Hello Again . . .

Hello Friends!

It has been 6 months since my last check in – How did that happen?  It might have something to do with this –

May 2 2019 038 adj

Yes, that is a stack of new quilts that I have been working!  And it seems whenever I am working on making the quilts for a new book and doing all the writing,  I have little time for anything else or can’t really show anything that I have been working on.  So, over the next couple weeks before Quilt Market, I’m going to do a few posts that share the new quilts.

I always work around a theme for my books and for this one, I am working around Precuts.  I know that’s nothing new, but I continue to collect them and then when I want to use them, I get out all my books and starting trying to find a pattern written for the Precut that I want to use.   That process led me to the thought that it would be nice to have one book that had a couple patterns for each Precut in my stash – kind of a one stop shop, so to speak.  In addition to using Precuts, I wanted the patterns to be fairly quick and simple and versatile enough to work for many occasions.    Those thoughts led to the name “Simple Treasures”, with the tag line – “A Quilt for Every Precut in your Stash”.  See the front cover below –

Simple Treasures front cover 600

And here is the back cover:

Simple Treasure back cover


There are a bunch of the quilts that I can’t share yet because the fabrics line haven’t been introduced yet, so I will start with the quilts that I can share.  First up, is the cover quilt Hexi Cabin.  Precut used:  2 1/2″ strips

hexi cabin twin

This is the first quilt that I designed for the book and I had a lot of fun making it.  You all know that I love 60-degree angles and using the Creative Grids 60-degree triangle ruler.  This block combines those things with my love of log cabin blocks.  I use the lob cabin idea, combined with the partial seam technique (which is very easy), to set the hexagon into the middle of the block without any Y-seams.

sun 24th 233 adj


I also like the unique layout of the quilt, which provides the opportunity to add a touch of applique and some fun machine quilting.

219 adj


I really had a lot of fun quilting this quilt.  I used this batting to make sure that the quilting really showed!

sun 24th 236 adj


As I was working on this twin size quilt, I kept picturing a smaller version that could be used as a wall quilt, throw, or on a toddler bed.  For this version, I only did one round on the log cabin block and scaled down the applique.



These fabrics are from the collection “In the Meadow” by Keera Job for Riley Blake designs.

May 2 2019 011 adj


I had fun quilting this one too – Doesn’t the echo and filler really make everything pop?

May 2 2019 014 adj

May 2 2019 016 adj


I also did a runner version – because why stop at only two size options?

hexi cabin runner


And here are all 3 version together.



Next up, is the Stashbuster Log Cabin quilt.  I already mentioned my love of log cabin quilts, but a while back I saw some wrapping paper that had a log cabin looking block with staggered “sashing”.  I hung that scrap of wrapping paper on my bulletin board with the intention of someday turning it into a quilt.  The result is this quilt using several different strip sizes, lots of prints, a modern feel to the layout and several different block designs  (There are 5 different blocks designs in the quilt).

stashbuster large shot


I mainly used 2 1/2″ strips for the blocks, but I also used some 1 1/2″ and 1″ strips.  The pattern also gives an option for using Fat Quarters and Fat Eighths.  For the cream sashing, I dug in to my stash of low volume prints – many of them being leftovers from all the the quilts that I have made with cream or white backgrounds.  I cut them all into strips and mixed them in throughout the quilt.  I love looking at the quilt and remembering all of the fun things that I made with those prints!  With the colored prints, there are probably 100 of my favorite fabrics in the quilt.

357 adj


When I didn’t have enough of a strip left to complete a full round on the block, I just used two different prints.  See the block in the upper left hand corner of the photo below.  This is how some of the blocks in the wrapping paper inspiration were done, and it was a great way to use up the strips.

370 adj


The quilt was great fun to make and it would be fun to do again in a few years with my next batch of scraps or assorted strips.



Another quilt in the book that uses 2 1/2″ strips is the Jewel Box quilt.

jewel box.jpg


The block is very simple to make, with a little “jewel” connecting the blocks.

