More New Patterns

Before I get to the new patterns, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to comment and share their favorites from my previous post.  It helps me know what people are interested in when it comes to design and colors.  I also want to say thanks for all the Max love and the funny captions.  I knew I could count on you guys to come up with something funny!  In the future, I will look back on that post and enjoy reading those comments.

Like my last post, I want to share my inspiration for this next set of patterns.   I am joining many other designers in the current “Mini” craze.  The funny thing is, several years back I made up a few of my favorite patterns in mini sizes, just for myself.  I should have started publishing them – I would have been ahead of the craze!  For those of you who have been quilting a while, you may remember the first mini craze.  In fact, when I started quilting 19 years ago, Little Quilts had lots of patterns for Mini Quilts.  Does anyone remember this very popular book?


I certainly do as it was my first introduction to mini quilts and I still remember how addicting they were.  After that, several other designers did minis as well.   What’s old is new again and it has been fun to see the resurgence in mini patterns over the last year or two.  When I put out my table runner book this spring, I joked about my time being so limited now with raising two little boys, that pretty soon I would be down to making pot holders.  I guess I just wasn’t ready to resort to pot holders yet and for me, making mini quilts was a way to still be able to quilt with my limited time.

I was just going to do two mini patterns, but somehow I ended up with 4.  Oops!  A creative mind does that sometimes – somehow without the control of the “operator” (?) of the creative mind.  I know my friend Maria understands completely.  She posted something on her blog that mirrors my inner monologue.   (I’ll wait here while you go read her post.  Click here, then scroll to the bottom of her post.)   I have this same problem, though now I have a 2-year-old dumping out the flour in the pantry and a newborn distracting me with his cute smiles.  My poor brain hardly knows what to tackle first.

See, I can’t even do a blog post without going off on a tangent!  Back from that little detour, and time to show the new patterns.

First up, Pretty in Pink.

pretty in pink mini cover 500

This design was first published in our Living Large book and used 10″ squares.  The Mini uses 5″ squares (perfect for charm packs).  The finished size is 24″ x 27″.  Here is the size comparison to the original.


The featured fabric line is Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais.

362 adj crop

134 adj


The second mini is “Gypsy Girl”.

gypsy girl mini cover 500


The original pattern is one of our most popular on Pinterest.  Here is a shot of the size comparison to the original size – (though the original pattern was published without the applique and had a scrappy border).


The featured fabric in the Mini pattern is “Fancy” by Lily Ashbury for Moda fabrics.

029 adj

The finished size is 24.75″ x 28.75″

173 adj


The third Mini pattern is Moroccan Tiles

moroccan tiles 500

Again, the size comparison to the original


I also love this design with a light background (see blog post here)


The featured fabric on the mini is Domestic Bliss by Liz Scott, also for Moda fabrics.

299 adj


Lastly, I have a seasonal mini – Harvest Time.  This has been one of my all-time favorite quilts, as I love decorating for fall.

harvest time mini cover 500

Here is the size comparison to the original –

025 pumpkin mini comparison

The size of the mini is 14.5″ x 18.75″.  The fabrics are from my stash.



184 adj crop


All of the mini patterns are Charm Pack friendly.  Once again, I will be giving away a set of new patterns to a few lucky quilters.  Please leave a comment to be entered to win.  You can purchase the new patterns (paper and PDF) here.

The winners from both blog posts on the new patterns will be posted this Friday, so be sure to stop back then.

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138 Responses to More New Patterns

  1. Deb v says:

    I love Pretty in Pink,

  2. Penny says:

    These are simply adorable!

  3. Linda Sandusky says:

    harvest time has been on my ‘to do’ list forever!!! now it’s time to add harvest time mini to the list as well!! 🙂

  4. Christine B. says:

    Hi Heather! I remember that Little Quilts Book…. It was one of the first I bought when I was learning to quilt and I loved it… still do!! I also love all your mini patterns they all look great! 🙂 x

  5. marie says:

    I have that book “Little Quilts” and have made a few things from it over the years. I love your Harvest Time as fall is my favorite season.

  6. Denise Cabral says:

    I like them all. Especially pretty in pink!

  7. Rhoda S says:

    OMG Heather you out did yourself, I love them all!


  8. Connie Matter says:

    Such a busy young woman, I remember having 3 boys each a year apart. Love your minis’s. Yes I have the Little Quilt Book, love to page through. Now my little boys are grown men, however, I am caring for my husband who has cancer and your patterns would be just right for me now considering my time for quilting. They are adorable.

