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I have been debating about writing this post for the last several days.

It’s not something I wanted to share, but many of you know our dog Daisy.  Joel and I have talked about it and decided to share.  Partly because we also wanted to warn people about a risk for their dogs, and because you may wonder why we don’t blog any new pictures of Daisy.

So here goes –

Wednesday afternoon, Joel let Daisy out for a bathroom break.  She didn’t come right back, even after calling her.  Joel went out to look for her, as this wasn’t typical behavior for her.  After driving around the neighborhood for a while, he came back home without her.  He walked around our yard calling for her and realized that there were some terrible noises coming from the neighbor’s yard.  He followed the sound and found Daisy caught in a large trap.  He tried to get her released, but those traps aren’t meant to be opened by a person with no knowledge about opening them.  He had to go for help.  He knew her jaw was broken, but wasn’t sure about her neck.  The vet clinic happens to be a couple of minutes from our house, so they were able to come and help.  They sedated her and began to work on getting the trap off.   It took all three of them, and a lot of adrenaline on Joel’s part, to get the trap off  her head.  Once she was loose, they brought her to the vet clinic for x-rays.  The x-rays revealed the worst – that her neck was also broken.   They put her to sleep and Joel is having her cremated.  He plans to spread her ashes at their favorite hunting spots – in North Dakota and at his buddy’s land down by Prinsburg.

Daisy was a special dog.  According to Joel, she was the best hunting dog he ever had, and more importantly, an even better pet.  She had a really good disposition – so friendly and personable.  Daisy was an important part of our family, and watching Carter play with her was so fun.  He would squeal with delight when he got to pet her.  We are dissapointed that he will not get to grows up with her.  Her absence leave an empty void in our home and in Joel’s life.  A good friend of Joel’s nicknamed her “The Love Machine”  because she loved people, receiving affection from people and giving it.  In fact, she gave pretty good hugs!


One of my favorite blog posts happens to be about Daisy.  You can click here if you want to read it.  The photos will tell you more about her personality than my words ever could.  She was also a good hunter and she and Joel shared a special bond because of their mutual love of hunting.   Another one of my favorite posts includes Daisy and gives you a little glimpse into her favorite hobby – pheasant hunting.

But, no matter how special we happen to think she was, or if she had been a random, homeless dog, she never should have had to suffer so.  We both feel terrible that she was in that trap for over an hour.   The trap is called a Connibear 200.  They are legal to use in some states, including Minnesota.  But, we were told they are not currently legal to use in Minnesota right now, because it is not trapping season.  They are legal to use on public hunting land and do not require a special marking so that you know they are there.  They are designed to kill small animals quickly, unlike the old leg traps that an animal could live in for quite some time.    It has become an issue of concern for many people, because of how many dogs are killed in these traps.

If you are like us, and hike or snowshoe on public hunting land or other state lands where trapping is legal, you need to know about these traps.  We have since found out that there is a special technique for releasing the trap.  If you are interested, you can read about it on this website.   (Some of the websites showing how to release your dog are pretty graphic — just an FYI.)  Hopefully you will never need to use it, but you never know.   From what Joel has read, you have to know how to release them quickly if you want to save your dog.

I don’t mean to be a pot stirrer with this post, as I know it’s a controversial issue.  We just wanted other dog owners to be aware of the risk.  If this happens to your dog and you can release them quickly, you might have a chance of saving your dog.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  On the brighter note, we are grateful that Carter, or any other child, wasn’t the one to find the trap.  

Many of you have said such nice things about Daisy in the past and we have so enjoyed reading your comments.  I know many of my readers are dog lovers and your words will be an encouragement right now, especially to Joel.


Good-bye Daisy.  You will be missed!

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152 Responses to Daisy

  1. gale says:

    I am so sorry. 😦 We have a Daisy dog too and about 1 yr ago, she escaped the invisible fence and got hit on the highway. I thank God every day that she is still with us, only with a slight limp. And now she stays in the fenced part of the yard unless we’re keeping eagle eyes on her. It’s amazing how they become such a part of the family. I hate that those traps are used where dogs or cats (or God forbid-kids) can get caught in them. There has to be a better and safer way. 😦

  2. Pam C says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hate these traps. I don’t see anything humane about them at all and wonder about what kind of people feel the need to use them.

  3. Anita says:

    I am so sorry, it is so hard to lose a part of your family.

