Winners and a Short Trip

Hello!  Sorry to keep you waiting a week to find out the winners of the new book, but I’ve been gone for a few days (more about that later).  The randomly chosen winners are:

Jackie, posted May 3rd, at 12: 47 am – winner of the Sizzlin’ Sixties book


2Hippos, posted on May 1 – winner of the Stop, Drop, and Roll book

Please email your shipping addresses to me at and I’ll ship them out when I get back from quilt market.

Now, where have I been the last few days?   My Mom, sister and I decided to go on a short get-away.  My Mom just finished a two month project for her job, it was her birthday, I just finished the new books, my sister had the time off work, so we decided to make it work.   What????  A vacation right before quilt market?  I actually feel guilty telling my fellow designers this, knowing that so many of them are slaving away finishing up their stuff for market.  Keep in mind that after 13 years in this business, this has never happened!  I’m usually pulling several all nighters just trying to get my work done before market.  I’ve learned that that isn’t the best way to arrive at market.  I remember one time, arriving so tired I could hardly think straight and ended up crying under my table at sample spree.   Not good and a little embarrassing!  After years of half killing myself to be ready, I tried something a little different this year – a short get away so I could arrive refreshed and ready to work!


I wanted to share a bit about where we went – because it’s such a great place.   It’s called Larsmont Cottages, located up on the North Shore of Minnesota, on Lake Superior.


This is the registration office and Ledge Rock Grill, but all the cottages are this cute too.



See?   The setting is beautiful and melds perfectly with Minnesota’s North Shore.









The cabins are right on the lake, so one afternoon we watched a storm come in.  See the rainbow?  It’s a shy one, but we saw a couple like that after the storm.




After the storm, the fog came rolling in off the lake –





We also visited Two Harbors, just north of the Duluth



Addi was with too, so we had to feed the birds in Canal Park (Duluth).




Here’s a better shot of Addi – She was part of our entertainment for trip.  She also entertained and charmed the socks off our waiter at the grill!


When we weren’t busy sightseeing, hiking, eating, watching movies, or playing with Addi, we were quilting.  I got blocks sewn for four different quilts.  I’ll show them to you after I get them sewn together.  We also just spent time in the cottage.  They are really done up nice, with a corner fireplace, stainless appliances, granite counter tops, a Jacuzzi tub, patio, and the cutest red couches.  You can see more of this on Larsmont’swebsite, as my pictures of the inside didn’t turn out that well.  I have to say that the inside is even nicer than thier pictures!  Plus, it’s really nice to have your own kitchen so you don’t have to eat out for every meal.  It sure beats a hotel room!  Plus, we got a great price and that’s why I wanted to blog about this place.  They were offering an April/May midweek special for only $99 a night.  It’s a great value for accommodations like this.  So, if you live in Minnesota or near by, I highly recommend going!  As you can see, we had a great escape from our usual work routine.  It’s a little cold up there at this time of year, but we were pretty lucky to get weather in the 60-70’s.  I think the economy is hurting the tourist business up there, so I hope a few of you go up there and give them some business.  Maybe a quilt retreat with a few girlfriends???


I’ll be gone to market next week, but will share about it as soon as I get back. 

Wish me luck! 


If you are a shop owner, please stop by and say Hi!





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13 Responses to Winners and a Short Trip

  1. diane says:

    What a lovely place. There are so many places in the great U.S. to see! Glad you had fun! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun in Pa. also. Enjoy and don’t cry! Thanks for your lovely quilting talent that you share with all of us.

  2. mariajhmom says:

    Good for you!!! I hope you finally got to piece something just for fun! Have fun at market. Feel free to spend my money on fat quarter bundles if you don’t want them!

  3. A Betty says:

    Have fun at market- good for you to have a break before the hard work of market. I am finishing up a little quilt from the left overs of Maria’s bundle of Rebel Roses. If I can quilt it nicely, it will be right up there with one of my favorites. I used a very wild Kaffee Fasset pattern with some of my own ideas too. A Betty

  4. AllenQuilts says:

    Addi is adorable!

  5. Mary Flynn says:

    Gorgeous photos!!

  6. Tara says:

    So glad you could get away–Hopefully you’ll enjoy market more than you ever have in the past!

  7. Stephanie says:

    amazing pictures and setting – I am going to look into it for a vacation for my hubby and I!

  8. Colleen says:

    Sold! I was trying to come up with a great place to stay when we head up that way, and I think that place looks WONDERFUL!

    Good luck at market and I hope you do enjoy yourself!

  9. Kelly O. says:

    great pics!
    it makes me want to go!

  10. Linda says:

    Well, with picutures like that, you are excused – beautiful!!! It was a good idea to rest up before heading off to Market – have a great time!!

  11. Jolene says:

    What an awesome picture of Addi!!! I could just squeeze her. Good for you on getting away. You always have such great pictures.

  12. Kim says:

    Happy to see that you enjoyed playing in my backyard. The Duluth area is so pretty here in your photos and your family photos, brother and his family are delightful. Thanks for sharing.

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