  9. Karen K. says:

    These minis are too cute! Don’t know how you do it with 2 such little one!

  10. Jo says:

    Love, love Harvest Time – both the full size and the mini!

  11. Stephanie S. says:

    I definitely recognize the book – I purchased it before I actually started quilting 🙂
    Harvest Time is on my list of to-makes.
    Thank you!

  12. Lisa Marie says:

    Another batch of lovely patterns! I would love to try them all.

  13. Laurie in Iowa says:

    Love all your new minis!

  14. Jo Anne says:

    All the minis are great, but I especially like Harvest Time.

  15. Carol gore says:

    Just finished a fall table topper from one of your older books and it is so cute. J ust love your books and patterns.

  16. Kathy O in GA says:

    Oh my, you have been busy! I’m very familiar with Little Quilts, seeing as I live about an hour from the shop! I love all four of them…thanks for not stopping at 2!

  17. Jen W says:

    Love Harvest Time! My birthday falls in October (just this past Monday!) and Fall is my favorite holiday. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Gypsy Girl and Harvest Time are my favorites. Like you, I love fall! And I still have that Little Quilts book – it was what got me fired up to start quilting all those years ago. You know, baby steps. Oh ya, do DO know baby steps, LOL. xxx

  19. Pat ONeill says:

    I remember having that book, too. Shared it with a friend who never returned it, then she moved away. 😦 LOVE, LOVE your patterns! Such gorgeous colors! Don’t stop sharing. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

  20. Cecilia says:

    These are beautiful! I like all of them, but Harvest Time is my favorite. I will definitely have to make Harvest Time this year. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Judith Heinen says:

    The new patterns are beautiful! I’m having a hard time deciding if I like the bigger quilts better than the small ones. Guess I’ll have to make some of the small ones too. Love your choice of fabrics too!

  22. Suz says:

    What delightful patterns! And such great photos of them too! Inspiring!

  23. Eva Lyn Williams says:

    I think I have that book too. I like all of your quilts (always do), but I absolutely love the Pretty in Pink. I’m not sure why, it just speaks to me! I had to put my machine up when my kids were little. My son was so fascinated by it that he was always by my side and I was always worried about his little finger. But it turned out it wasn’t his fingers I needed to worry about as somehow I had gotten my finger under the needle and it was stuck in my nail. He was a little thing but he helped me loosen the screw to get that needle out. He was pre-kindergarten but he still remembers that. He’s now 35. Wow! Seems like yesterday!

  24. LINDA says:

    Hi, just so neat! Have always loved your patterns!
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. SamanthaK says:

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite of any of these!! I love how you showed the original larger size in comparison to the mini. Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Shirley J B says:

    I really like Harvest Time and especially like the minis! Love your blog, you are so inspiring!

  27. Your patterns are always delightful. I always enjoy pics of your adorable boys. Makes me smile my grandma smile.

  28. Carol says:

    Mini quilts are great – but now I have a whole bunch of mini tops waiting for me to quilt them. The best part is that even the quilting is fairly quick. I can see that I am going to have a whole lot more minis to make – can’t wait!

  29. Connie B says:

    Harvest Time is perfect for this time of year! LOVE your color combinations!

  30. Catherine Stiele says:

    I love your patterns and designs and yes the Autumn one is so cute. Thank you for a chance to win a pattern. Minis would be fun to make.

  31. Diane H says:

    All your minis are adorable! It is always inspiring to see your quilted projects. Thank you.

  32. K.Couch says:

    I love them all! I really like the pretty in pink!

  33. Paula W. says:

    I love making mini quilts. These are great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. deborah a. manning says:

    So many options with the Minis. They are so adorable. Love the colors and designs. Thank you for the chance to win.

  35. diane says:

    How adorable your minis are. I started making mini holiday quilts and can see the pumpkin one fitting in real nicely.

  36. Laura says:

    Love, love the mini quilts. Thanks so much for sharing your talent!!!

  37. Dawn Stephens says:

    I love all the mini quilts. I too remember the book Liitle Quilts and made quite a few when I first started quilting. I think it’s time to revisit them and give them a modern update. Thanks for the inspiration.

  38. Laurie Gelo says:

    Those minis are just way too cute. I love the Pretty in Pink Mini. So sweet.

  39. Sue says:

    The minis are perfect for those of us who must finish something before starting a new one. Also, had forgotten how much I like turquoise and orange!

  40. Marsha Ransom says:

    I have little time, too, so since I have the book Little Quilts I guess I should look in it. I love the new patterns and it was cool to see they were regular sized and how easy it is to use a different size square of fabric to change the size.