May 2 2019 002 adj


This patterns also comes in lots of sizes.  Since I made the smaller size quilt, I had strips leftover from my blocks, so I used them to make a scrappy binding.  This fabric is from the “Well Said” collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics.

May 2 2019 008 adj


You could also use the leftovers to make the table runner size option.  (This block is also 5″ square friendly)

jewel box runner


This runner is made using the fabric line “Serenade” by Cindi Walker for Riley Blake.

May 2 2019 029 adjMay 2 2019 030 adj


Next up, is the back cover quilt – Easy Peasy Plaid.  It also uses 2 1/2″ strips, but you can  use Fat Eighths too.  The pattern comes in 5 or 6 sizes, is super easy and really quick to make!

back cover shot


The fabrics are from the “Way Up North” collection by Zippyboro for Riley Blake.



I just love these vintage prints!

May 2 2019 088 adj


In addition to these fun fabrics, it was also fun to have my boys in a photo again.  They are now 4 and 6. . . .

125 adj


and will smile and pose for candy canes!



Speaking of boys, they helped out with a few photos this time around, though they didn’t all make the book – like this picture where the younger one didn’t want to pose but kept darting in and out of the photo!

026 adj


This photo was taken in front of our neighbor’s zinnia field.  While we were shooting the photo, one of the neighbors drove by and asked “Are those children being exploited for marketing purposes?”  Why yes they are!

054 adj


This quilt was inspired by a Fat Quarter bundle that has been sitting on my shelf for years (it was one of Anna Maria Horner’s first fabric lines) and by one of my all-time favorite books -“The Secret Life of Bees.”  In that book, they talk about what amazing mathematicians bees are.  They can make perfect 60-degree angles without the use of any tools.  It really is an amazing fact – How do they do it?  I am not as talented – I require that handy 60-degree ruler that I mentioned early to make my honeycomb patterns!  Thus, this pattern is called Honeycomb and is meant to show off a fabric collection that includes large florals that you want to display in a “honeycomb” frame.

honeycomb fence 600 org

482 adj


And don’t let the binding on this one scare you, I have an easy tutorial for that.

honeycomb flat anna maria shot


That is a lot of photos, so I better stop for today.  I will continue with the preview in my next post.  Thanks for stopping by again after my long hiatus!  Please leave a comment and let me know that you are still here  ( I always like to hear which quilt you would make first ;-))

Click here if you are interested in purchasing a book.  You can also ask your local quilt shop to bring it in for you.  We always appreciate our readers that support us and the quilt shops that carry our products!


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Sew Caffeinated Quilt

Today I want to share a version of my Sew Caffeinated pattern from my Trendy Table 2 book.  The original design is for a table runner, as shown below.

DSC_8084 adj 600


DSC_7647 adj_PP copy

This is a really a fun quilt to pick out fabrics for – Just go through your stash and pick out anything that would make a cute coffee cup!  You only need a 5″ square for each cup.  Then select a small-scale print for the handle.



I have been wanting to make this into a wall quilt for my kitchen, even since I came up with this design.   Even though the pattern in the book is for the runner, I included this diagram in the book to show how it could be turned into a wall quilt.  Since my Photoshop skills aren’t that good, the diagram isn’t very interesting.

coffee cupssize options

It’s much cuter in actual fabric!



And of course, the machine quilting adds so much.  I was a bit nervous about quilting this one, as all that plain grey really needed something fun!





As you can probably tell from the excessive number of pictures, I had too much fun making this quilt!  If you are interested in making this quilt, you can find the book here.  I used this background fabric.

As a little bonus, all orders placed in my online store during the months of October and November will receive my Mini Harvest Time pattern for free.  You can view that pattern here.