  4. Elisabeth Kinsey says:

    I am so very sorry for your lose. Pets are certainly God’s gift to us. Their love and affection is unmatched. Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture of Daisy.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. I don’t even know your dog but looking at your previous post, I got teary eyed. Those of us who are dog lovers, know the pain and loss you are feeling.

  6. Kim says:

    my heart aches for you, many hugs to you and your family. My husband and I have two doggies…their love they share is immeasurable. So sorry for your loss. I grew up in ND…your Daisy will bless the countryside and he will romp happily in the hereafter. Peace to you and yours.

  7. Laurie in Iowa says:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss of your sweet Daisy. Her death came about in such a senseless manner. May Joel find some comfort knowing he did all he could to save her and was by her side when it was time to let her go.

  8. Shaun says:

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened to Daisy. I hate the thought of any animal having to suffer like that. I don’t know if these types of traps are used in my state, I hope not! Thank you for sharing this, it may prevent someone elses pet from suffering the same fate.

  9. Catherine L. says:

    So sorry you lost your Daisy! She will be across Rainbow Bridge hunting pheasant…hugs.

  10. Toni Anne Potter says:

    I am so sorry for Daisy, Joel and your whole family. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. My dog or dogs have always been part of our family, the unconditional love that they give is insurmountable. Please know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Carolyn says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words when a beloved pet is lost. I am thinking of you and your husband. I know about the special bond between a hunter and his dog. My eyes are filled with tears for your loss.

  12. Carrie says:

    I am so sorry for your loss – I’m truly heartbroken. (Sobbing actually.)

    The only thing I know about traps is that they’ve never seemed like a good idea, or a very humane one. Now I really don’t like them at all.

    Take good care and my best to Joel, Carter and you.

  13. Karen says:

    What a heart-breaking story. I am SO sorry for your loss. Daisy seems to have been a wonderful dog with a lot of love and personality. Hope you will find another dog when you feel ready and that it fits your family. I can see by the pictures how much Daisy was loved by her master.

  14. Leslie says:

    This is so tragic. I’m so sorry.

  15. NancyL says:

    Heather & Joel, I’m so sad to hear about Daisy, so sorry for your loss. It’s especially difficult in how it happened, such a terrible thing. Our dog Lizzie got her paw in a trap one time, and that was bad enough. Give Joel an extra hug, we know how special our dogs are, and she will be missed, she was a great hunting partner and a great pet.

  16. Cathy says:

    This is horrible. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I have been reading your blog for some time and I know Daisy was a sweet girl. My heart is with you.

  17. Sue says:

    I am so very sorry about Daisy, how sad for you and terrible for her! These traps should never be allowed (in my opinion) I have a Daisy dog (Westie) the thought of anything happening to her like that would be unbearable! I hope you can remember the happy times you had with her.

  18. I’m so sorry for the loss of Daisy, especially in such a senseless manner. Thank you for taking time out of your grief to warn others.

  19. Patty F says:

    Heather and Joel,
    I cried as I read your post and shared it with my husband. I can only imagine the despair and grief you are both feeling. Feel assured that you gave Daisy such a wonderful home and life. She will always live in your hearts. Keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers…

  20. Donna says:

    I am so sorry. Daisy left you a lot of good memories. Find peace in remembering.

  21. Kell says:

    I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s never easy losing a pet that is such a part of your family. But it’s especially hard when it happens so traumatically.

  22. shelley says:

    so.very.sorry. This is so heartbreaking to hear. Sending peace to heal your hearts.

  23. Elizabeth S. says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. We also lost a treasured companion this week. It is a miserable feeling of emptiness.

  24. Jennifer says:

    My hearts go out to you and Joel and Carter. I once had a pointer and they do leave a big hole in your heart when they go to the rainbow bridge. Will keep you all in my thoughts. Thank you for sharing Daisy’s life with us!

  25. Nancy in Utah says:

    Oh Heather and Joel, I am so, so sorry. My heart aches for both of you and for the ordeal you had to go through. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Gentle Hugs…

  26. Cindy says:

    How sad. And what a difficult way to lose a part of your family. Sending you thoughts and prayers.

  27. Juli says:

    Losing a pet is never easy!! Losing them in such a horrific way makes it worse!! So sorry for all your pain!!

  28. Anne Perry says:

    Joel and Heather, I am so sorry about Daisy and the circumstances in the way this occurred. I’ve followed your blog and love the Daisy stories.

