Were any of you fans of the Anne of Green Gables movies?  It was probably one of my favorites growing up.  I don’t know if that was just because we didn’t have cable or what – but I loved it just the same.  I would watch it over and over during all my late night sewing.

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In fact, just talking about it makes me in the mood to see it again.  I still pine away for those simpler times – thought realistically, I would not want to give up mascara, hairspray or electricity.  Or indoor plumbing.  Yeah, that’s kind of a big one.


My favorite characters were Anne and Gilbert.  So, when I happened upon this pattern on Ravelry, I knew I had to make it for Carter.  It’s called Gilbert and I don’t even know if it is actually from the movie, but I wanted to make it anyways.

DSC_7969 DSC_7962



And my favorite photo of Carter in the vest – He looks so grown up.



You can find the details on my Ravelry page here.  Since I took these photos, I have added the ribbed neck band.  At first, I thought the neck hole wasn’t big enough, so I had him try it on first (thus these pictures without any neck band.)  Turns out it was fine and I will have to get a few photos of him wearing it now that it is actually finished.

The pattern was really fun to make and I think Carter looks pretty handsome in it.  I might just have to make one for Max too.  Speaking of Max, I took a few pictures of them together, as long as Carter was dressed up.



DSC_7988 crop

Be still my heart.


And now I need to go and watch a movie and snuggle with my boys.  Do you think they will like to watch Anne girl with me?  Ha!!!


PS – Just a few things I found on the internet about the movie that might bring back a few good memories for you too!



Would you please call me Cordelia?

Gilbert Blythe: Anne Shirley. What in heck are you doing here?

Anne Shirley: [trying to sound dignified] Fishing, for lake trout.

Anne Shirley: Gilbert Blythe would stand on his head if I asked him to.

Marilla Cuthbert: Oh, this is a fine kettle of fish

Marilla Cuthbert: [talking to Matthew] She could talk the hind leg of a mule. Hmm, wouldn’t that be a change around here.

Anne Shirley: Fortunately for you, Josie, the only thing you’ve ever had to wear twice is a sour expression.

Anne Shirley. Anne with an “e.”

Marilla Cuthbert: [rolling her eyes at Matthew’s excessive purchase] Twenty pounds of brown sugar.

Anne Shirley: I know I chatter on far too much but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don’t. Give me some credit.


Rachel Lynde: Her tongue appears to be hinged in the middle, but she may turn out all right.

Gilbert Blythe: Well, I figured you can give me a hand with my work, and we’ll call it a fair exchange.

Anne Shirley: Aren’t you worried? I’m liable to break another slate over your head.

Gilbert Blythe: I’m more worried I might break one over yours, carrots.

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22 Responses to Gilbert

  1. Estrella says:

    Que guapo están tus muchacho disfrútalos mucho y sed muy feliz muchas bendiciones en el Señor

  2. Karen Wolter says:

    Carter makes and great model and the boys are so cute, handsome. They are growing up so fast

  3. Marsha Nelson says:

    I have to say the both your boys look really great in red. Thanks for the reminder of that great story. One of the best.

  4. Candie says:

    Love the vest and the memories of Anne of GG. Good stuff!

  5. Melanie says:

    I remember very well watching Anne of Green Gables! My older sister loved it, so I remember watching it with her a lot! They just don’t make movies like that anymore! Those were ‘The good old days’! Haha! But true! Oh Heather! Your boys are adorable!! I love the vest you made for Carter! It’s beautiful and I LOVE the color! Your are very talented!! I agree, Max needs one too! Lol Thankyou for sharing the pictures of your boys and the vest you made for Carter! He looks so handsome in it! That color looks really good on him!! Beautiful photos of them both!! What a treasure!! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Julie says:

    Cute boys! Look like Mom & Dad! I love the Anne of Green Gables books & videos too. I found the prequel to Book1 at the library. It’s called Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson, sanctioned by the L.M.Montgomery estate. It tells the story of Anne’s parents, her birth and her life before she was adopted. You will cry, laugh and never want it to end. I still think of how difficult Anne’s life was. You will love it!