184 adj crop



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Color Options for Trendy Table 2

During the testing process when I’m working on a new book, we always end up with a couple different quilts of each design.  I often choose to have the testing done in different colors, just to see how much the designs change with different fabrics.  Today I want to share a couple of the test versions.  The photos were taken in April in Minnesota, so I don’t have any pretty backdrops, but they will have to do as the quilts won’t be back here until January!  The designs are all from my Trendy Table 2 book and those trunk shows are out traveling from shop to shop until January.

The first runner that I want to share is from my Lucky LuLu pattern.

068 adj with road out 600


DSC_7629 adj_PP copy

When we did the test version, I really wanted to see the puppy done up in black.




I based the rest of the colors on this binding fabric, then picked out a few coordinates to provide a pop of color.  The binding print is a Denyse Schmidt fabric and I had just enough left to eek out the binding.  I think the background is Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in Charcoal.



The second runner is called Stellar.  The option with the grey background below is the original one shown in the book.

DSC_7636 adj_PP 600 copy

The original features the fabric line Simply Colorful from V and Co and my favorite background – Yarn Dyed Essex Linen in the graphite colorway.

DSC_7690 adj 600


My color option uses assorted 5″ squares from my stash and an assortment of leftover background fabrics.


IMG_0049 adj


I would love to make a larger version of this one, either with 5″ squares or 10″ squares for my bed.  Someday  . . . .




The next runner is called Pathways, shown first in the original colors.

DSC_7618 adj_PP copy

These fabrics are from the Midnight Garden line by One Canoe Two for Moda fabrics.



The test version uses Creekside by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda Fabrics.  I added in a cream background from my stash and some grey Moda Grunge for the sashing.


The change in background from red to cream really changes the look on this one!




That’s all for today!  I hope you enjoyed seeing these runners in different colorways.  I’m finishing up a larger version of the coffee cup quilt and I will be back to share that soon.

You can find the Trendy Table 2 book here.

You can find the Yarn Dyed Essex linen here and here.

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More Size Options for Trendy Table 2

Today I wanted to share a couple more size options for the runners in my Trendy Table 2 book.  Like my last post, most of them are digital mock-ups, but one is an actual quilt.  I will start with that one.

These are the original photos from the book:

DSC_8093 adj 600


I called this runner the Magic Snowflake Runner.  It uses 2 1/2″ strips and a strip piecing technique that simplified the angles.



This idea original started with the following quilt, but in order to use the design in this book, I had to turn it into a table runner design.

275 adj


Because of my color selection for the runner, I thought the block looked like a snowflake – but you can see that my original fabric choices make the design look different and you no longer see snowflakes.

276 adj


The construction of the blocks is the same in runner or the bigger quilt, but in the runner I had you sew the blocks together with setting triangles and in the quilt I made half blocks that are sewn together in rows.  I have outlined the blocks below, and above that, a single row.

281 adj with lines


I thought this was a really fun quilt to make – but I love angles, especially of the 60-degree variety.  I also thought the fabrics were really fun.  This line is called Hey Dot by Zen Chic for Moda fabrics.  (I used about 30 strips of a Jelly Roll).  I used Yarn dyed Essex Linen for the background.

285 adj


The next size option that I was to share is for the Sparkler pattern.

DSC_7660 adj 2


DSC_8476 adj_PP copy

The size option to the left shows 2 runners sewn side by side and the option to the right shows 3 runners sewn side by side, making it very easy to do the math if you choose to make these size options.  Just double or triple the numbers in the pattern.  The finished sizes of these options are 39″ x 54.5″ and 54.5″ square.

split stars size option 2 x 3       split stars size option 3 x 3


The next option is one that I would love to see the actual quilt made up.  I think it makes a more interesting quilt than a runner, but again, I was making a runner book, so that is the size that I had to go with for the book.   The design is called Woven.

mod plaid size option 4 x 4


This is the original size in the book –

DSC_7992 adj 2 600


DSC_7633 adj_PP copy

To make the quilt I just showed, you would need to make the equivalent of 5 runners, so the math is really easy to do.  Each block takes 2 – 10″ squares (also known as a Layer Cake square).   So to make this quilt, you just to find the perfect Layer Cake, as the option below would take 1 full layer cake, plus a white and grey fabric.

mod plaid size option 4 x 4


I also did a mock of a slightly smaller size.  This one is the equivalent of make 3 runners and finishes out at 41.75″ x 53.25″.

mod plaid small size option 3 x 4


I hope that gives you a few more ideas on how to change up a few of the runners in the book.  To view more projects in the book or order the book, click here.