  29. Cathy says:

    My heart goes out to you; this must have been very hard to write. But thank you for sharing. The first thing I did was forward this to family and friends with hunting dogs. This may save the lives of many. Thank you and I am so sorry for your loss; brings back sad memories for me and I bet most of your followers.

  30. So sorry for your loss. That is good to know about the traps though…my husband and his friends generally hunt pheasants in ND at my parents but occasionally road hunt including public lands in MN.

  31. marie says:

    Thank you for sharing. Am so sorry about your loss. Will forward this to my hunting friends. I hope as time passes that Joel will get another dog.

  32. Susan Depew says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets become so much a part of us, we miss them terribly when they pass to doggie heaven. Again, my sympathy.

  33. Debby Saunders says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Having to put down an old or sick dog is hard enough. I can’t imagine what Joel and you had to go through. thank you for your warning to other dog lovere.

  34. El says:

    I am so sorry to hear this! She was such a wonderful part of your family – and such a beautiful personality. I know that no one dog will take the place of your Daisy, but I hope that you will find one that will come close when the time is right.

  35. June Smasal says:

    So sorry about your pet loss….the pet becomes a member of the family ….may your memories bring you comfort. June of Kiel WI

  36. Jennifer says:

    Oh Heather what a tragic loss. I share the sadness you and Joel are feeling. I will say a little prayer for you Joel, Carter and Daisy. May you all take comfort in knowing she served you well and with great love for you in her heart! You are so blessed to have shared time with her.
    Your beautiful memories of Diasy will carry you through this tough time.

    Sincerely ,


  37. Leslie J. says:

    Joel and Heather, We are so saddened to hear about Daisy! We had our Daisy(Lab) before we had kids, so they have grown up together. Our hearts break for you. What wonderful memories and photos you have of her. In time, may you have an equally wonderful pet for you all.

  38. Debra says:

    So sorry for your loss. To lose a beloved pet is hard at any time but to lose one in such horrific circumstances is really heartbreaking. Hugs to both of you.x

  39. scher says:

    Joel, Heather and Carter, I am so sorry for your loss, may Daisy rest. My heart breaks for you

  40. Sue lord says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  41. Cindy says:

    I’m so sorry….I’m blubbering as I write this. I’m such a dog lover.

  42. Mardis Burns says:

    I am sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine how your husband and you, but him espicially were able to deal with this. Yes I am a great dog lover and yes I lost the greatest dog I ever had, but not like this. Again, so terribly sorry for your loss.

  43. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    My heart is breaking for you and Joel. What a terrible loss. Hoping that all the great memories you have of Daisy will ease your pain.

  44. Cosmos says:

    i am so sorry for your loss, May all your memories of Daisy be of her hugs and hunting. Thanks for sharing the story.

  45. Ellen Hammond says:

    I’m so sorry Heather and Joel. May your wonderful memories of Daisy sustain you. Praying for you as you grieve a special member of your family.

  46. I am so sorry for your loss; and the pain that poor Daisy and your husband trying to help must have suffered. Such a dangerous situation for any animal or small child. It is frightening. Making people aware of the situation is step one. There will be many more steps I am sure. Certainly hoping that your will find comfort in knowing that all dogs go to heaven!

  47. Susan P says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Daisy. How hard it must have been to see her injured in this way. You will be in my prayers.

  48. Robin H. says:

    I know the pain and I am so very sorry. I hope the loving memories of Daisy will someday be all good and not make your heart crack with all consuming sorrow….like I said, I so know. I am sending you loving prayers.

  49. Marsha Nelson says:

    The loss of a beloved pet is so heartbreaking any time. But to lose Daisy in this cruel way is tragic and so senseless. These traps should not be allowed where pets or people can be caught in them. I know your Daisy will be waiting for you on the other side and is running and playing at this moment. God Bless you and your family.

  50. Kate says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Daisy. What a terrible thing to happen to her.

  51. Debby says:

    Please know how terribly sorry I am that this has happened. My heart goes out to you both, especially Joel. There is nothing like the bond between a man and his dog.

  52. Ann says:

    That is so heartbreaking. I am sure there is a huge void in your family and heart. I will miss seeing Daisy in your posts.

  53. Margot says:

    Our four legged family members are exactly that, family with four legs. To have your beloved Daisy suffer such a cruel and desperate time is very deeply distressing to read about, I can only imagine the pain Joel has suffered upon finding her, having to leave her to get help and then to have to have her put to sleep. Joel, you and Carter have lost an important member of your family. Traps are inhumane and to have one so close to your property is terrible.
    Please accept my condolences

  54. Susan says:

    I’m so sorry about Daisy! I’m not a huge animal lover, but I do hate to see them suffer needlessly. I know it hurt your husband terribly to lose his hunting buddy, and to see him hurt makes you hurt too!