  7. knitnkwilt says:

    Adorable kiddos and what a great vest! I somehow missed the movie but read all the books over and over.

  8. Sharon Ernst says:

    Heather — You have THE MOST ADORABLE little boys!! Thank you for sharing photos of them with all of us!

  9. Molly G says:

    Love this sweater. Carter looks SO adorable. I’m wishing I had made this for Jack many years ago. At 14 it’s hard to talk him into sweater vests. I too was a big fan of Anne, and downloaded the book to my kindle hoping to talk Josie into reading it this summer. Maybe I’ll just read the series again myself! Hope to see you soon- we’re at the lake Friday to Tuesday next week if you’re around!

  10. Jennifer W says:

    I LOVED the Anne books growing up. I read the whole series. Gilbert was so perfect and yes, now I want to go watch the movies again! I can even hear those quotes being said in the movie. Cute little boys too!!!

  11. Marie Pearson says:

    I think it was April 18th of this year that a friend posted on FB that the actor Jonathon Crombie (Gilbert Blythe) died. Our family is hopelessly romantic when it comes to Anne of Green Gables. After seeing the movies multiple times, my husband still tears up. I felt a bit irreverent, but hearing that he suffered a brain hemorrhage my first image was of “Carrot” smashing that slate over his head. Crombie was way too young – 48. I was sorry to hear it.

  12. Kelly O. says:

    I just love Anne of Green Gables… my mother grew up in PEI. We’ve always wanted to go to visit there. Someday.

  13. Diane says:

    You’re boys are treasures !! And you are very talented !

  14. Kris says:

    I am a huge fan of Anne Of Green Gables too! And that vest you knit for Carter is just adorable. I love cables!!! The boys are growing so fast…and so handsome!
    xo Kris

  15. Maria says:

    The vest is gorgeous, as are the photos of your two darlings. I’m so old, that it’s the Anne of Green Gables books that are a fond memory for me…I got the first one as a gift from my mother when I was about 10, and I read and re-read it for years. I loved Gilbert, I have to admit. Found the rest of the books in our school library so by the end of prinary school I had read the whole series. I have never seen the movies.

  16. northmelbournemum says:

    Have them all on DVD! And my mum gifted me a certain middle name!

  17. My mother read books out loud to us on long trips. Anne of Green Gables series was my favourite. Fabulous job on the vest, your boys are adorable

  18. Gail Griffith says:

    The boys are adorable. I also love Anne. The musical version is put on in Charlottetown PEIn every summer. My niece played ANNE in Charlottetown PEI for 2 summers so as a family we are doubly attached to Anne. My children’s grade school put on the play with 150 students from Kindergarten to grade 8 taking part – This was Anne the musical version as well.

  19. Robin Chapa says:

    I’m such an “Anne” fan….. and Gilbert. So sorry that the actor is gone– he brought so much to the character and my own ideas of novel-movies. He was The Perfect Gilbert, and he and Anne will always hold a place in my heart. However, I think my favorite moment of all is when Matthew gives Anne her puff sleeves. I cry EVERY time. Those movies are so magical, and the books so dreamy. Prince Edward’s Island and all of Nova Scotia is the vacation at the top of my bucket travel list! You are soooooo gifted with knitting– look at your handsome little man! I love when you share your knitting projects too– thanks!!! 🙂

  20. mary a tonn says:

    what a cute little guy and what a great vest!

  21. Connie says:

    Your little boys are adorable. Looks like Max really looks up to his brother:) So cute!!

  22. ColleenM says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. The boys are soooo cute. Carter looks more like dad now that he is growing out of the baby face but Max is the spitting image of you! What a sweetie. How lucky, you get to give them both kisses all the time. My boys are 20 and 19 now and I give them kisses when I can but I usually get an eye roll afterward! Enjoy! Thanks for sharing your talents and pictures.

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