I will leave you today with a photo I snapped of my boys while I was photographing that first quilt.  It’s all dinosaurs all the time over here – With all of the sounds effects from the younger one, and all the facts from the older one (his current favorite book is a Dinosaur Encyclopedia).


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Trendy Table 2 Size Options


Good afternoon!  I’m back to share the winner from my last post and some info about changing the sizes on the runners.

Thanks for all who commented on the last two posts – It really helps me with my “market research” to tell what is going to be popular from the book.  From the comments on my last post, the random number generator chose Ann from NC, who commented on May 18th.  Please email your shipping info to hmulder@wecnet.com, and I will get your book out right away!  For those that didn’t win, you can find the book here.

trendy table 2 cover 60-0


Now onto some size options for the projects in the book.  I know there are always people that don’t make table runners, but may be looking for a way to use the design in a larger format.  For example, see my Hollyhocks runner below.  What would this design look like in a larger size?

DSC_8083 600


This is what I came up with for a size option.  I’m not that great with Photoshop, so I hope you can use your imagination 😉  To make this size option, you would make two runners exactly as listed in the book, then you will need a pink fabric (think an awesome print that you don’t want to chop up) and a border fabric.  I have shown this size option in the back of the book, along with what size I cut the pink fabric and the border.

holly hocks size option


Next up, the Sew caffeinated runner from the book.

DSC_8084 adj 600


DSC_7647 adj_PP copy

For this size option, you would make the row above four times (the row includes the 5 cups between the two angled cups in the corner).  I’ve also shown this size option in the book, along with the cut sizes of the grey fabric.  I would also add some of the steam appliques – which I did show in the book but wasn’t able to insert into this blog format.

coffee cupssize options



Next up is the “Stellar” runner.  This is a really easy one to adjust the size on.

DSC_7636 adj_PP 600 copy


For this size option, just make 2 runners and add the sashing in between.  It’s perfect for a baby quilt or wall quilt.

V and Co size option 2 x 3


For the next one, you would make 3 runners and add the sashing pieces shown.  This size would also be great for a wall quilt.

V and Co size 3 x 3

I would also use this size on a bed.  We have a king size bed in our room and I use a whole cloth quilt on the bottom, and then I rotate square quilts on top as shown in the photo below.  It saves me from having to make king size quilts and gives me the opportunity to make many, smaller things.

DSC_8111 adj


Next up is the Lucky LuLu runner.

068 adj with road out 600


This is a block that I think would actually be cuter in a larger quilt.  The problem though was that this book was supposed to be only runners, so I had to stick with that format to use the design.  But, I think it would make a good lap quilt or topper.

Again, I wish my Photoshop skills were better, but hopefully you can visualize what a cute topper this would make.

dog size options


This is what I envision for the lap size.  I will admit that it is a lot of tiny folded corners to make that many dog bones, but it might be worth it!

lap size optin


Hopefully that gives you a few ideas on how to adjust the sizes.  I don’t think people realize just how versatile table runners designs can be!  No quilt pattern has to be made exactly as shown in the book ;-)))  If you are interested in seeing more size options, just le me know and I will mock up a few more.


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Trendy Table 2 – Preview Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of the preview of my Trendy Table 2 book.  It was really fun to read through everyone’s comments on Part 1 of the preview.  I was so happy to see so many familiar names and  I’m glad to see so many of you back here!  Of course new people are always welcome too 😉

Before I continue on with the preview, I would like to share the winner of the book from the last post.  The random generator number chose:  LouEllen, who commented on May 9th at 8:01 am.  Please send your shipping info to hmulder@wecnet.com and I will get your book sent out asap.

trendy table 2 cover 60-0

First up in the preview is a group shot taken on the beach in Mexico.