  55. Debbie says:

    I am really sorry to hear about your beloved pet Daisy.

  56. Mary-Kay says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I would have never thought that people still used traps. Obviously I live in a very urban area and have no knowledge what so ever about hunting or traps. Your poor dog! I hope she didn’t suffer. And your post is so informative even in trying times. Again my condolences.

  57. Kristi says:

    Heather, Joel and Carter: Deepest condolences on the loss of your beautiful Daisy. Your post brought tears to my eyes and I know that losing her was losing an important part of your family. I hope happy memories of sweet Daisy will help you through this sad time.

  58. Tina says:

    Oh how terribly heartbreaking and I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I hate traps and I wish they were illegal. My husband hunts upland game as well and his dog is his special buddy too. My thoughts and prayers go out to your husband and family.

  59. Tressa says:

    I am sorry for the loss of your dear Daisy.

  60. Candie says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss, such a sad ending to a Daisy’s life. I know you all miss her and will for a very long time. Cherish the memories and all the wonderful pictures you have. She will be watching over you.

  61. Patty says:

    I feel so bad for your loss and so angry that there is yet another human introduced danger in our world…Do we need traps??

  62. Sherri says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. We lost our beloved Labradour Retriever about 7 years ago because of a needless accident. It was very difficult. I hadn’t even heard about the issues with traps–I had no idea they could be in residential areas…or even close to residential areas…it seems so senseless that they are allowed, and so dangerous for little children too. My heart goes out to you and your family as you deal with this sadness.

  63. Kris Kinigson says:

    I am so sorry for the tragic loss of your beloved pet, Daisy. It seems very wrong that such traps can exist where domestic pets and people can come across them.

  64. Monika says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a beloved pet is so hard. Thank you for sharing this information about traps. I had no idea.

  65. Kris says:

    Oh my gosh, I am so very sorry to hear this!!! Thinking of you!
    xo Kris

  66. Sunnybec says:

    Oh Joel my heart is breaking and I am sobbing for you and Daisy. We have just lost our dog but to natural causes, she was 19.1/2 and it was her time, to loose a dog so young and in such circumstances is just awful. What if that had been a child running through for a stray ball, I just can’t get my head around it. I am so so sorry. Sending you bug ((((hugs))))) Linda in France xxx

  67. Dorian says:

    I’m so very sorry for you loss. It’s so awful, for a dog to die this way. I my heart goes out to you and Joel, I know how very special dogs are. Take care.

  68. Material Girl Quilts says:

    Heather and Joel, I am so very sorry for your loss! I know how our dogs can become just like another member of the family. You gave her a wonderful life and she knows that she was loved. I will be praying for you all in this difficult time.

  69. Deb says:

    No words for this tragedy. You story makes me cry.

  70. Quilt Writer says:

    Losing your pet is losing a family member. I am so sorry!

  71. Sybil says:

    Hugs to you and yours.

  72. Barbara Dawson says:

    what a terrible way for a beautiful dog to die, so sorry for your loss

  73. darlene b says:

    I am so sorry for what you are all going through, Heather. Sending hugs 😦

  74. Vivian says:

    My condolences on your loss and such a sad way to lose her.

  75. Hannah says:

    Heartbroken for you ! Angry about the trap!

  76. Leah says:

    Very sad, and very scary being so close to home. I hate traps and have been following the news about the traps for a while now. I am so sorry for your loss.

  77. Ruth B says:

    This is beyond horrible and heartbreaking! I am so so sorry for your loss and for Daisy’s suffering. What a nightmare to think traps like this are out there. Thanks for raising our awareness and my greatest sympathy going your way.

  78. Sandra Davidson says:

    Oh this made me cry and feel so sad nd so angry at the person who set such a terrible trap. It is always so sad to loose our animals but to have it happen that way is horrific . My condolences to you and Joel. Blessings Sandra

  79. Joan says:

    Such heartbreaking news! I am so sorry for your loss.