  41. Joan says:

    Love your new patterns!

  42. Sunnybec says:

    I love all your patterns! Thank you for the chance.

  43. I remember “Little Quilts”😄. Love all your patterns–just gorgeous! My favorites are “Pretty in Ponk” & “Harvest Time”, but they’re all beautiful. Thanks!

  44. treadlemusic says:

    I really can’t pick 1 fave!!!!! They are all (big & small!!) wonderful!!! And, yup, I too have that “Small Quilts” book!!!!

  45. Marge says:

    I have “Little Quilts” book.Just love looking at all the cute minis. Also have your book with Harvest Time, made the smaller version last year. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Now I’ll have to make the mini version of Harvest Time! Your patterns are the best!!

  46. Jocelyn says:

    Your minis are adorable! I love Pretty in Pink!

  47. Pam in Las Vegas says:

    Love Gypsy Girl!

  48. sazcreates says:

    Moroccan Tiles Mini is absolutely gorgeous! Well, they’re all lovely, but that one especially! 🙂 Saz x

  49. Aceemom says:

    Love the harvest quilt. I love all things fall!

  50. Dana B says:

    These minis are so cute! I especially love Harvest Time.

  51. Judy Werner says:

    Loving the mini’s! Guess what Moda was handing out at the AQS show in De Moines last week…. cute little precut 2.5 ” squares…………..I ready to have some fun, almost, just need a pattern!

  52. Denny A. says:

    Your right–Mini’s seem to be pretty popular now! I love them…. they are on my “TO DO LIST” Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

  53. Gloria says:

    I like all of them! I do remember The Little Quilt book. My sister made a very small quilt and showed it to my dad and he told her it was a pretty potholder!! She’s never made another one. We joke about this when we see a little quilt that we like!

  54. Julie says:

    All of these are pretty, but I especially like “Pretty in Pink” and “Harvest Time.” 🙂

  55. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Love the Moroccan Tiles and the Gypsy Girl minis. Haven’t made a mini yet, but both of these make me want to!

  56. LindaV says:

    Love the minis because they’re so easy to switch out for decorating…table toppers, wall hangings, etc. Another beautiful show-n-tell! Thanks!!

  57. Oh my gosh all of your mini’s are adorable! I love, love, love Pretty in Pink for my DD who loves pink! Thanks for the chance!

  58. Betty says:

    I made the original Pretty in Pink as my first applique. It turned out so pretty and the mini of that is my favorite. I like your color choices of that.

  59. Donna says:

    I love your new patterns. Pretty in Pink is stunning.

  60. Sandie says:

    Love the mini patterns! Moroccan Tiles is ties with Harvest Time as my favorite, but they are all great!

  61. NancyL says:

    Love them all, but I like the full-size patterns too so that is no surprise! The first I’d make is mini Harvest Time; could possibly get that one done this year!

  62. pam in illinois says:

    I still have that book! I have made a few quilts from it I love all your mini quilts! I think I really like the Moroccan Tiles and the Pretty in Pink. It is really hard to decide. Pam

  63. Debbie Larson says:

    I love mini’s! My favorite is Harvest Time and I love the fabrics you use!

  64. Josn says:

    Your minis are so cute. Love them all, especially Moroccan Tiles and Harvest Time! Thank you for the chance to win.

  65. Noela says:

    I love all your mini patterns. It is such a great way to be able to make the different patterns and display them on your walls. Thank you for adding me to your giveaway. Hugs……

  66. Darlene B says:

    Love all the minis!! Making small projects is all I have time for lately….my daughter’s wedding is in 5 weeks, and my other daughter got married only 10 months ago!!

  67. Lisa gebel says:

    I also have that book! I have made a few little quilts out of the book also. I know how busy you are with two little ones. I had 3 all two years apart. My oldest daughter still hates the thought of going to a quilt store with me and she is 32! LOL. Myou middle daughter is very talented and can design anything and make it. My son could patch and sew with the best of us. He passed away almost 8 years ago. I miss all the patching and hemming he liked to do. I think I have all of your books now and looking forward to getting your new mini patterns. Keep up the good work. :). P.S. when do you find the time to knit?

  68. Megan G says:

    funny how changing the background fabric like in Moroccan Tile, can change the whole feel of a quilt pattern. Love it!

  69. Diane W says:

    I LOVE this set!!!! Totally my style. And i live the same lifestyle with knitting and sewing and….life. going from one thing to the next, even after raising 7 kids. And my hubby thinks my craftings should all stay in the craftroom. Ha.