DSC_8056 adj3 600


Starting from right to left in that shot is Woven and Sew caffeinated (I showed detail shots of both of these in my last post).  Then there is Confetti, shown in 2 color ways:  a bright version made from my stash and a traditional version made with biscuits and Gravy by Basic Grey for Moda.

DSC_7609 adj_PP copyDSC_8472 adj_PP copy


I am really liking more solid background.  The high contrast just makes all the cute prints pop.  This pattern takes just 1 charm pack, plus the background and border.

DSC_8113 adj 3 600


The bright version with the grey background is my favorite though.  These prints are all taken from my stash and I used my favorite grey background – Yarn dyed Essex Linen by Kauffman fabrics in the colorway Graphite.

DSC_7979 adj


Lately, I just want to make everything with a grey background and these bright colors!   This tropical background doesn’t hurt either 😉   In this shot, the Confetti runner is shown with the 10 Minute Table Runner.

DSC_7969 adj 2 600


This pattern is super simple and literally takes about 10 minutes to sew the background pieces together, but it does take a little longer if you want to add the applique like I did.



These prints are all from my stash and include some Art Gallery prints, Amy Butler, Alison Glass, Anna Maria Horner and one Moda print.  You need 12 – 10″ squares to make this.  It would also be great made another row wider and turned into a baby quilt.  (I do show some of these size options in the book).  If you were making a larger size, you could use fat quarters.

DSC_7638 adj_PP copy


Last up from that group shot is the Holly Hocks runner.

DSC_8083 600


This runner is also made using 1 charm pack or you can cut assorted prints from your stash like I did.   (I think the new Color Cuts by Moda would be perfect for a bunch of these runners.  If you bought them in a few different colors, you would be able to make quite a few coordinating runners for your house).

DSC_7737 adj


I have tried to include some runners in the book that work good for decorating around the seasons.  This is one that I will have on my dining room table during the summer.

DSC_8491 adj_PP(1) copy


This next runner is called Dutch Girls and will be my spring table decor.

DSC_8236 adj vase 600


DSC_8463 adj_PP copy


DSC_8243 crop.jpg


I have included a couple of options for Fall – Though the first one could easily be made in other colors.  It’s called Sun Kissed.

173 019 ADJ 2 600


This runner also uses 5″ squares, plus two contrast prints (shown in white and navy).

114 (2) adj


DSC_7624 adj_PP copy


Even more fall-ish is this pumpkin runner called Pumpkin Patch.  These patch-style pumpkins have been popular for a while, so I figured it was high time that I made a runner with them!

173 adj 600


Once again, this runner uses 5″ squares (for the pumpkins and border), plus a green and a background.  You could also use 2 1/2″ strips for the scrappy part.



The grey background fabric is a Moda Mochi dot.

171 adj 2


DSC_8509 adj_PP copy


I also made something with a winter theme – even though winter is my least favorite season.  Snowflakes are always pretty, so I designed this block to look like a snowflake.  It is strip pieced and uses the Creative Grids 60-degree triangle ruler, which is why I have called it the Magic Snowflake Runner.

DSC_8093 adj 600


This pattern uses 2 1/2″ strips, plus the white and red fabrics. You could also use fat eighths.



DSC_8501adj_PP copy


I’ve also included a topper version for all of you asking for something for a round end table.

DSC_8110 adj 600


And one last group shot. . . . .  Once again, you can let me know your favorite in the comments.  I will send out one more complimentary copy from the comments, so check back for my next post to see who the winner is.  You can also check with your local quilt shop to see if they have the book in yet or order the book here.