  80. My heart goes out to you and especially Joel for losing your beloved furchild Daisy. Life can be so unfair when such a loving soul is taken needlessly, prematurely and painfully. I have my furson (cat) Boomer who is terminally ill, but well for now, and have walked in your shoes, albeit temporarily. It hurts. Grieve, yet celebrate her life. Time heals, they say, but getting through that time is a trick. *Sigh*. Hopefully, some day a new puppy will wiggle her way into your hearts. Not to take Daisy’s place, but to show you the capacity your hearts have. And, believe that she will be waiting for you at The Rainbow Bridge. Hugs, Cathy

  81. Regina Chronister says:

    I am so sorry for what has happened to your family, I know how much you loved Daisy I just wish I knew the right words for comfort because I am a stranger who reads your blog all the time and my heart is heavy.

  82. Megan Z says:

    Hi Heather, I am so very sorry to hear about Daisy. The first time I read your post I started crying and couldn’t leave a comment. I still can’t read the full post, but so glad you decided to share about the dangers of traps. A vet gave us the best advice once after losing a pet, “the best way to diminish the ‘void’ is to fill it with another pet.” Even though this is difficult to accept at the time, it really is true. The sounds of a new puppy brighten the house and help fill the sadness with happiness. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Joel. Deepest sympathies, Megan

  83. Sandie says:

    Words can never express how sorry I am for what Daisy and the rest of your family have had to go through. I too have lost a special pet/companion/friend unexpectedly, and know how much it hurts…

  84. Karen Stennes says:

    My heart is hurting for you. It’s hard to lose those critters, but especially tragically is unbearable. I do know your pain as we lost one of our dogs tragically. There are no words, but to say I am so very, very sorry. Thinking of you and knowing the pain you are going through. . . blessings to you.

  85. So sorry to read this. Daisy really looked like a wonderful dog that will be missed! Thoughts to your family as you go through this loss.

  86. Melissa says:

    I am so sorry for your family. What a terrible thing to have all of you go through. I am sure Joel is completely heartbroken. Losing a pet is so awful- they are such a big part of your life. I am sorry you did not get to have more time with her, and that you had to go through such an experience with that awful trap. My heart is broken for you. Sending you love and peace. I am so sorry. She was a beautiful dog, and she was definitely loved and loved you all very much.

  87. Nicole says:

    I am so incredibly sorry to hear about this. My heart aches for you. I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through. I do know the pain of losing a loved pet/member of the family tragically, but not like this. I am so sorry for her suffering as well as your family’s suffering now that she is gone. But thankfully she is in a better place. I hope you can find the strength to make it through this tough time. Please know my heart and thoughts are with you and Joel. My deepest sympathies~Nicole

  88. Susan J. says:

    I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I read the post yesterday, but just couldn’t bring myself to type a comment. I cannot imagine the trauma you experienced seeing your beautify, sweet, Daisy in such an awful way. My heart aches for your family. All the best to you, Heather, Joel and Carter.

  89. Erica says:

    I am so very sorry to read about Daisy. She was a beautiful animal and so obviously a beloved member of your family. My heart breaks for all of you as you learn to hold her in your heart and memories, instead of your arms. Thank you for sharing your news in a considerate and informative way. Dogs hold our hearts forever, I am so sorry for your loss.

  90. heartsease57 says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this. I grew up with a Grandpa that had hunting dogs so I know what wonderful animals they are. There is a lot of controversy here in Montana about trapping too and I can see that it is so justified. Thankfully our dogs are little dachshunds, so they are either in our fenced yard or leashed since we have horses and couldn’t risk them getting in the pasture, but our neighbors all have large dogs that roam sometimes miles from home. I hope they never have to suffer getting caught in a trap. My deepest sympathy to you all.

  91. AnnaO says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss. To lose a family member is never easy and I’m so sorry you had to lose yours in such a tramautic way. I hope that your happy memories of Daisy will help lighten the sorrow of her passing.

  92. firstlightdesigns says:

    My heart goes out to you and your husband. What a tragic way to lose a beloved pet. It’s very clear that Daisy had a happy life, and I hope that will bring you comfort. The pictures of her on your blog are so sweet!

  93. knitabit says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Daisy. I know the heartache you feel as I lost both of my beloved 12 year old boxers within 7 weeks of each other last summer. I still instinctively expect to hear them “snuffling” at the door when I get home. My dogs were ill, but your Daisy was such a senseless tragedy. Thinking of you…

  94. Kathy says:

    This is such sad news. My heart and prayers go out to all three of you. A couple of years ago we had to put down our much loved cat as he was wasting away from intestinal cancer. Pets are precious and losing them suddenly is heartbreaking. I hope spreading her ashes at your favourite hunting grounds willbring healing to you.

