, I wish it was the one shown in the book.



Funny how that happens sometimes – Where several months after the fact (or years) it becomes clear to you that you made the right or wrong decision, though for the life or you, you couldn’t figure it out at the time.  (Good thing it was just a quilt!)


The reason that I like this one best is this little checkerboard border.



If you would like to make the checkerboard border too, you just need to cut a 8 Fat Quarters into 2″ strips (actually, if I remember right, 5-6 strips of each should do it).  Sew the strips together and cut into 2″ sections.  The original pattern calls for 1 Layer Cake (27 -10″ squares to be exact).  For this version, you would need about 20 – 10″ squares and 8 Fat Quarters or if you don’t mind it being less scrappy – 12 Fat Quarters should do it.



Merry Christmas or Happy Summer!  Or maybe I should just say happy stitching, whatever your project may be :-)


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Watson and Family Pics

Today I want to share a new sweater that I made in May.  I love the pattern and color of the yarn.  The pattern is Watson by Amy Miller.  I like it so much that I plan to make this cardigan again in different colors.



My photos aren’t great – but you can see the fun details.



It was really quick to make (which I appreciate), but with enough details to keep it interesting.



You can read about my mods on Ravelry here.



I ended up wearing it for our family pictures.  We took them a few weeks ago and I even wore one of the tops that I made under it.

Peterson-117 crop


Which leads me to our family photos.   Our new youth pastor at church and his wife are doing some photography and I wanted to give them some business.   They had done some photography for our niece and the pictures were really nice.  I so appreciate the support I got when I started my business, so I wanted to do the same.

Get ready for picture overload!

Peterson-100 aadj






Peterson-37 my edit2









As you can tell, I really love the candid ones ;-)






I have so many more I could share, but I will wrap it up.  You all know that I love photography, so I will cherish these photos.  I know I will look back on them my entire life and remember when my guys were little, all their funny expressions, etc, etc.  I already miss them, and they aren’t even grown up yet!  Sniff, sniff.


If you live in the area and want to give them a try, here is the link to their Facebook page.  (For locals in the area, we have also had Laura Jill Photography and she does a wonderful job too.  Go check them out!)


One last shot – because I love this face!


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No Monsters Allowed

I’m still working on finishing up all the samples that were made during the pattern testing of the book Angles With Ease 2.  I just finished the binding on this monster quilt and sent it off with a trunk show.  It’s headed to Lyman, Wyoming to Valley Fabric Shop for the month of July, but I snapped a few pictures to share with you before I sent it off.



I had fun quilting this one –



My favorite design was this filler that I did in the backgrounds of the square monster blocks.



The googly eyes are appliqued using this method and the teeth are made using this ruler.




This quilt just makes me smile.  Who said monsters are scary?

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Sewing Projects

I mentioned a while back that I have been in the mood to sew some clothes.  One of the reasons it that I knit sweaters, and then I can’t find anything to wear under them.  The only way around this is to make something to wear under the sweaters.

For example, I made this sweater, called Vitamin D in this beautiful grey yarn from Blue Moon Fibers.



The yarn is one of my favorites – Socks that Rock Heavyweight.  It has beautiful shine and drape.



This is my second Vitamin D sweater.  You can read about the first one here  (scroll down)and you can find my Ravelry link to the second one here.  For my second one, I added the lace detail at the bottom, since I didn’t think they should be exactly the same.



When I got the sweater done, I had nothing to go under it.  I had been wanting to make a top out of the double gauze fabric that I had seen at spring quilt market.  I decided on this one because it has a small grey circle scattered about that pulls the two colors together.  Plus, I have been crushing on all things coral lately.



Even though I loved the look of the double gauze, I’m not sure if I will use it again.  I found it a challenge to sew with.  It wanted to pucker up on me and it’s very wrinkly.  I’m not sure why I didn’t notice that when I was looking at all the stuff made out of it at market.  I think I was just loving the texture so much, that I forgot to squeeze the fabric, instead of just petting it.  But, here is how my top looks after wearing it all day –



I kinda like it better with the sweater over it.


My other thought after making the shirt out of the double gauze is that it has no stretch.  I really prefer comfort over looks, so I think I will be making more knit tops from now on.  Speaking of knits, I also found this print that matches my grey sweater. (Here is the link to Hawthorne threads where I purchased the knit).



This is actually the same pattern as the coral top, I just wacked it off under the bust line to add a little different detail.  I also did neck and arm bands instead of facings (so much easier!)



It’s really comfy and so is the sweater.



That’s all for today folks.  I have to say I have been enjoying my time sewing these tops.  Since quilt market and the end of the major deadlines, I have been sewing clothes during the boy’s nap time, rather than working.  What a treat to steal away to the sewing room for a little time away!




I have two more tops that I will share with you soon, and I have two more cut out.  And I may have pinned a bunch more things that I would like to make.  What have I gotten myself into?  (You can see my Pinterest sewing board here)

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