DSC_8030 adj







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Trendy Table 2 Preview – Part 1

Welcome back!  It’s been 6 months (Yikes!) since I’ve posted and I’m not even sure if anybody even reads blogs anymore!  But, I’ve been working on a new book and thought I would pop back in to share about it.  The book is called Trendy Table 2 and here is the front cover:

trendy table 2 cover 60-0

And the back cover:

trendy table 2 back cover 600

As you can see, it is another runner book.  I think this is my 5th runner book, but my love for making runners doesn’t seem to be going away!   They are still just as addicting and I love anything that I can start and finish in an evening.

Since there are 15 designs, I thought I would break my preview up into 2 posts.  I will share 7 of the runners today and the rest next week.

The first runner that I want to share is called Sew Caffeinated.  I have been wanting to make something with coffee cups and some favorite prints for a while now.  They remind me of a couple of cups that I have from Anthropologies – Cute print/pattern with a contrasting handle.

DSC_8084 adj 600


This shot was taken at my friend Maria’s house – Who happened to have this cute bike, sign, a vase with flower and a piece of cheesecake in the fridge for the perfect props!

DSC_8139 adj 600


This runner is made with 5″ squares, so perfect for charm packs if you don’t have a stash of coffee-cup type prints.

DSC_7647 adj_PP copy


Up next:  Lucky LuLu – featuring an easy to piece puppy and my cute niece Addilyn.

068 adj with road out 600


This shot shows the puppy a little better –

054 adj




This runner is made with 2 1/2″ squares or 1 Mini Charm packs.  The fabric shown is by called Wing and Leaf by Gina Martin for Moda fabrics.

DSC_7629 adj_PP copy


The next runner is called Stellar.  I have made so many things with stars, but I still love them!

DSC_7690 adj 600


I also have this runner in a group shot, which was taken in Mexico.  We went on vacation for the first time in 6 years, so I brought a suit case of runners with, hoping for some nice locations.  (Back home in Minnesota, the bleak, white landscape doesn’t work for any outdoor shots!)  We often got up and walked the resort at 6:30 in the morning looking for spots, so I wouldn’t get people in the photos.

DSC_7895 adj2 600


This runner uses 5″ squares or one Charm pack.  I used Simply Colorful by V and Co for Moda fabrics.  The background fabric is Yarn Dyed Essex Linen from Kauffman fabrics.

DSC_7636 adj_PP 600 copy


The next one up is Pathways.

DSC_7799 adj 600


Speaking of getting people in my shots, while I was shooting this one, a lady wearing a dress that exactly matched the runner walked through.  What are the chances they would match?



This fabric line is called Midnight Garden by 1Canoe2 for Moda Fabrics.  Again, I used just one Mini Charm pack.


DSC_7618 adj_PP copy

That runner is also in a group shot, with another star runner 🙂

DSC_7660 adj 2


It’s called Sparkler and uses 24 – 8″ squares.  It’s very easy to make and goes together pretty quickly.  The fabrics are all from my stash

DSC_8476 adj_PP copy

Also in that photo is the Color Wheel runner.  I used assorted 2 1/2″ strips from my stash, along with more yarn dyed essex line (this time in charcoal).

DSC_7661 adj 600


I used the Creative Grids 60-degree triangle ruler to make this.  I’ve written so many patterns using this ruler and I know a lot of you have it too!

DSC_7669 adj


DSC_8506 adj_PP copy


Last up for today,  is this runner called Woven.

DSC_7992 adj 2 600


With this design, I was going for a modern take on a plaid.  I have always loved plaid, but it’s been done so many times before so I wanted to switch it up a bit by offsetting the grey lines.  The florals are assorted 10″ squares – Mostly from Art Gallery Fabrics, but I also see a couple Modas in there too.

DSC_7770 adj

And the flat shot . . .

DSC_7633 adj_PP copy

That’s it for today’s preview!  I always give away the first copy of the book, so leave me a comment to enter.  Just tell me which one is your favorite or what you would make first, and I will pick from the comments.  Check back to see who the winner is in my next post.  You can also enter to win a copy that I am giving away on Instagram, so check out my feed on the right sidebar to click over to my Instagram.  To purchase a copy, click here.

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