  95. Jean Ruter says:

    Daisey was a special dog. I am so sorry.

  96. Candace Zimmer says:

    I am so sorry this happened and this story just breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing and hopefully it will help others avoid this absolute senseless tragedy. My prayers go to out to you and Joel.as I know the pain of losing a part of your family that is so loved.

  97. Cindy C. says:

    I truly am sorry for you, Joel and Carter to have lost such a wonderful family member. We lost two dogs just recently five weeks apart to the day. As you say, the house seems empty – void – just “something” is different.
    As I’m typing this, tears are forming, emotions surface and the loving memories are ever-so precious.
    God bless your entire family.
    We, too, spread our sweet Weimaraner’s (Murphy and Molly) ashes where they were so happy – divided between running on the dirt road and a beautiful butterfly bush in our own back yard.
    I truly understand, with all my heart.

  98. Rebecca Stevens says:

    Joel and Heather; when I read about Daisy yesterday I cried so hard I couldn’t express my feelings. It is no easier today! As I read blogs I begin to feel like a part of the writer’s family and to lose a family member, (and I don’t care what anybody says, they are members of our families) is hard enough but for this to happen in such an unjust and horrific way is beyond words. I won’t write what I would like to hear happened to the owner of that trap. I will continue to keep you in my prayers that your pain will be eased.

  99. Joy says:

    I sincerely hope that by sharing this tragedy will prevent this from happening to anyone else.
    My heart goes out to your family,

  100. Danielle says:

    So sorry for your loss. It is very sad that your Daisy was taken so abruptly. My heart goes out to you and Joel.

  101. Cindi P. says:

    Joel, Heather and Carter, I am so sorry for your loss. As a dog owner and lover I know how special they are and how difficult it is when they are gone. May all your memories of Daisy be of her hugs and hunting. Please know you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  102. Donna S. says:

    So sad. I know it is very hard. Treasure those memories. Daisy had a wonderful life. So sorry for your family’s loss.

  103. pam says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Daisy. Our pets are regular family members so I know how hard this loss is.

  104. Marielle says:

    Living in the Netherlands I’m not familiar with these traps. However, loosing such a good friend this way is awful. My heart goes out to you, Joel, and Carter.

  105. Tina McNamara says:

    So very sorry about your loss. Our pets are special members of our families. I know she knew how much y’all loved her.

  106. TS says:

    Dear Heather: your post hit so close to home. We too, have a Daisy (Gordon Setter), who is my husband’s best friend. The picture of Joel and his Daisy could easily be substituted with one from our house. We live in NW Wisconsin and fear this very thing. I am so sorry you had to lose her that way. Hugs and prayers.

  107. Mary Ann says:

    I am so very sorry, our pets are such an important family member. Hugs to you all but especially to Joel, such a heartbreaking way to lose a dear friend and loved companion. I am glad it was Joel who found her and took such good care of her. Her last moments were peaceful and in the arms of the person she loved the most, in time I know Joel will be thankful for that time too.

  108. jody says:

    Dear Heather – I am so sorry and at the same time horrified that traps still exist. From the amount of comments above I hope you feel the love.

  109. Kim Shelton says:

    Heather I am so very, very sorry. I can only imagine how hard this must be for your family. I shudder to think of anything that hurts a harmless animal. Your post makes me sad but also better informed. We all have dogs in my family that opening roam our land on the lake in Wisconsin. I never imagined we might face something like this but I guess we certainly could. Prayer to you and Joel for peace…

  110. Pamela says:

    My heart breaks for your family. It’s hard enough to lose a pet when their time has come, much less under these circumstances. May peace fill your hearts soon!

  111. Gale says:

    Joel and Heather, so very sad to read this blog post. Please know others understand the sadness you are feeling right now at the loss of such a loved family pet. Pets really are family members. Remember her with LOVE and know others care for you.

  112. Denise Briggs says:

    Dear Heather and Joel,

    I am so sorry to hear about Daisy. What a beautiful dog. The work it takes to make a puppy a good companion dog, says so much about the people you are. I found your post to be very emotional, yet very informational. I had not ever thought of such a trap in an area where people live.

    My Sympathy

  113. So sorry for your very tragic loss. The photo of Daisy’s “hug” says so much about what a wonderful family member she was.

  114. Richard says:

    I can’t imagine the pain y’all are feeling. My animals are part of my family and I can’t imagine the pain to lose a pet like this. Unfortunately a number of family pets have been caught in these traps and trappers place these horrid things all over public places some legally and some illegally. One of these days someone’s child is going to get caught in one. Prayers to your family.