  70. Vicki says:

    Yes. Have that book. love all your books and patterns.

  71. Rachel Hayes says:

    Love the minis! These would be great for me to get back into some quilting! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  72. Sue says:

    Pretty patterns, they would make lovely gifts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  73. Pat D says:

    I love all four of your mini quilt patterns. Especially the Gypsy Girl pattern probably due to the bright colors

  74. Kelly O. says:

    I love moroccan tiles as a large pattern but have been intimidated to try it… perhaps starting with the mini is the way to go!

  75. Liz says:

    All of the mini quilts are so cute. It is hard to pick a favorite. The Moroccan Tiles mini is so ‘sweet’!

  76. The moment I saw your Pretty in Pink, I thought that would be the perfect design for a Halloween table topper, with pumpkins or ghosts appliqued on top. Thanks for reminding me the larger pattern is already in Livin’ Large, which I just happen to have handy! Will be working on a Halloween version today!

  77. Sandy Bedard says:

    Love Pretty in Pink and Gypsy Girl! I have the book you referred to, Mini Quilts!

  78. Ginger Mileski says:

    Love minis, let’s you try new techniques without a major commitment 🙂 Moroccan tiles are my favorite!

  79. Deb says:

    The Little Quilts book was my introduction to using black and bubblegum pink in quilts. Minis fit into all of the seasons of our life as quilters!

  80. Sue says:

    I love all your patterns. Your projects are simple, but don’t look it. Good color choices. Wild love to win.

  81. Love these mini’ s!

  82. Sallee Cee says:

    The mini patterns are great! I do remember the “Little Quilts” book too!
    Love the Harvest Time mini especially.

  83. Joy says:

    Love all the mini me’s!

  84. Amy L says:

    Ooo, I like all your minis. I especially like Moroccan Tiles, though Pretty in Pink looks like it would be a quick one to finish. And Harvest Time is perfect for this time of year. Nice job!

  85. Kathie L says:

    Reminds me of photos with mother and daughter dressed in the same outfite!! So cute.

  86. Debbie Larabee says:

    I am heading straight for Gypsy Girl! Love them all!

  87. Karen Wolter says:

    I love the new color ways, them seem so modern now

  88. Mary Ann says:

    Great mini patterns. Always enjoy reading your blog .

  89. Ann in NC says:

    The minis are terrific! Glad you didn’t ask us to select a favorite, because that would have been really hard! I believe the Little Quilts book is in my library as well!

  90. Patty Bretheim says:

    I love all four of the minis, it would be hard to pick one. You have accomplished so much with 2 little boys!!! Thanks, Patty B

  91. Jane eilderts says:

    I love all of these minis!! I have been into making several minis too lately so these will be a great addition!!

  92. Cindi P. says:

    I wish that I had your creativity but since I don’t I am glad that I can buy your patterns! Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. Tami says:

    I love all the minis, but my favorite is the Pretty in Pink! Thanks for the chance to win.

  94. Susan says:

    I love your new patterns! I’m in “mini mode” over here too! My favorite is Harvest Time since fall is my favorite season. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. Heather, I love all of your creations…especially those two gorgeous babies!!
    Kathy Wall Polin

  96. Debbie says:

    I love minis and have been making them since I started quilting, about 20 years ago. I enjoyed the photos where you compare the original large version with your smaller version. Fun!

  97. Cindy says:

    Love the fall mini (maybe because it is) with the buttonhole stitch. Seems appropriate to get that one done in a hurry.

  98. Sharlene says:

    They’re all so nice that I don’t know which one I’d make first!!!!

  99. Sherri says:

    That Little Quilts book was one of my first books…after Eleanor Burns Double Irish Chain quilt in a day! Love your mini quilts…you did my favorites!!!

  100. Sue Benson says:

    OMG….too cute. I loved Moroccan Tiles the full quilt but never had the time or money to start yet another quilt. So a mini of this one would be perfect. Is the fabric range still available in a charm pack of the original colours, the brown, teal and red? Love your work Heather.

  101. Nancy says:

    Heather you continue to amaze me with your patterns!!! I love them all

  102. cdahlgren2013 says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!! I love these mini’s! I have several charm packs just sitting and waiting for these patterns. dahlgren0609 at gmail dot com

  103. boluh says:

    I just love your designs Heather and once again you have showed us your beautiful creativity. I love the “Pretty in Pink” mini. Thank you for the chance to your patterns.

  104. ConnieG says:

    Homerun with the new patterns! Thanks!

  105. Ellee says:

    Pretty in Pink — that the one I would like to make first.