  115. Pat says:

    This is so sad and I feel so bad for you and Joel. IMO, no animal, whether domestic or wild should have this happen to them.

  116. Michelle in NH says:

    My your memories console you. Daisy was an amazing pet, hunter & friend. Sadly, in the end you did what only loving people can do–you loved her back & cared for her.

  117. Tami says:

    I am so so sorry to read about your Daisy. How horrible, beyond words. I hope the person that set the illegal trap has been punished. Although no amount of screaming or punishment can change the outcome. I dont know you or sweet Daisy, but my heart goes out to you. And hope that with your story other animals will be spared. Deepest sympathy, tami

  118. Frankie says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear about Daisy. The loss of a pet is so hard — my thoughts are with your family.

  119. SamanthaK says:

    Hugs to you and your family on the loss of Daisy. It is hard to lose a pet, especially in such a way you lost Daisy. Pets do definately become part of the family and you love them just as much as family. It is also scary to know that those traps are out in places that humans would never know of. Makes me nervous to walk through hunting areas now. I hope the person that set the trap is aware of what happened.

  120. Bev says:

    I am so sad for the loss of your precious dog. I am a dog lover and my heart is breaking for you and your family. I hope good memories will ease the pain of your loss. I am very safety conscious with my dogs (I have 4) but traps have never entered my mind. Thank you for the warning. I will pass this information on to others.
    Bev T.

  121. Debbie Cameron says:

    Joel and Heather,
    I am so devastated to read about what happened Daisy. What a tragedy for you all. We have a 4 yr old GSP also, so each time you posted about Daisy or had new pics of her , I would show it to my teen daughters and playfully tell them what our dog’s (his name is Basil) “girlfriend” is doing. They have the same personalities and look very much alike. We have a seasonal camp that we go to in the summer and even though it’s very rural with little traffic, I am so worried about our dog getting hit by a car because he has an invisible fenced in yard at home and is not ‘street savvy’. Daisy was a wonderful dog and it sickens me to imagine how her life ended and Joel’s suffering to witness it. Fortunately he was able to find her and release her so she could have a respectful end, as some dogs are never recovered or turned over, I’m sure. I wish every pet had parents that loved them and cared for them like you and Joel did. I hope your post brings awareness regarding the tragedies that can occur with using these traps.

  122. Debbie says:

    I’m so, so sorry for your loss. It’s always tough to loose a four legged friend but in such a senseless, trafic way seems so much worse. My condolences to you both but I feel so sorry for Joel. I know the special bond between a guy and his hunting buddy, especially a wonderful dog such as Daisy. We lost our dog last spring. I loved her but she was my husband’s girl and the bond was so strong. She loved hunting pheasant too. Maybe her and Daisy are having an awesome day in a golden field.

  123. Oh, I am so sorry. We are dog lovers at my house, too, and we know how difficult this must be. It makes me cry. I hope your dog is romping in heaven with some of my best friend dogs.

  124. beautiful daisy. so unfair that no one is held accountable for the fear and pain she suffered. she hung on until you could find her and she died with her hunting partner beside her, knowing how cherished and loved she was by your entire family.

  125. glenda says:

    Dear sweet Joel, Heather and little Carter,
    My heart is so broken for you all. I know how precious your sweet Daisy was to you (and to those of us who have loved seeing her on your blog). We love our pets so much, they are such a special part of our families.
    I still cry when i think about our sweet labs, both have been gone for a couple of years.
    We will be thinking of you.

  126. Genevieve Schumacher says:

    This is heartbreaking. I am a dog owner and I know how much my family loves our “Buster”. OUr animals are part of our family. Thank you for sharing your story, even thought I know it must not have been easy. Daisy crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is running free….chasing pheasants!
    Seattle, WA

  127. Rebecca says:

    I am so very sorry. May the Lord comfort you.

  128. Sharlene Klegstad says:

    So, so sorry. The loss of Daisy is heartbreaking; please know that many people are grieving with you.

  129. Barb Dawson says:

    That is so sad I can’t believe it. Daisy looked like the perfect dog, What a lover and little sweetheart. My heart is broken and I didn’t ever know Daisy but you sure gave her a wonderful life while she was here with you.

  130. Kelly says:

    I read about this very same thing a week ago. Must be something God wants me to pay attention too! We had to put our Penny (GSP too) down this last summer due to diabetes, so I feel your loss my friend. After about 2 months we got a GSP puppy to cheer up our Sophie (Springer Spaniel). For some odd reason God made it so puppies ease the loss of our older babies 🙂 My hubby did a bunch of research and we got Bella from a reputable ND breeder. Let me know if you’d like their info. My hubby hunts SD & ND and insists that our dogs “earn their keep”, although I think it’s more that he enjoys their entertaining ways in the field! .

  131. Cindy says:

    Oh, my. It has been a day of sadness for my family and I feel very sad for yours now too. We all just expect our dogs to come trotting back to us. They become such a part of us and our lives. Daisy was a gorgeous dog and sounds like a good hunter. I will send good vibes to your family and especially Joel.

  132. Susan says:

    My heart breaks for your family. A dog is such a precious addition and losing one, especially like this is horrible. I am especially tearful because we just adopted our first GSP and can not imagine what losing our little velcro dog would do to our family.

  133. Annette says:

    Heather, I enjoy your blog but have never commented. So sad to hear of Daisy’s death and in such a horrific way. Yes, I think you are doing a “public service” by relating this to your readers. Pets are such a part of our families but no animal should have to encounter these traps. My sympathy.

  134. Wendy T. says:

    What a sad, heartbreaking story. Such a waste! I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear of your loss.

  135. JS says:

    Aw, this just breaks my heart! She was such a unbelievably gorgeous dog, and looked like the very best companion a guy could have! I just loved seeing her pictures and hearing stories about her. So very sorry, Joel!

  136. Sarah says:

    Oh Heather, so sorry for your losing Daisy. What a sad story and what a horrible way for you to have to find her. Traps are illegal in Australia for these reasons.

  137. Janet says:

    Absolutely beautiful dog! Losing a beloved family pet and hunting partner is not easy. Focus on remembering the wonderful times you’ve had with Daisy.

  138. Connie says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. This is a terribly sad story. I am hoping the neighbor gets rid of the trap!

  139. Miss Jean says:

    I can’t imagine what pain you are going through over the loss of your dog. I know I would be devastated if it happened to my dog. Why did the neighbor have a set trap in his yard? I’m sure that isn’t legal.

  140. Christine says:

    So sorry to hear about daisy….what a beautiful dog inside and out. Our hearts go out to you! As a dog owner we know they become part of your family and it’s like losing a child. Our prayers are with you and daisy .

  141. Bari Jo says:

    I am so very sorry that this happened. Thank you for sharing. I cannot imagine how hard this was for your family. Made me cry. I am so glad he found her and she knew he was there with her. I know the void it leaves in your hearts and home when our pets are no longer with us. Praying for you. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  142. SuzK says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Daisy. I don’t see any need for these traps in this day and age. It’s not like catching game is all that keeps one alive. I understand hunting and think that’s completely different. Hopefully these traps will be banned in the near future. I feel so sad for your husband. That must have been so hard for him. Sending you all warm thoughts and prayers.

  143. Lindsey says:

    Oh, I am so so sorry to hear about Daisy. Dogs can be such a special part of the family. All the posts you wrote about Daisy made it VERY clear she was loved and she loved you.

  144. Lindsey says:

    And also, she knows Joel did everything he could:(

  145. Vic says:

    I find it amazing that a trap that can cause such pain to pets, children and any passer-by is legal in any state. I am so very sorry for the lost of your sweet Daisy … I have two “granddogs” and I can only imagine your loss. God bless and bring you peace!

  146. Callie Triarsi says:

    My heart brakes for you and your family. How awful! How can any one want to cause such pain to any animal. I have four dogs and can’t imagine finding any of them like that. Traps are not hunting. God Bless You Daisy!

  147. Helen Storer says:

    I was saddened to read about Daisy. In Australia we don’t have dog traps. Our dog Sable is like another child so I can only imagine your grief. I am glad Joel was with her.

  148. Silvia says:

    I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s terrible! A big hug for you all!

  149. Tracy says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can’t imagine the pain. She was a beautiful girl and I’m sure she loved you all very much. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  150. Katie says:

    Dear Heather and family–my heart is so sad for the senseless loss of your dog. May God bless all of you and keep you in his loving arms. It is my hope that you will be willing to again greet a precious animal into your home and hearts. Much sorrow and hope for you.

    Augusutus, Woodrow, Buttercup and Annabelle’s mom

  151. Donna says:

    so sad to hear your news, Daisy was so special to y’all and I’m sure you are still grieving over her loss.

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