  106. Hildy says:

    I love, love, love minis! They’re so quick to sew and in no-time it’s a finish, perfect for me! The Harvest Time mini is so cute and just perfect for the season.

  107. Paula K. says:

    I am a fall person so of course, i love your mini pumpkin. Sincerely, Paula K.

  108. Barb L says:

    Love the new patterns!!!

  109. Dorian says:

    What darling little mini’s!! I especially like the first one, so pretty!

  110. MaryAnn says:

    The minis are adorable…who says bigger is better!

  111. Ruthie says:

    I feel so lucky that you have designed some new mini quilts! I acquired a little rack for hanging mini quilts at a yard sale. I have completed 2 mini quilts to hang on it. Now as soon as I can find your new patterns I can finish filling my quilt rack. I need 4 more. Your patterns are adorable as usual. There is always such a freshness about your designs that I love. They are unique.

  112. Jo Eidse says:

    I really like Pretty in Pink and Harvest time. I enjoy coming to your blog to see what’s new, and that includes pictures of your babies 🙂

  113. Jessie S. says:

    What cute little quilts! I love the Moroccan tiles quilt and that little pumpkin is way too cute!

  114. Deb Sinz says:

    I love the minni’s!!! After quilting for so many years…’s time to use up scraps……yeah!!!!

    Keep the minni’s coming!!!!

  115. Leslie says:

    I love your patterns! This batch I’m gravitating to Morrocan Tiles. The dark background makes for a striking mini quilt! Enjoy your sweet babies while you can. The years do fly by…my baby is now 33 with a baby of her own – grandchild #8 for me. It happens so fast!

  116. Marsha Nelson says:

    I have never made a mini before but I am now! I absolutely love Pretty In Pink. Makes me happy just to look at it. Harvest time is just to cute. Thank you.

  117. Deb G. in VA says:

    I love your mini quilts! I like making minis because I can finish them before my attention drifts onto another project!

  118. Mary Ellen says:

    Minis are always so cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  119. Kay Mc says:

    I love minis & would be thrilled to win your patterns. This post makes me want to go dig out my copy of Little Quilts.

  120. RuthB says:

    Pretty in pink is my fav but Moroccan Tiles is a close second! Beautiful patterns Heather!!

  121. a4nelle says:

    Love mini Pretty In Pink – and in Rambling Rose! one of my current faves : )
    I think I need to make a mini Pretty In Pink for every major season and minor in-between seasons as well. Love the through-the-window look.

  122. Frankie says:

    I love minis! It’s so gratifying to sew something lovely in a short amount of time — minis are perfect for that. I love Pretty in Pink right now. It’s just singing out to me. I think it would be perfect for my sweet granddaughter.

  123. Jackie S. says:

    Pretty in pink is adorable…I remember the Little Quilts Book…hmmm…may have to get it out again. Thanks!

  124. Toni Anne says:

    I love Harvest Time, I love pumpkins.

  125. Jodi says:

    I love the Harvest Time pattern.

  126. Linda Fleming says:

    I love all your quilts – the minis are so adorable!

  127. Karen says:

    I really like the mini craze. Harvest Time is a great pattern. Thanks.

  128. Judy W says:

    Really adorable patterns! I don’t do much applique but Harvest Time would be a great refresher project! Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Judy W

  129. Kim Getchel says:

    Love them all, but Harvest time really caught my eye!! You always have great patterns and enjoy always hearing about your family!

  130. Your greatest creations are your sons. They take most of your time because they are where your heart is. I think the minis are just what we all need no matter what or age or state in life. Keeping it simple, keepin it real! The Morrocan tiles is a beauty.

  131. ColleenM says:

    Love the Harvest Time Mini but my favorite is the Gypsy Girl, I think it is the color combo. Thanks for sharing your talents.

  132. Linda says:

    I love them—I love mini-quilts esp because in my older home there is not wall space for the larger size wall hanging….they are beautiful……..

  133. Mary says:

    I love all the mini’s. I just finished the table runner Framed Floral pattern out of Halloween fabric. It looks great. I would love to win a patterns. Thank you. Have a great day.

  134. Lou Ellen says:

    Love all the mini’s, especially “Pretty in Pink” and Harvest Time”. Enjoy your blog!

  135. Tina McNamara says:

    I LOVE MINIS!!! Thanks for the give-a-way!

  136. Stephanie Neumann says:

    I love your books and patterns! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  137. Vera Zanon says:

    Your projects are great. Thanks.

  138. Johanna Roan says:

    Harvest time is one of my favorites. Fall is the best season giving thanks for all our blessings.

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